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This past weekend saw a tropical storm form and move across Mexico and enter the Gulf of Mexico. And this tropical storm – which shouldn’t gain strength – has left parts of Texas underwater. This includes Houston and many of its outlying areas. Flash flooding has made Houston auto shipping services harder to finish, at least into or out of certain areas.

Flooding is never a fun thing to deal with, of course. But auto shippers are pretty well-versed in the ebbs and flows of this kind of weather, which isn’t exactly uncommon for the region. And the rain is doing some good, too. Florida, which has been suffering a drought, got some decent rainfall. So the area may be flooding in places, but at least the rain is helping.

How Houston auto shipping services are affected

We’re going to go out on a limb and say some areas of Houston just aren’t going to be accessible right now. And with more rain in the forecast, it could get worse before it gets better. But Texas isn’t the only area affected – it’s the entire Gulf Coast. This means auto shipping to areas from New Orleans to Tampa are going to see an impact.

We doubt prices will go up at all, because these kinds of systems tend to be transient. In other words, they don’t stick around long. But this system is looking to dump rain on the area at least into the middle of the week, so auto transporters need to prepare accordingly. And right now, the Deep South is a pretty popular auto transportation area, especially Houston auto shipping services. Summer is when most people are looking to ship cars, so it’s not surprising.

That said, you can expect delays in pickup along routes to the area, at least for the next day or two. Carriers want to know how the weather is going to settle first, and they don’t want to drive through flood zones if they can help it. So they’re going to keep an eye on the weather, and you should too. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact one of our agents any time.

How to get free quotes to ship your car any time

Like we said, this weather system, like all of them before, will pass. But until then it’s best to be prepared. And the best way to be prepared is to actually get started on your auto shipping journey. Fill out our free online quote form to get quotes emailed to you from top-rated companies free of charge. We clear all those companies for dependability and reliability, making sure they’re fully licensed and bonded and use only top-rated, insured carriers. And again, if you have questions or concerns, give us a call toll-free at 800-930-7417. We have agents standing by to help with any and all your car transportation needs.

Car Transport from Tampa to Los AngelesTampa is one of the largest – and most popular – car shipping hubs in Florida. Los Angeles is definitely the largest shipping location in the state of California. And car transport from Tampa to Los Angeles is a pretty popular search, especially in the summer months. The route is popular among both carriers and customers, which tends to mean plenty of demand. And high demand is great for you because it tends to attract more carriers. And more carriers that the route attracts decreases how long you have to wait to get your vehicle picked up. However, there are some things about car transport from Tampa to Los Angeles you should know. So keep reading and let us help you find the best shipper for your needs.

Some things to know about car transport from Tampa to Los Angeles

The best part about car transport from Tampa to Los Angeles is the fact that it’s a pretty straight shot once you hit I-10. However, getting to I-10 out of Tampa requires a carrier to take I-75 north to the junction a bit northwest of Lake City, Florida. But that’s not hard at all. Both I-10 and I-75 are major auto transport routes through the U.S., with I-75 running north to Detroit and I-10 west to Los Angeles. This is one of the most major thoroughfares through the southern United States and stretches coast to coast. So finding a carrier shouldn’t be all that difficult.

That being said, there are times when bottlenecks can result in higher prices. Car transport from Tampa to Los Angeles probably isn’t the most popular route, but there’s a lot of freight going into and out of Tampa. During the summer, Tampa sees a lot of freight out of the city, and that can clog popular shipping routes. When this happens, carriers can pick the highest-paying loads first while the bottleneck thins out. This can result in higher prices if you’re needing your vehicle moved quickly. That said, speak to an agent to learn more about car transport from Tampa to Los Angeles, what to expect, and how to go about getting the shipping services that you need.

Can I get quotes for car transport from Tampa to Los Angeles?

Interested in car transport from Tampa to Los Angeles? If so, make sure to fill out our free quote form. It shouldn’t take more than a minute and will get you quotes from the best in the industry. We know they’re among the best, too, because we make sure they’re among the best. It’s part of our job and our service to you. We make sure they’re licensed and bonded and work with only top-rated carriers. This way, you know you’ll be in good hands from pickup to delivery. You can read more about both Tampa and Los Angeles via our Auto Shipping Cities section, and we suggest you do. If you have questions, or need help in any way, contact us any time at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our agents.

