Auto Transport Reviews: Where Can I Find Them?

Auto Transport Reviews TR
Transport Reviews is the best place to find real auto transport reviews

Probably the best way to find auto transport reviews is to simply go to Auto Transport Reviews, which is an aggregate auto shipping reviews website where real customers can post real reviews of their auto transport experience.

Most customers who ship vehicles ship them through auto shipping brokerages, but on Transport Reviews customers can find car transport reviews on both brokers and carriers (you can read about the differences between brokers and carriers by visiting our brokers vs. carriers article).

This makes it incredibly easy to find reliable and honest auto transport reviews from real customers who have dealt with the company you’re looking to book with.

That is, if you’ve even booked at all. Transport Reviews is completely free, and is best used when compiling multiple transport quotes while doing all the preliminary searching for auto transport companies, as you can use the auto transport reviews posted by customers who have shipped with the companies you’re thinking of booking with.

You can glean a lot of useful information about which companies are good and which ones are bad. Vehicle transport reviews should be standard reading when searching for shipping companies, so be sure to do your homework ahead of time.

Auto Transport Reviews: Are They From Real Customers?

All auto transport reviews on Transport Reviews are from real customers. Auto shipping companies are forbidden from posting fake reviews and can be penalized severely for doing so.

While many auto transport companies nowadays utilize a rebate system, which gives customers some of their money back in exchange for a review on Transport Reviews, the website requires that any compensated reviews be noted and you can clearly see which auto transport reviews were compensated.

You should take more stock in the non-compensated auto transport reviews, though that’s not to say that compensated reviews are any less truthful.

Auto Transport Reviews: Are There Other Sites To Find Reviews?

Auto Transport Reviews BBB

Yes! Aside from Transport Reviews, the Better Business Bureau is another great resource for finding real customer reviews for carriers. Not all auto transport companies are registered with the BBB – it’s optional, and just because a company doesn’t want to pay the fee to be accredited doesn’t mean that they aren’t safe or reliable.

We recommend using the BBB website in conjunction with Transport Reviews, as utilizing both will be of better use to you, the customer, in your search for the perfect auto transporter for your needs.

Before you make your final decision, our website is designed to help you accurately price vehicle shipping costs. By filling out our online form for vehicle shipping quotes, you will receive a free quote to ship your vehicle right away. We think you will be surprised by how affordable auto transport can be.

You can also call us at 800-930-7417 and speak to our own representatives. They can give you a free quote, answer questions, and even help you book your shipment. You can also read our own real auto transport reviews from real customers who have used our services, if you’re interested in our reputation.

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