Car Transport Companies Near MeHow to Find Car Transport Companies Near Me

Most often when you are looking for goods and services you will want to find a local business to work with. However, starting your auto shipping process by entering “car transport companies near me” may not actually be the best way to start. This is because car transport is quite literally a mobile business.

If you are looking to find car transport companies to move your car within the same state, it makes sense to stick with a local company. However, if you are looking to ship your car across the country, then the location of the company does not necessarily matter. This is because there are two halves of the car transport industry that work together to complete your shipment. There are brokers and there are carriers.

What is the difference between brokers and carriers?

Auto shipping brokers, or brokerages, are the ones who arrange the shipment for you. Basically, they do everything for you except physically pick up your car.  They take your information and then find the perfect carrier to complete the job. The only information a broker should be asking for is: what kind of car do you have, the pick up plus delivery cities, and when you need it shipped by.

Brokerages know where the carriers are located, and what routes they are traveling. They tell the carriers where your car is being picked up, and where it is being delivered. Both halves work together to determine a fair price. If a broker offers a carrier too low of a price, the car will not be picked up. This is because carriers have basic operating costs, like fuel, that they cannot skimp on. Beware of cheap shipping prices, they are not always accurate.

Carriers, is just another word for truck. They are the ones who will physically be moving your car from point A to point B. There are a few different type of carriers, but the most common is open ten car car carriers. You’ve likely seen them driving down the highway. Carriers are constantly on the move. They tend to stick to popular routes between major metropolitan areas. If they are not near you now, it is likely that they plan on being near you soon. Don’t worry, you do not have to track down the schedule of the trucks, because brokers will do that for you.

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No matter where you are looking to move your car, American Auto Shipping is here to help. All you have to do is fill out our free quote form at the top of this page. It will only take a couple minutes. Then you will see an accurate custom price quote right on your screen. We can then figure out which auto shipping carrier will be near you soon to pick up your car.

If you would rather talk on the phone, give us a call at 800-930-7417. Our live customer service agents are standing by to take your call. They are very knowledgeable about the auto shipping industry and can answer any questions you may have. Don’t be shy, they are happy to help.

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