Florida Auto Transport ServicesThe state of Florida is the fourth most populous state in the United States despite ranking just 22nd largest by total area. Florida is a popular vacation and winter home area, which makes Florida auto transport easier to find.

With a tropical climate almost everywhere in the state, Florida has prospered as a major vacation destination. Its largest city is Jacksonville, but Florida’s most popular auto shipping location is easily Miami. Miami – and its surrounding metro area – is one of the most active car transport hubs in the country. This makes it easy to find shipping services to or from all of Florida, considering how far south Miami is.

A bit about Florida car shipping services

As mentioned, Miami auto transport services are the most popular. But there are a few other cities that attract plenty of car transportation traffic. For starters, Jacksonville, its largest city. Located on Florida’s east coast, it sits a few hours north of Miami, right along I-95.

This is great if you’re shipping anywhere in the Jacksonville area – and, really, along the coast in general. I-95 runs right up the coast passing through such cities as Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Daytona Beach, and St. Augustine. This gives auto shippers plenty of access to major car shipping markets, particularly in the winter when the snowbirds are all moving south.

Of course, that’s not all there is to Florida auto transport services, though. Another major auto shipping location is Tampa, located on Florida’s west coast along the Gulf of Mexico. Tampa is a huge car shipping market in Florida, though it’s still not as big as Miami.

But it does sit along I-75, which is a major interstate highway in and of itself. It’s important because it runs north to Detroit, Michigan, and passes through multiple major cities and auto transportation hubs along the way.

These include Atlanta, Nashville, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis, among others. This makes it much easier for auto shipping companies to run routes up and down the interstate at a competitive rate, which means cheaper Florida auto transport services for you.

A bit about Florida auto transportation prices

Believe it or not, Florida is actually one of the cheapest states to ship to and from, on the whole. While of course prices vary according to route, distance, the kind of vehicle being shipped, and more, on average, Florida is one of the best places for cheap auto transport services.

The biggest reason as to why is simply its popularity. Florida is home to multiple major auto shipping hubs like Miami, Jacksonville, and Tampa. But it’s more than just the fact it’s popular with customers. It’s also popular with carriers. Auto transporters love Florida due to its popularity, but also because it’s relatively easy to get around. Major cities like Jacksonville and Miami both sit along I-95 and Tampa sits along I-75. As mentioned, these two interstate highways make for great routes for carriers.

Couple this with the fact that Florida is the main snowbird destination, and carriers can rely on vehicles always coming into and going out of Florida. It’s easy to build loads and, with plenty of demand, it usually doesn’t take long to find a shipper on any given route into or out of the state.

Snowbird auto transport services going down to Florida are popular during the late summer and fall, and prices tend to be higher on those routes during busy seasons. But during late winter and early spring, when there is much less demand for shipping services, a lot of carriers rely on loads going back up north along those snowbird routes. This makes the I-95 corridor in particular a very popular and busy route for carriers, ensuring they always have vehicles to fill spaces on their trucks and thus lowering prices for the most part.

Can I get quotes for Florida auto transport services?

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