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Summer Auto Shipping SeasonWith Labor Day fast approaching, it’s yet again the end of the summer auto shipping season. Which, for some, isn’t all that great, but for others, it’s awesome.

The summer car shipping season is easily the busiest season in the industry. With schools out across the country, it’s the perfect time for families to move, the weather is aces, and auto shippers and customers alike can get things done quickly and easily. So it’s not surprising that a lot of people wait for the summer to start the auto transport process. But not everyone can ship in the summer. Here are some things to know about fall and winter shipping services.

The end of the summer auto shipping season in a nutshell

As the summer draws to a close, seasonal carriers are going to start closing up shop. This won’t usually happen until September or October, but there are quite a few car haulers out there that just can’t afford to run winter routes. This means that some routes are going to see less competition, but some are going to see more.

Popular routes tend to start shifting at the end of the summer, with more southern-based routes being far more popular. This means that prices for northern-bound routes, especially those that stay in the north, go up. Why? Because of the weather, that’s why. In the northern U.S., especially in the Great Lakes, New England, and the Great Plains, snow becomes common. It can start as early as October, at least in some places. And carriers don’t like snow and ice, considering how bad the roads can be when they’re covered in wintry weather.

How to prepare for the end of the summer auto shipping season

With the end of summer comes new preferred routes, and that means preparing for your shipment. If you’re shipping through the northern states, better to jump on it now before the routes get more expensive. But if you’re shipping through the southern states, it may not be a bad idea to wait.

Really, you should speak to an agent. The auto transport industry is fast-moving and constantly changing, and prices on routes can change in a matter of days or weeks. Keeping up on all the changes is a full-time job in and of itself – which is part of the reason why car transport brokers exist. They can give you a lot more information than we can here, simply because they have their boots on the ground, so to speak.

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As always, we’re at the forefront of auto transport and vehicle shipping news and information, but we aren’t omniscient. Therefore, if you’re looking for more specific information about your route and time tables, make sure to speak to an agent. To get in contact with one, simply fill out our free auto transportation quote request form. It’s free and easy, won’t take more than a minute or two, and will net you free quotes from some of the best shippers in the industry. All of them are cleared, by us, for dependability and reliability. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us any time, toll-free, at 800-930-7417.

Heavy Vehicle Speed LimitersThe Trump administration has recently come out and said that they won’t pursue heavy vehicle speed limiters.

Now, this probably doesn’t mean much to most people without context, and that’s fine. But the FMCSA and other regulatory bodies proposed a rule that would install speed limiters in various heavy vehicles, including car shipping trucks. This is something that the federal government has proposed several times over several different presidents. However, the proposal has been tabled, at least for now. However, the Senate Appropriations Committee has said that the FMCSA and the NHTSA have to “fully and expeditiously address all public comments.”

What are heavy vehicle speed limiters?

Heavy vehicle speed limiters are pretty much what they sound like – devices that limit a truck’s speed. And on the one hand, these aren’t necessarily bad things. Truckers are supposed to obey all speed limits, just like us citizens, but do they? Reports say that many do not. Many companies penalize truckers for shipments that arrive late, but there’s issues with that. For instance, carriers can’t predict traffic – they can try, but you never know when a jam is going to happen. This can put a dent in their travel times, and is a cause for late deliveries. Essentially, they get punished for things that aren’t their fault.

Speed limiters, though, are also a good safety net. Trucks that are traveling too fast have a longer stopping distance and put more strain on their brakes. This can cause brake failure, which can lead to accidents. Heavy vehicle speed limiters can make the roads safer for everyone traveling on them.

How would heavy vehicle speed limiters affect auto shippers?

Well, as mentioned above, they could theoretically increase transit times for car shippers. If a carrier is used to going a certain speed, and then you make it to where they have to travel at a lower speed, it’s going to increase the amount of time it takes to get from one place to another. This could have numerous impacts including increased prices alongside increased wait times for pickup, transit and delivery. It could also put further strain on a driver, given that they already have to jump through a lot of hoops.

Is tabling the heavy vehicle speed limiter requirement a good thing? This blogger really isn’t sure. There are a lot of ramifications for both implementation and for tabling the issue, so it’s not really so black and white right now. But for now, they’re tabled, which means that the industry isn’t going to be changing any time soon. So we wouldn’t worry about it right now.