Trevor Martin, founder of NMC, in front of the prototype Nikola One (image courtesy of ccjdigital.com)

The future is a murky thing, especially when it comes to auto transport services. There’s not a lot of information about innovation, especially for car transport carriers. But innovation for carriers often means better services for customers. And if hydrogen auto transport trucks are the future, the way that Nikola Motor Company envisions they are, things might change for the better.

As it stands, auto transportation trucks have horrendous fuel efficiency. Many drivers struggle to maintain 10-15 miles per gallon, and that’s typically under ideal highway driving conditions. Trips into cities can plunge a carrier’s fuel economy to anywhere from 6-9 miles per gallon, and drivers spend hundreds of dollars at a time at the pumps.

And there lies most of your auto shipping costs, mind you. Fuel is expensive, but if hydrogen auto transport trucks become the norm, this could change drastically.

Hydrogen auto transport trucks – potential specs

As it stands, Nikola Motor Company (NMC) has already put out a prototype, Nikola One. Now, to be fair, this was back in December, and we actually wrote a bit about hydrogen as the future of auto transportation services back in January. Either way, hydrogen is booming, and Nikola One is the most promising innovation yet.

With 1,000 hp, a range of more than 1,200 miles and zero tailpipe emissions aside from water, Nikola One seems to be where it’s at. Not only can a carrier traverse over a third of the country on one fuel up, but it’s free. NMC is looking at expanding their hydrogen refueling capabilities nationwide, and fuel prices will be built into the carrier’s lease. This essentially means zero fuel costs.

Not only that, but hydrogen auto transport trucks also project to be much more driver-friendly. As it stands, many newer trucks have amenities that past truckers could only dream of. Cabs nowadays – at least, modern ones – are almost mini apartments in what they offer. But NMC’s hydrogen truck cab is projecting to be 30% larger.

NMC’s Nikola One is projected to have a modern digital dashboard, too. Layouts of various switches and gauges are customizable, giving a driver the ability to essentially “build” his dashboard himself. This could potentially lead to safer trucks on the road, especially among newer drivers.

Drivers will also have profiles. With biometric sensors build into the handles of the doors, an NMC cab can automatically adjust climate controls, seat position, and more, all to conform with the driver’s comforts.

How this can affect your auto transport services

All of these things are awesome for the drivers – creature comforts, increased technology, no fuel costs. It sounds awesome. But how might this impact customers?

The answers are multi-faceted, wide-ranging, and, right now, purely speculative. We envision lower auto shipping prices, though not at first. This kind of technology is new, untested, and there’s going to be a lot of kinks that NMC is going to need to work out. But (and that’s a big but), if they do, and these trucks hit the road by 2020 as projected, between 2020 and 2030 we could see a drastic rise in the number of hydrogen auto transport trucks on the road.

If this proliferation is realized, it can mean lower prices for everyone, which is probably the best thing.

But, here’s the thing – it may not come to the auto transportation industry at all. Right now, NMC is envisioning carriers utilizing their own software to find loads. And this is certainly possible, but can it replace Central Dispatch? Brokers would still be necessary, so that won’t be impacted much at all, but on the periphery, the industry might see things tighten up, as it were.

And that’s speculative right now. If it were to come to fruition, however, it could mean lower wait times for car transportation services. And with that interconnection comes the ability to program the route into the vehicle’s computer – essentially, “setting a course” as they would in Star Trek. This way, a carrier could program the route and then the truck could automatically adjust to various factors along the route to maximize fuel efficiency or save brakes on downhill grades or even to avoid high-congestion areas.

It’s a lot to take in. Right now, this technology is a few years off, but it’s still fascinating to see it progress. A few years back we covered a lot about hydrogen and its potential role in auto transportation, and it’s good to see that it hasn’t been abandoned yet.

Florida Car Transport

Courtesy of weather.com

Thunderstorm and tornado warnings are in effect for much of the southeast today. This might make Florida car transport, Georgia car shipping and other areas in the region more difficult to accomplish.

