Boca Raton 1Boca Raton is a city located in Palm Beach County, Florida. Home to over 89,000 residents in the city proper (as well as an additional 200,000 that technically sit inside Boca Raton’s municipal boundaries but are not counted in the city’s population), Boca Raton is the largest city between West Palm Beach and Pompano Beach.

Boca Raton was first settled in the late 1800’s, and the population exploded during the 1920’s and the Florida land boom. Its history prior to World War II was dominated by pineapple plantations, located mainly on the west side of the city.

World War II brought much change to the area; the pineapple plantations were confiscated by the Army and used to build the Boca Raton Army Air Force Base, which was used to train B-29 bomber crews. After the war the land was given to Palm Beach County, which turned the airbase into what is today Florida Atlantic University; the old runways were converted into parking lots, and you can actually still see the layout of the air base if you look at Florida Atlantic University from the sky (or on Google Maps).

Basic Facts About Boca Raton

  • Current population: 89,000
  • Current mayor: Susan Haynie
  • Total area: 75.4 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Palm Beach County
  • Founded in: 1895
  • Zip codes: 33427-33429, 33431-33434, 33464, 33481, 33486-33488, 33496-33499
  • Area codes: 561

Auto Transport Tips to and from Boca Raton

Boca Raton is a coastal town in southeastern Florida and is a rather large suburb of Miami. The city is accessible via a number of state highways, but perhaps the most important route through Boca Raton is Interstate 95.

I-95 is a major interstate and one of the most heavily-traveled in the Interstate Highway System. Auto transportation companies often run routes along I-95, as it passes through some of the largest cities in the U.S. which just so happen to be some of the most popular locations for customers in the car shipping industry.

This means that, on the whole, Boca Raton is going to be relatively easy and cheap to ship to or from. Auto shippers love running into and out of Miami as it is the largest auto shipping hub on the eastern seaboard, perhaps even larger than New York City and the New York metro area.

The main reason why is because Miami – and all its bedroom cities, including Boca Raton – are popular snowbird locations. Snowbirds are people who like to travel to a winter home, usually in a hotter climate like Florida or Arizona, during the winter, then travel back up north (New England, etc) during the summer.

Snowbirds are one of the most reliable demographics in auto transport as well, which means that if you’re shipping to or from Boca Raton finding a carrier should be easy.

If you need to find a company to transport your vehicle, you can fill out our free online quote request form and get a free quote to ship your vehicle right away. We work with only top-rated carriers, so you’ll be in good hands from booking to delivery. Boca Raton is likely one of the most popular areas in southern Florida to ship a vehicle to or from, which will only decrease your pickup window and your price.

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