truck Auto Transport Tips: Open Car Transportation ServicesWhen you ship a car one of the first questions you’re going to need to ask yourself is what kind of carrier you need. Now, most people use open car transportation services, or an open carrier. They’re considered standard fare on most routes and the main way the majority of cars are shipped today. This isn’t surprising – it’s fairly cheap to ship on an open carrier because the driver can ship up to ten at a time. If they can ship more cars the same distance they can actually charge less per vehicle and still make more money on the route. This is the biggest reason as to why open car transportation is the cheapest method today.

So open car transportation is popular then?

It’s the most popular way of shipping a car, that’s for sure. Of course, it’s not the only method available, but it’s the cheapest and most prevalent today. Auto transporters like the ease with which they can move vehicles on an open carrier. It’s faster for them and more cost-effective, so the services they offer are often better. Of course, the biggest concern with open car transportation is the fact that the vehicles are exposed to the elements. This can result in damage, especially considering how hazardous the open road can be. Rocks, errant dirt and debris and collisions can all cause damage to a vehicle being shipped.

Luckily, damage during shipping is rare indeed. It really is – less than 5% of all vehicles that are shipped are delivered with any kind of damage. And the numbers that we’re working with are old, as statistics don’t mean as much in the vehicle shipping industry. Which is kind of a shame, considering how much data there is to collect. But regardless, damage is not common or prevalent; between the way open trucks are constructed and the way carriers load, transport and unload vehicles, safety is a top priority. Perhaps this, coupled with the low cost of their services, are why open car transportation is more prevalent than any other method.

Can I get quotes for open car transportation services?

If you fill out our free quote request form, every quote you get will be for open car shipping unless you ask for enclosed quotes. See, we get you free quotes from some of the best auto transporters in the industry. And we know they’re among the best because we make sure of it. We clear each company you get a quote from for both dependability and reliability. This includes making sure each is fully licensed, bonded and insured. They’re also top-rated and work only with licensed, insured carriers. And if you have questions about our services, or need help getting your quotes, don’t hesitate to contact us any time at 800-930-7417.

Aurora 2 Household Goods Moving to Aurora, ColoradoAurora is a city located in two different counties in the U.S. state of Colorado. It’s the third-largest city in the state by population and is home to over 325,000 residents. Household goods moving to Aurora is fairly popular thanks to its size, as there’s usually at least one or two people who need help moving household goods. It is also one of the principal cities of the Denver-Aurora metropolitan area. This metro area is the largest in Colorado, so it’s not surprising that it’s a popular moving location. Whether it’s Denver, Aurora or one of the other bedroom cities, you should not have a hard time finding a mover to help you.

Is household goods moving to Aurora expensive?

Well, it’s not like moving is cheap. But it’s also not the most expensive industry that moves things, and we help keep your prices more competitive as well. But Aurora is a popular moving location, so it’s not as expensive as other places in the U.S. either. Household goods moving companies like larger cities because there are more customers there. More customers results in more money, but more importantly it means their trucks stay full longer. Being able to keep their trucks full and on the road, instead of loading and unloading, means higher profits on routes.

With household moving, though, there are some things that you should be aware of that differ from shipping a car. For starters, moving is based on the weight of all your goods. Most moving quotes require at least a rough estimate of the weight of your goods. You can usually estimate by how many bedrooms your home has. Also, don’t expect your shipment to happen overnight. Moving takes more time than shipping a car mostly because it takes much longer to load and unload household goods.

Can I get quotes for household goods moving to Aurora?

You certainly can. For just moving quotes, visit our Household Moving Articles section. That’s where our dedicated moving quote form is located. If you fill it out and submit it you’ll get free quotes emailed to you within the next few hours. Those quotes are from top-rated and licensed moving companies that are vetted by us ahead of time. This way you know you’ll be in good hands regardless of who you move with. You can also get quotes for household moving services by filling out our auto transport quote form. We have an option on the second page for moving quotes so you can get quotes for both. And, if you have questions or concerns, you can contact one of our agents any time at 800-930-7417.

Austin TX 3 Car Transport to Austin, TexasAs you may know, Austin is a city in and the capital of the U.S. state of Texas. It is also the county seat of Travis County, and is home to over 931,800 residents, making it the fourth-largest city in the state. Thanks to its size and its status as state capital, car transport to Austin is typically fairly easy to find. Austin is easy to get to and from as well, and sees a lot of demand from customers throughout the year. High demand plus easy access makes Austin popular among carriers, which tends to result in faster transit times and lower prices.

So car transport to Austin is pretty popular?

It’s quite popular, at least when it comes to Texas auto transport services. Auto shippers like to run routes into and out of big cities with large populations as it is. This is because it’s easy to keep their trucks full if they run routes through those areas. More potential customers means more loads, and their trucks stay full for longer. This results in higher profits for the carrier. Not only that, but they can often pickup or deliver multiple vehicles in a metro area in a single day. This makes things faster, reducing transit times and making your transit time lower.