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We’ll keep you updated on the status of heavy vehicle speed limiters and will give more information about its impact on car shipping once we get it. For now, if you’re interested in shipping a car, fill out our free auto transportation quote request form. It’s free and easy, won’t take more than a minute or two, and will net you free quotes from some of the best shippers in the industry. All of them are cleared, by us, for dependability and reliability. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us any time, toll-free, at 800-930-7417.


On Moving a Pool Table

Moving a Pool TableAre you moving, but having a hard time moving a pool table? That’s okay – they can be a real pain to move! It’s one of the parts of household goods moving that a lot of people don’t think about. But it’s true, pool tables require their own special movers to keep them in prime working condition.

And there’s a number of different reasons why. Shipping a pool table requires professional movers who understand all the intricacies of moving a pool table to begin with. So read on to learn more about why moving a pool table can be so difficult and why there are moving companies that only specialize in pool table moving services.

The reality of moving a pool table

Pool tables are often too large to simply move. Unlike a couch, they weigh a metric ton (okay, not literally, but pool tables are really heavy). This means that they need to be disassembled at pickup and reassembled at delivery, and not just anyone can do that. And the reason is pretty simple – if you don’t do it right, you don’t have a working pool table.

Pool tables need to be professionally disassembled on pickup, and on delivery they need to be recalibrated, releveled, and reassembled. Can you do that? Unless you’re a professional pool table mover, probably not. And this is why many professional moving companies can’t either; they know household goods, not pool tables.

But without them being professionally moved, your pool table could become unlevel, which results in a bad billiard experience. The felt could get scratched, which will affect play, and so much more. This is why you need to hire professional pool table movers to move your pool table (really, any billiard table). What’s cool, though, is that it’ll get moved right the first time.

What goes into the cost of moving a pool table

So, there are a lot of things that you have to think about when moving a pool table, and the biggest one is, naturally, cost. Most pool table movers are local, so finding a long distance one may be harder. Most times, you can get a pool table mover to load your pool table in the moving van and then find another local pool table mover to install it when it’s delivered. Some are nationwide, but you may have to do some research to find them.

Now, let’s talk about cost. For starters, you have to tell them what kind of pool table you’re moving. Is it slate, is it wood, is it a combo, is it something else? Does it have drop pockets, or inset pockets? Most people don’t know that pool tables aren’t meant to be moved in one piece, and it can actually damage the table to move it that way. Is it a seven foot table, or an eight foot table? Is it even larger, like a snooker table? Different materials and sizes are going to affect pricing, you know.

How far is the pool table going? How many stairs have to be navigated? Do you want a new cover? Did you know that the best time to re-cover a pool table is when you move it? A lot of people don’t. Are you moving a pool table for your residence, or a business? Business moves tend to cost more for various reasons. But these are the main factors that go into the cost of shipping a pool table. For more information, speak to a household mover or look up a local pool table mover in your area.

Get free quotes for moving a pool table today

If you’re interested in shipping a pool table, especially if you’re shipping other household goods as well, mark it down on our auto transport quote request form. It’s free and easy to fill out and submit and will get you free quotes from top-rated auto transportation and moving companies free of charge. Not all moving companies can ship a pool table themselves, but most will know someone who can, especially ones in your area. You can also contact one of our own agents any time, toll-free, at 800-930-7417. They can answer questions, help you get quotes, give advice, and much more. So go ahead, let us help you and find out what we can do to make your moving experience easier.

New FMCSA regulations

image courtesy of CCJ.com

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has implemented new rules regarding electronic logging devices (ELD) that could impact carriers. Specifically, it’s an electronic way for truckers to replace the paper log books that track their Hours of Service. The deadline for ELD compliance across the nation is December 31st, 2017.

How new FMCSA regulations could impact car shippers

Right now, the ELD is still in the process of being implemented by many carrier companies across numerous industries. But with any carrier with an engine model year 1999 or older being exempt, it could mean that some auto shipping carriers get an exemption too. A lot of auto shippers are still driving older model trucks, whether it’s the body or the engine.

Prices for ELD devices haven’t been released yet. But for a fleet of trucks, the cost could add up quick. That being said, they’re going to be mandatory at the end of the year, and starting in 2018 fines could go up. Already, carriers have been fined almost $165 million in HOS fines since the beginning of 2017.

