Vehicle Transport Reviews: Transport Reviews

Transport Reviews provides vehicle transport reviews for both vehicle shipping brokers and vehicle transport carriers. They are not the same; carriers physically transport your vehicle, while brokers facilitate the process and make it go faster and easier while saving you money at the same time. When searching Transport Reviews for vehicle transport reviews for prospective shipping companies, it’s important to understand how the website works. When you first go to the website you’ll see a list of different highly-rated vehicle transport companies, and on the left will be a list of different search options. Utilizing these is a great way to find out how a company has been doing both in the short term and in the long term. You can sort auto transport reviews by the past thirty days, the past year, or the past two years, and this is plenty to get you started.

You can also search for specific companies by utilizing the “Find a Company” feature in their top menu. Using this method allows you to search vehicle transport reviews for specific companies based on their name; you can either type the company’s name into the search bar or search them through the A-Z listings they have as well. Finding car transport reviews for brokers and carriers is easy because Transport Reviews will list which type of company they are on their profile page. It also lists each company’s MC number, how long they’ve been active, contact information and, of course, a list of reviews given by customers about that company. When searching for the right shipping company, utilizing Transport Reviews for your vehicle transport reviews is a great way to save time and money.

Vehicle Transport Reviews: Compensated Reviews

Many auto transport companies have recently started up rebate programs which emphasizes posting positive vehicle transport reviews about their services on Transport Reviews. On Transport Reviews it’s easy to see which vehicle transport reviews are compensated; known colloquially as “the green dot,” which is easily seen in the list of vehicle transport reviews underneath all the company information. Just because a vehicle transport review is compensated does not mean it is fake, however; many auto transport companies use Transport Reviews as an advertising source, so it’s only natural to want to have good reviews. If you see a company with compensated vehicle transport reviews, we do advise you to take what is said with a grain of salt, and keep an eye out for high numbers of bad reviews as well. A few here and there are common – you can’t please everyone all the time, and there are times when things just don’t work out. Remember, auto transport companies don’t make money if your vehicle doesn’t get shipped, so even if their ¬†reviews are compensated, if they’re good reviews it means they’re doing their jobs.

And it’s human nature to complain about a bad experience. Few good auto transport reviews are posted by people who had a bad experience; if someone had a negative experience they would say so in their vehicle transport reviews, so be sure to take that with a grain of salt as well.