Much of that has to do with Austin’s location in Texas and the interstates that run through it. The city sits a bit northeast of San Antonio and southwest of Dallas. It also sits northwest of Houston. In other words, the four largest cities in the state are all within a few hours of one another. This is great for carriers since they can often hit two or three in a single day. More pickups and deliveries, more money, faster transit times all come as a result of that. So car transport to Austin really shouldn’t be hard to find and there should be almost year-round demand into and out of the city.

Can I get free quotes for car transport to Austin?

You certainly can. The best way to go about it is to fill out and submit our free quote request form right here on our site. It won’t take you more than a minute or two to fill out and submit, and will net you free quotes from some of the best auto shippers in the industry. We know they’re among the best because we clear them all for dependability and reliability. This includes making sure each is fully licensed, bonded and insured. You get quotes from top-rated, trusted auto shippers, in other words. And if you have questions about our services, or need help getting your free quotes, you can contact one of our agents any time, toll-free, at 800-930-7417.

Fresno 2 Auto Transport to Metro Fresno, CaliforniaThe Fresno Metropolitan Statistical Area is a metro area anchored by the city of Fresno, California. It spans all of Fresno County and is home to over 930,400 residents. As such, auto transport to metro Fresno shouldn’t be all that hard – Fresno, after all, is the fifth-largest city in California, the largest in the state. While Fresno may not be as popular as, say, Los Angeles or San Francisco, it does still see plenty of vehicle shipping services. As the anchor of one of the largest metro areas in the state, too, Fresno tends to be a popular shipping location throughout the year. This tends to result in faster shipments and lower prices for you.

So auto transport to metro Fresno is popular?

It’s fairly popular, yes, though it doesn’t see the demand that larger metro areas do. But auto transporters like to run routes to and from big cities, and Fresno certainly counts. More than that, though, carriers like metropolitan areas because of the number of bedroom communities that surround it. This gives them access to more customers, or at least potentially, which will increase how much they can make in a given day.

One of the biggest disadvantages that Fresno has, though, is the fact that it doesn’t sit along any major interstates. I-5 runs north-south a bit west of Fresno, and to be fair it does sit along several major state highways that see a lot of traffic. However, those highways don’t always give carriers quick access to other, larger metro areas in California, unlike I-5. This can make for longer transit times for carriers, which means they have to spend more in fuel. This can result in higher car shipping prices for you. However, you’ll want to talk to an agent, as some areas of the Fresno metro area are cheaper to ship to than others.

Can I get quotes for auto transport to metro Fresno?

If you are interested in shipping a car to the Fresno metropolitan area fill out our free quote form. Make sure to put specific pickup and delivery cities in the form, though, as it will require those before submission. However, you’ll get free, accurate quotes emailed to you from top auto shipping companies. We know they’re among the best in the business because we clear all of them for dependability and reliability. This includes making sure each is fully licensed, bonded and insured. If you have questions or concerns about our services, or need help getting your quotes, don’t hesitate to contact one of our agents any time at 800-930-7417.

Puerto Rico 1 300x225 Shipping a Vehicle to Puerto RicoAs you likely know, Puerto Rico is an overseas U.S. territory located in the Caribbean Sea. It is a fairly popular vehicle shipping location when compared to the other overseas U.S. territories. In comparison to other shipping locations, particularly in the contiguous U.S., Puerto Rico isn’t all that popular. But that’s okay. Most companies don’t actually ship out to Puerto Rico – it’s time-consuming for both customers and shippers, and it’s expensive to accommodate. That being said, it’s not impossible to ship a vehicle out there, but it’s definitely more difficult.

How does shipping a vehicle to Puerto Rico actually work?

Well, like with any overseas shipment, it will start with booking your shipment. Your shipping company will give you a total price for shipping a vehicle to Puerto Rico, and most will take the entire payment up front. This is in contrast to most shipments which are done cash-on-delivery. But with overseas shipping you can’t really pay the port yourself, so most companies will simply take the payment and pay carriers and shippers as necessary. This is the best way to go about paying for shipping a vehicle overseas.

So your vehicle will be picked up by a carrier company, a standard overland truck, and shipped to the port. Which port will depend on your shipping company and their connections. But once it’s trucked to the port, it’ll be unloaded from the truck and stored until the cargo ship is ready for loading. Then it’ll be secured in an overseas cargo ship, often inside a container. Then it’s simply a matter of waiting for it to get down to Puerto Rico. You can discuss your shipping details with an agent as well, if you have further questions.

Can I get quotes for shipping a vehicle to Puerto Rico?

Of course! All you need to do is fill out our free auto transport quote request form and we’ll take care of the rest. Your information will be sent to companies that are known for quality overseas shipping services. You won’t get quotes from anyone who can’t ship to Puerto Rico, either, unlike with other quote providers. We clear every company you get a quote from for dependability and reliability as well. The carriers they use are fully licensed and insured and the port shippers are top-rated. If you have questions about our services, or need help getting your quotes, don’t hesitate to call one of our agents at 800-930-7417.