Question Mark 1 300x300 Smart Questions to Ask Your Auto ShipperI want to preface this by saying that this is not supposed to be an FAQ. We have dozens of those that you can look at if you’re looking to ship a car. Instead, I want to focus on so-called “smart” questions to ask your auto shipper – things that a lot of people don’t really think about. They’re all over the place, really, but some of them are tough to phrase correctly (a big reason why many people don’t ask). That’s why I wanted to put this little post together highlighting some of the questions that you should be asking that maybe you haven’t thought of quite yet. So read on about some things you may want to ask your auto shipper.

Here are some questions to ask your auto shipper:

Are there many carriers on my route? This is a good question to ask because routes with lots of carriers tend to see faster dispatch times and lower prices. Carriers like routes through big cities, especially if they can stay on interstate highways.

Are there any discounts for my shipment? Not all companies offer auto transport discounts, but many of them offer basic ones such as student discounts, military discounts, multi-car discounts, senior citizen discounts, and more. If they don’t offer discounts, oh well. But it never hurts to ask.

Will my vehicle cost me extra because of its size? This is an important question but really only necessary if you’re shipping a large vehicle. Things like pickup trucks and cargo vans can vary widely in size from model to model. As such, if you’re shipping one, it’s best to not only ask if there will be additional charges based on size, but to actually tell your agent that your vehicle is large. This way, you get the most accurate quotes you can.

What can I do to make my shipment easier for the carrier? This is something that some of you may scoff at, but hear me out. In your job, you expect a certain modicum of competence from your customers, right? Belligerent customers are tiresome and can make a bad day hellacious. As such, if there’s anything you can do to make things easier on your agent or your carrier, you should think about doing it. Not only will it make their jobs easier, but they may also cut you some slack in the way of first priority pickup or delivery, or even something like a discount on future shipments. You never know where being nice can get you.

Can I get free quotes to ship my car, though?

You most certainly can. The best way to get your quotes is to fill out our free quote request form. You’ll get free quotes from top-rated companies within about an hour. Your quotes will show up in your email inbox within about an hour, with the first showing up within minutes. You can compare prices and services and also speak to an agent over the phone. More importantly, they can also help explain the cost of auto transport and why it can be so expensive. Those companies are cleared by us ahead of time, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll be in good hands. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact one of our agents any time at 800-930-7417.

Coeur dAlene ID 1 Auto Shipping to Coeur dAlene, IdahoCoeur d’Alene is a city in as well as the county seat of Kootenai County, in the U.S. state of Idaho. It is located in the northern Idaho panhandle, about thirty miles east of Spokane, Washington. The city is home to over 44,000 residents, and also anchors its own small metro area. In 2010, the Coeur d’Alene and Spokane metro areas were combined into one big Combined Statistical Area (a common occurrence for clusters of major metro areas, actually). This makes it easier to find auto shipping to Coeur d’Alene today, as many carriers are willing to travel to the area due to the increase in potential customers.

Is auto shipping to Coeur d’Alene popular?

Not really, no. So, Idaho really doesn’t see much car transport traffic, and when there is traffic to the state, it’s often to Boise. This isn’t surprising – Boise is the largest city in the state and also one of the fastest-growing. However, Coeur d’Alene has attracted a lot of new residents in recent years, mostly due to its tourism attractions. It is home to several resorts and routinely attracts nature enthusiasts. Considering that the northern Idaho panhandle is relatively void of big cities, this is a huge draw for a lot of people. Nature is inspiring, as it were.

But when it comes to finding auto shipping to Coeur d’Alene, chances are you’re in for a wait. Just because it’s one of the fastest-growing parts of Idaho doesn’t mean it attracts many carriers. This is a problem for customers as it renders many areas of Idaho more expensive per-mile to ship a vehicle to or from. Coeur d’Alene is no exception. The city does sit along I-90, which to be fair is a major east-west interstate highway. Carriers like interstates because they’re fast and easy to travel, though some interstates are easy to drive than others. I-90 is one of those that attracts carriers only when necessary – otherwise, routes further south tend to see more traffic.

Can I get quotes for auto shipping to Coeur d’Alene?

If you are interested in auto shipping to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, take a minute to fill out our free form. When you submit it you’ll get free quotes emailed to you from top car shippers. Those quotes will come in individually and will start showing up minutes after submitting your information. After you start getting those quotes you can compare prices and services right there. You can also speak with a live agent over the phone, as every quote will have contact information. Those companies are top-rated, fully licensed and bonded, and work with only top-rated carriers. How do we know? Well, we make sure of it. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us any time at 800-930-7417.

Oakland 1 300x199 Car Shipping from Oakland to OrlandoOakland is a major city in the state of California, and one of the state’s largest. Orlando is much the same, only in the state of Florida. And the routes between them are often overlooked by customers and carriers alike. However, car shipping from Oakland to Orlando is fairly popular, at least if you look on a map. More importantly, both cities are easy for auto transporters to get to and from, which means more interest in those areas. This is true even if you’re not looking for car shipping from Oakland to Orlando proper. As major U.S. cities, both of them see plenty of car transport traffic, and here’s what to expect when shipping out of Oakland to Orlando.

What to expect with car shipping from Oakland to Orlando

Okay so the first thing you need to know about shipping out of Oakland – to anywhere, really – is the fact that the city’s actually a pretty popular shipping location. As it sits on the east side of San Francisco Bay, it’s much easier for carriers to get to. So that immediately makes it a popular choice over San Francisco. Also, there are several ways in and out of Oakland, but none that directly connect to Orlando. Therefore, carriers have to use a combination of interstate highways to get to Orlando. This increases both the price and the transit time from Oakland to Orlando, so expect to pay more and wait longer.

