Oregon 3 Car Shipping to Oregon Gets Easier Now That Winter Storms Have PassedWe try to track all the major weather systems that are persisting across the country. This is especially true if they’re bound to impact auto services. But…we missed one.

Winter Storm Kori ravaged the Pacific Northwest this past week, and as late as Friday, January 20th, sections of I-84 and I-90 were shut down. In Oregon, 262 miles of Interstate 84 were shut down state-wide. This included stretches between milemarkers 159 and 374 as well as milemarkers 17 and 64. The former saw traffic shut down in both directions.

This made car shipping to Oregon much more difficult to accommodate especially if coming from the east. Auto transporters try to avoid wintry weather where they can. Not only that, but these interstate closures led to many a route being diverted or redirected along other roads.

Car shipping to Oregon is easier now thanks to reopened interstates

Thankfully, the weather has passed. As this writer is stationed in the Pacific Northwest, we can give you first-hand information regarding the closures. Many areas were affected by the winter weather, but much of it was dumped on us over a week ago, and we were still iced in. Snow is one thing, but ice is treacherous. This blogger witnessed several spin-outs and accidents even on local roads (and missed a trip to Salem because of the weather, no less!).

But that’s almost all gone now. We can’t speak for the more mountainous areas, but ODOT (the Oregon Department of Transportation) has reopened all stretches of I-84 through Oregon, so at the very least carriers can get through it. This is good news for anyone shipping to Oregon from the eastern U.S., especially the northern stretches of the country.

Washington, too, saw its own fair share of bad weather, with several stretches of I-90 closed down. This has made things much more difficult, but now that the passes are open things are moving much more quickly.

And while we can’t attest for any new weather systems that may come, for now, things are moving easily once again. So now’s a good time to find quality car transport quotes, before the snows hit again.

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West South Central Deep South Auto Shipping Could be Dangerous This WeekendThe north, northeast, northwest and west have all experienced some seriously bad weather in recent weeks. And now it’s time for the Deep South to share the misery.

Areas of the Gulf Coast – including parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas and Florida – will experience a “severe weather outbreak” this weekend. It is expected to bring heavy rainfall, isolated tornadoes, severe hailstorms and high winds. Deep South auto shipping services will likely be affected by this in numerous ways.

How dangerous Deep South auto shipping may be

Tornadoes already ripped through parts of the Deep South, setting car transporters on diversions through areas and generally making things difficult. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. Going into this weekend, thunderstorms may spawn tornadoes as cold and warm air collide. Heavy rains and colder temperatures will likely result in hailstorms, and if you know anything about hailstorms in the Deep South you know how crazy they can get.

We’re not kidding. Car shippers have had cars damaged by hail, especially in areas like Texas and Louisiana. Considering right now both of those areas are seeing major influxes of car shipping traffic and it’s not surprising.

Hailstones the size of golf balls aren’t anything new, especially in the Deep South. But they can make for some seriously dangerous car shipping conditions, and many auto transporters won’t want to risk it. Those kinds of hailstones fall fast and hard and can put serious dents in roofs and hoods and trunks. Thunderstorms and heavy rain can lead to lower visibility and more dangerous driving conditions.

What this means for Deep South auto shipping services

Tornadoes rocked parts of Mississippi on Thursday, and while damage was minimal there was still damage. This can and likely will deter some car transport carriers, especially if they’re large enough. And that was Thursday. Weather over the weekend, starting late Friday and into Saturday, is going to likely be even worse.

If you are looking at Deep South auto shipping services this weekend, you may want to gather some quotes and then hold off on booking, if at all possible. At the very least, speak to an agent to learn more about the weather down south and how it may affect your auto transportation services.

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Smartphone 1 189x300 How Technology is Shaping the Auto Shipping IndustryI’ve been in the auto transport industry for about a decade now. In that time I’ve worked in brokerages and I’ve talked to and interviewed carriers firsthand. I’ve seen the back end, the front end, the side entrances and the trap doors of shipping a car. But something that I’ve seen firsthand and really not talked about is how technology is shaping the auto shipping industry.

What technology is shaping the auto shipping industry

We as a people have seen the absolute explosion of technology in the past thirty years or so. From the humble origins of personal computing to the humble origins of the internet to the not-so-humble rise of computers in our pockets, technology has been shaping the way we live for a long time. And really, it has since the dawn of time. But right now, we are more connected because of technology than ever before.

Integrated logistics systems. Cloud-based fleet management software. Cars that drive themselves. Trucks that drive themselves. More fuel-efficient engines and more aerodynamic cabs and trailers. These are just a few of the technologies that are driving change in the auto transport industry, and more are likely to come. Will come. Because it’s only a matter of time, really, and we’re already seeing how technology is shaping the auto shipping industry.