The forecast is calling for severe thunderstorms and squall lines through north and central Florida. This is expected to last through the evening as the system makes it way up the coast and into the Carolinas. The forecast is also calling for heavy hail, damaging winds and possibly even tornadoes over northern and central Florida and Georgia. Flash flooding is also possible.

This, of course, makes auto shipping services more difficult across the region. It does depend on where you’re shipping from and to, of course, as some areas will be more adversely affected than others.

What to expect with Florida car transport this week

It’s getting close to the start of summer so these squalls and storms aren’t exactly rare. So it’s not like auto transporters aren’t going to prepare for these things. And it’s not like it’s hurricane season quite yet, so Florida car transport shouldn’t see any major hits.

The issue, though, is that Florida is perhaps the most popular car transport location in the United States right now. Whether coming or going, car transporters like Florida because there’s so much traffic. And storms like this can disrupt routes, cause diversions and delays and make things more difficult and take longer and cost more.

Now, on the whole, most auto transporters who service Florida regularly shouldn’t have any issues. They may have to take a different route than planned and avoid some of the more heavily-hit parts, but that’s about it. However, some things that you need to keep in mind stem from the hail and the tornadoes.

If you’re waiting for the carrier to pick your car up, try to keep it covered if you can, preferably in a garage. This is to prevent hail from damaging the vehicle. If your vehicle is already in transit, it’s up to your carrier to watch the weather.

What to expect later in the week

As we mentioned, this storm is moving to the northeast, up the coast, so it’s not just Florida car transport services that will be affected. Come Thursday and Friday cities such as Charlotte, Raleigh, Charleston Columbia, and all the way to New York City will see severe weather. If you notice, this is right up the I-95 corridor that many carriers use throughout the year. So you’ll want to keep an eye on the weather. You should also talk to an agent about pickup or delivery in affected areas.


Oklahoma Auto ShippingWell, the crazy weather system we talked about on Monday has a name: Winter Storm Valerie. And it’s causing some serious problems across the Rockies. Right now, Interstate 80 is closed as of this morning in both directions between Laramie and Cheyenne. Missoula, Montana got 2.7 inches of snow Wednesday. That’s a daily record that broke the previous record of 0.2 inches – a record which stood for 121 years.

That says something about the scope and breadth of this storm that’s making its way east. I-80 is closed, I-90 has a ton of snow on it, I-70 is getting difficult to traverse…it’s tough for auto transporters right now to cross the Rockies.

But it gets worse, notably in Kansas and Oklahoma. Tornado warnings have been issued for both states, and even areas as far north as Kansas City, Missouri may see severe weather.

The problem is a storm front that’s moving ahead of the snow front that’s pummeling the Rockies. This has resulted in a low pressure system that is making its way eastward. And it’s wreaking havoc on logistics services, including auto transport, through the area.

Dealing with setbacks with Oklahoma auto shipping services

If there’s tornado warnings and severe weather reports in an area, a carrier really isn’t going to want to go to that area. That’s not surprising. With the tornado warnings stretching across Kansas and Oklahoma, and even northern Texas, that’s a huge swath of territory that carriers are going to try to avoid.

This is going to mean diversions over the next few days and maybe even into the weekend. Expect delays with Oklahoma auto shipping, notably pickup and delivery. Auto carriers aren’t going to take their cargo into a potential tornado – that’s just a bad idea right there.

Instead, many of them are going to either go north or south. With the weather being this bizarre in the summer, some carriers may hedge their bets and stay in the south. This means routes along I-10 and I-20 and even I-40 may see some increase in traffic. This can have a wide ranging impact on auto transportation prices across the U.S., too.

Routes through the Midwest are going to be either more expensive or harder to find – and in some cases, both. Make sure to speak to an agent to get the most up-to-date information and also make sure to keep an eye on the weather.

On getting quotes for Oklahoma auto shipping services

Regardless of the weather, it’s still a good idea to get some quotes to ship your car if you need them. The weather won’t last – tornadoes will dissipate, snow will melt, the sun will come back out. So most car transporters see this only as a minor setback, a small detour in their normal routes. So make sure to fill out our free form or give us a call toll-free and get started on getting quotes. You can compare prices from top-rated companies and find the right shipper for your needs. So give us a call today at 800-930-7417 to speak to an agent, or fill out our free form to get started.