Aside from the costs to implement them, this could actually help out drivers and carrier companies by eliminating a lot of paperwork and digitizing a lot of information. This could make it easier to communicate with dispatchers back at the office, for one. What this would do is streamline load-finding and could make for faster auto shipping pickup times. Also, modern ELD’s can work with smartphones and tablets, which could help reduce costs for carriers. This in turn could make auto shipping services a bit cheaper for customers.

How new FMCSA regulations could impact car shipping customers

Right now there’s too little information to really know for sure how ELD’s will impact customers. But we can take a few educated guesses. For one, reducing paperwork and making it easier to record information should help with transparency. With a carrier’s information digitized, watchdogs could gain access to that information and publicize it online. This could aid in finding reliable and reputable companies.

It could also help get shadier truckers off the road, especially those that haven’t upgraded because of the increased oversight. This could mean better carriers providing better services for customers. It could also aid auto shipping brokers in that regard as well as companies like Transport Reviews and even Central Dispatch.

And, to top it off, it could make things faster and cheaper for customers. If an ELD can make it easier to communicate with a dispatcher, it could mean lower wait times for pickup and delivery. And the resulting decrease in paperwork could mean that costs start lowering, since carriers won’t have so much overhead. The initial cost is probably going to be the biggest financial burden on carriers. If they use smartphones or tablets in conjunction with their ELD, that could help reduce costs as well.

Get free auto transport quotes with American Auto Shipping

At the end of the day this is all speculation. We’ll keep you updated on the status of ELD’s and will give more information about its impact on car shipping once we get it. For now, if you’re interested in shipping a car, fill out our free auto transportation quote request form. It’s free and easy, won’t take more than a minute or two, and will net you free quotes from some of the best shippers in the industry. All of them are cleared, by us, for dependability and reliability. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us any time, toll-free, at 800-930-7417.

courtesy of Spectrum News SA

Heavy rainfall has triggered flash flooding in parts of San Antonio, prompting the evacuation of multiple homes in the area. While flooding isn’t uncommon in August, San Antonio auto shipping is still going to get tougher. This is because auto shippers don’t really want to run routes through flooded areas. Would you?

How flooding could affect San Antonio auto shipping

In late summer, rains and weak winds lead to slow-moving thunderstorms in Texas and across the Midwest. This leads to heavy rainfall, often resulting in at least some minor flooding. It’s common in August and most Texans who deal with this kind of weather are rather used to it. But it doesn’t mean it won’t cause delays for your San Antonio auto shipping services.

Multiple highways, including several major interstates, have been closed due to flooding. This has made much of the city relatively impassible, and will lead to delays in pickup, transit and delivery.

The issue with this is the fact that San Antonio is one of the most popular car shipping locations in Texas, at least outside of Houston and Dallas. It’s one of the largest cities in the state and a major car transport hub in the region. Flooding like this causes numerous issues including lost revenue, delayed pickup and delivery and hesitancy to pickup or deliver more loads in the area.

What to expect with your San Antonio auto shipping services

As mentioned, expect delays in pickup, transit and delivery to or from San Antonio. Auto transporters will be avoiding the area, at least in the beginning of the week. They don’t want to get caught in a flooded area with no place to go – or have said flood waters damage their cargo. So they’re going to try to stay away from San Antonio until the waters recede.

Luckily, they don’t usually last too long. Flooding like this is usually gone in a few days, though it has been known to stick around a while if the rains keep coming down. But chances are this flooding isn’t going to last all that long. And it’s not like the entire city is underwater, either. But you’ll want to discuss alternative pickup and delivery locations with your agent. They can give you more information about what areas are still above water and which ones aren’t, too. Not only that, but they can get in direct contact with your carrier company to learn more about conditions on the route and on the roads.

Get free quotes to ship a car with American Auto Shipping

At the end of the day, the weather is the weather, and if it affects car shipping services, oh well. if you’re interested in shipping a car, make sure to fill out our free auto transportation quote request form. It’s free and easy, won’t take more than a minute or two, and will net you free quotes from some of the best shippers in the industry. We clear all of them for dependability and reliability and make sure they’re fully licensed and bonded. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us any time, toll-free, at 800-930-7417.