How technology is shaping the auto shipping industry

Trucks today get better fuel economy than in decades past. Shipments tend to be faster due to better engines and also better route management. Cross-country shipments can take as little as a week depending on the route. Carriers can stay in better contact with their customers which results in more manageable pickup and delivery situations. Brokers can contact carriers anywhere in the world at any time. Tracking systems allow brokers and carriers to follow their cars and orders efficiently and effectively.

All of this has led to a better, safer and more secure auto transportation industry. Some of these technological innovations have also led to cheaper auto shipping prices. To say that technology has had little impact on the way we transport cars is a bald-faced lie. And it’s an even bigger lie if people say that nothing will change in the industry. Because it will change, it is changing, and it will continue to change. But technology is only as good as how we use it. This is why it’s important for auto transporters and brokers and customers to keep up to date with it and make it work for them.

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As you likely know, Los Angeles is the largest city in the state of California. Portland is the largest city in the state of Oregon. Together, they are two of the largest cities on the west coast, and both are incredibly popular auto transport locations. In fact, car shipping from Los Angeles to Portland is one of the more popular routes up and down the west coast. Granted, Los Angeles is the more popular auto shipping location, and shipments down to Los Angeles tend to be more popular, especially in the summer months. But still, car shipping from Los Angeles to Portland sees enough demand to warrant carriers that almost exclusively run that route, so it’s important to talk about.

Some things to know about car shipping from Los Angeles to Portland

Well, for one, it shouldn’t be hard to find a carrier willing to run the route. Two, there are a lot of suburbs around both Los Angeles and Portland that are also viable shipping locations. So even if you’re shipping from a bedroom community such as Thousand Oaks (outside L.A.) or Gresham (outside Portland), you should see the prices stay the same as they would be if you were shipping out of L.A. or Portland proper.

Most auto shippers are going to simply go up Interstate 5 out of Los Angeles. I-5 connects both Los Angeles and Portland together along one easy-to-travel, high-speed interstate highway. This is great for you because it means carriers have easier access to both areas and can run routes for cheaper if they stick to the coast. And what’s also helpful is the fact that Portland is only 12-16 hours away, depending on the route and additional stops. Make sure to speak to an agent to learn more about car shipping from Los Angeles to Portland, but really, it should be pretty straightforward, all things considered.

Can I get quotes for car shipping from Los Angeles to Portland?

Interested in car shipping from Los Angeles to Portland? If so, make sure to fill out our free quote form. It shouldn’t take more than a minute and will get you quotes from the best in the industry. We know they’re among the best, too, because we make sure they’re among the best. It’s part of our job and our service to you. We make sure they’re licensed and bonded and work with only top-rated carriers. This way, you know you’ll be in good hands from pickup to delivery. You can read more about both Los Angeles and Portland via our Auto Shipping Cities section, and we suggest you do. If you have questions, or need help in any way, contact us any time at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our agents.

Fuel 2 300x225 How Recent Rising Diesel Costs Affect Your Car Shipping PricesRising diesel costs may affect car shipping prices across much of the country.

Compared to this time last year, diesel prices nationwide are 4.2 cents higher. This reflects a trend of rising fuel prices across the United States, one that may not slow down any time soon.

The highest diesel prices can be found in California, which sits at an average of $2.95/gallon. Just behind it is the Central Atlantic region at $2.81/gallon.

Perhaps not surprisingly, diesel prices in the Gulf Coast region actually dropped to $2.44/gallon, the only region in the country to see diesel prices fall.

How rising diesel costs affect car shipping prices

Naturally, diesel fuel is the lifeblood of the auto shipping carrier. They require diesel fuel to keep their trucks running and operating normally, after all. Diesel prices affect your car shipping prices and services in a number of ways, too.

One thing that a lot of people don’t realize about car transport carriers is the fact that diesel prices will affect how much it costs them to run a route. For instance, carriers going north-south through California will likely have to stop several times along the way to refuel. If they have to pay 40 cents more for diesel in California, that could affect some of them negatively. This can result in fewer carriers on the road and thus higher prices for you.

However, areas that see lower diesel prices, like the Gulf Coast, may see lower shipping prices for customers. Considering that it’s the winter right now, demand for southern shipping services is already higher.

Of course, so is demand for California auto transport services.

Higher diesel prices nationwide will affect nationwide auto shipping prices and services, too. Carriers may be more averse to traveling through areas that have higher prices than lower ones. Of course, things such as the weather, construction and lack of carriers are more important factors, considering how the price of diesel can fluctuate. But still, lower diesel prices tend to result in lower car shipping prices, so keep an eye on them.

Can I get free auto transport quotes regardless of diesel price?

Of course you can. All you need to do is fill out and submit our free quote request form. It shouldn’t take more than a minute or two and will net you free quotes from some of the best car transporters in the industry. We clear each and every company you get a quote from for dependability and reliability and make sure they’re fully licensed and bonded. Questions? Concerns? Don’t hesitate to give us a call toll-free any time. Just call us at 800-930-7417 and you’ll connect to a live agent. They can answer questions, give advice and help you get your free quotes today.