That said, it’s not difficult to actually find a carrier. Orlando is a popular destination throughout the year and while Oakland doesn’t see a lot of demand it’s still a major part of the San Francisco Bay Area. That area does see a lot of traffic and demand. So carriers are often going to be heading either east or south out of Oakland. This means traveling along I-80 (east) or I-5 (south). If they head east on I-80, carriers will probably stay on there until I-75 or I-95. Then they’ll use those to get to Orlando. If they travel down I-5, they’ll likely go to I-10 then head east to I-75 and hit Orlando that way. Either way, transit times should be fast and carriers can easily get from Oakland to Orlando. This reduces transit times and also prices.

Can I get quotes for car shipping from Oakland to Orlando?

Interested in car shipping from Oakland to Orlando? If so, make sure to fill out our free quote form. It shouldn’t take more than a minute and will get you quotes from the best in the industry. We know they’re among the best, too, because we make sure they’re among the best. It’s part of our job and our service to you. We make sure they’re licensed and bonded and work with only top-rated carriers. This way, you know you’ll be in good hands from pickup to delivery. You can read more about both Oakland and Orlando via our Auto Shipping Cities section, and we suggest you do. If you have questions, or need help in any way, contact us any time at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our agents.

Carrier 13 300x197 Auto Transport Tips: Intermodal Auto ShippingWhen you ship a car, most of the time it’ll be shipped on one single car hauler. This means that the carrier that arrives at pickup to load and ship your vehicle will also be the one to deliver it. But with intermodal auto shipping, the opposite becomes reality – multiple haulers are used in intermodal transportation, and the reasons as to why can vary. However, you should know that intermodal auto shipping is not all that common. It’s not popular among carriers usually, as it it results in a split in profit. It’s also not common among customers because reliability goes down and transit times tend to go up with intermodal transportation.

Is intermodal auto shipping common?

It’s not common, no. Intermodal shipping is most often used when there is a mechanical issue with your assigned carrier. You have to remember that auto transport trucks are vehicles, just like the things that they ship. Therefore, they’re subject to the same rigors of the road – and are plagued by the same mechanical issues as other vehicles. There are a lot of reasons why a carrier truck might be unfit to use mechanically, ranging from engine issues to problems with the lift hydraulics on their trailers. And a host of others, too – way, way too many to list out here. But if any of those problems are apparent, it means the carrier can’t be driven, which means another one needs found.

Intermodal shipping is also used for overseas shipments, but in this case it’s because it’s necessary. To get your vehicle to the port that it will depart from requires you to either drive it there or hire an over-the-road trucker to haul it there for you. Once at the port, it gets loaded onto a separate cargo ship. This is technically intermodal transport, though most people don’t think of it as such – it’s mostly referring to multiple over-the-road carriers. Some companies may offer discounts for intermodal auto shipping, though that’s not something to bank on. Ultimately, if you’re interested in it, go ahead and ask an agent. Chances are they’ll tell you it’s more time consuming and more expensive, but you never know.

Looking for intermodal auto shipping services?

If you’re interested in intermodal auto shipping quotes and services, fill out our free quote request form. It’s free and easy, won’t take more than a minute, and will get you quotes from top companies. Your quotes will be emailed to you with the first showing up mere minutes after submitting the form. We make sure that each company you get a quote from is also fully licensed and bonded and top-rated. This way, you know that no matter who you book with you’ll be in good hands with them. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us any time at 800-930-7417 to speak to an agent. We can’t guarantee those companies will offer intermodal auto shipping, of course. But at the very least you can discuss your options with one of their representatives.

Missoula MT 1 Household Moving to Missoula, MontanaMissoula is a city located in Missoula County, of which it is the county seat, in the U.S. state of Montana. It is home to over 71,000 residents, which makes it the second-largest city in the state. This does help make finding household moving to Missoula a bit easier, but it’s still not a popular location for people to move to. There are a few different reasons as to why, and we’ll get to those in the next paragraph. But what this means for you is that it’s going to be more expensive to find household moving to Missoula as it’s not popular among customers. Moving companies like routes that their customers are already traveling along. However, the nature of their work does require them to go anywhere, and most interstate movers do. It just tends to cost more.

Is household moving to Missoula popular?

Unfortunately, no. Really, moving to Montana in general doesn’t see much demand. It’s not surprising – there’s a lot of open space in Montana, but not many major cities. In fact, only one city – Billings – is home to over a hundred thousand. And while the state is seeing an increase in population, people moving to the state are still low in numbers. This tends to result in higher prices because there’s just not that much freight moving through the region. As a result, moving companies have to charge more for services to Missoula, and it may also take longer due to how moves are scheduled. Speak to an agent to learn more.

Can I get quotes for household moving to Missoula?

If you are interested in moving to or from Missoula, Montana, fill out our free quote request form. That link gets you access to our dedicated moving quote form as well as our dedicated moving articles. They will explain more about the process, if you’d like to learn more. But more importantly our moving quote form gets you free quotes from top-rated movers. They typically start emailing you your quotes within about an hour of submitting your information. If you’re interested in both car shipping and household moving quotes, just fill out our auto transport quote form. You will have the option to receive both if you’d like. And, if you have questions, or need help getting your quotes, call us any time at 800-930-7417.