Auto Transport to Quincy, MassachusettsQuincy is a city located in Norfolk County, Massachusetts, a bit south of Boston. Home to over 92,000 residents it is one of the larger suburbs of Boston and auto transport to Quincy should be easy to find. Auto transporters, of course, like routes to and from big cities with large, sprawling populations. Quincy doesn’t have the pull for customers that Boston does, but it sits along a main entrance to the city. More importantly, it sits close to other major cities in the region as well. This means easier access for carriers, which usually means lower prices for customers.

Is auto transport to Quincy easy to find?

It should be, all things considered. As mentioned, auto transport to Quincy isn’t as popular as car shipping to Boston. Mostly it’s because of the size – with that comes a lack of demand, naturally. But being close to Boston, and within the Greater Boston area, makes it a lot more palatable for carriers. It’s a short jaunt northeast from Providence and this means that many carriers on the way north to Boston will pass through it. This in turn means easy access, faster pickup and delivery and lower prices for customers.

And all this is thanks to I-93. Car shipping carriers like to use the interstate highways to get around. I-93 branches off I-95 near Providence and goes straight into Quincy and Boston. So right there carriers have an easy way to get to the city. They could circumvent Boston via I-95, too, so they have options when getting around the area. More importantly, though, the interstates speed up transit times. They are also much more efficient for carriers than surface streets. This results in better fuel economy and lower overhead for the carrier. And that means lower prices for you.

Can I get quotes for auto transport to Quincy?

If you are interested in auto transport to Quincy, Massachusetts, take a minute to fill out our free form. When you submit it you’ll get free quotes emailed to you from top car shippers. Those quotes will come in individually and will start showing up minutes after submitting your information. After you start getting those quotes you can compare prices and services right there. You can also speak with a live agent over the phone, as every quote will have contact information. Those companies are top-rated, fully licensed and bonded, and work with only top-rated carriers. How do we know? Well, we make sure of it. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us any time at 800-930-7417.

Northeast Car Transport

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So Winter Storm Stella raged across the Mid-Atlantic and New England, dropping feet of snow in inland areas. Northeast auto transport services got a lot harder as a result of the storm, of course, but in a lucky break for car shippers the I-95 corridor saw relatively low amounts of snowfall. Of course, that doesn’t mean it didn’t get any snow. Boston and New York City got between 6-8 inches, and areas further north saw even more. Some parts of upstate New York saw 42 inches of snow!

But what all this has done is make northeast auto transport services a lot more difficult to achieve even with road-clearing efforts going on across the region. As we mentioned, the main cities along I-95 saw less snowfall than inland areas. This means that many auto transport companies are going to want to stay there…and not deviate.

The aftermath of Winter Storm Stella and how it impacts Northeast auto transport services

So, Stella really came in with a vengeance earlier this week. It left over 200,000 homes without power, resulted in multiple deaths and gridlocked entire cities. Even in areas prepared to deal with snow, Stella caught a lot of people off guard. School closures, route diversions, and more were seen because of the heavy snowfall.

Many areas of the northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions are currently inaccessible to auto transporters. This is despite the road clearing efforts of workers in the area. There’s simply too much snow, especially in upstate New York and western Massachusetts. New England, at least north of Boston, doesn’t see as much traffic, but areas such as Portland, Maine are going to be harder to ship to.

And with the spring shipping season coming up on us the weather is really throwing kinks in plans. It’s March! It’s March, and we’re dealing with a storm that’s not out of place in early January. Northeast auto transport companies and shippers that service the region are used to snow and ice. It’s a common theme during the winter. But that’s the thing – it’s mid-March! So the auto shipping industry is scrambling to figure out how best to deal with what’s going on.

What to expect with Northeast auto transport services moving forward

So, it’s going to take a bit for the snow to melt, but so long as no new snow comes the routes should clear up by today or tomorrow. If you’re shipping to or from the area, chances are your carrier won’t be able to get to you, so you’ll have to get to them. In other words, they’re not going to want to travel too far away from the interstate because, oddly enough, many stretches of I-95 saw relatively little snowfall.

This makes it easier especially in the short term, but the snows will melt and much of the roads – barring any new storms – should be clear by the end of the week. This should make things a lot easier for you if your vehicle is in transit.

If you’re interested in shipping a car to the northeast but haven’t gotten started yet, now’s a good time to get some quotes. The snow won’t last too long, though in the mountainous areas it probably will. Regardless, getting quotes now will help you plan your shipment better especially now that most of the storm has died down.

And the best way to get those quotes is to simply fill out and submit our free auto transport quote request form. It won’t take more than a minute or two but will get you free quotes from top-rated auto transporters. This way, you can get accurate quotes from top shippers and talk to them about your shipment, the weather, and more. You can also contact one of our agents any time at 800-930-7417 toll-free.


Baltimore Car Shipping

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It’s the middle of March right now, and the weather should be starting to get warmer. Spring is right around the corner, leaving the cold winter behind. But winter doesn’t quite seem like it’s ready to go quite yet – just ask the people in New England and the Mid-Atlantic.

A new winter storm is brewing that will likely dump a foot of snow or more on various parts of the northeast in the coming days. Areas such as New England, New York, and Baltimore will see upwards of 18 inches of snow over the next few days, according to

Baltimore car shipping, New York auto shipping, New England car transport services – all up and down the eastern seaboard from Maine to D.C. will be hit. Some areas, notably Chicago, Indianapolis and the states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and others nearby are already experiencing the weather.

How this will affect New York and Baltimore car shipping services

It’s been pretty well established that auto shippers don’t like snowy routes. They don’t like ice, they don’t like snow, and they avoid it if they can. And it makes sense; snow and ice can cause a carrier to lose traction and go off the road. This can damage vehicles they are shipping which is bad for business.

But when storms like this hit, most car carriers aren’t very prepared. They throw kinks in pickup and delivery schedules as well as transit timetables. Carriers have a harder time finding pickup and delivery locations and customers. Cars are more susceptible to damage. A lot of ba things can happen when the weather gets bad like that.

And with this new storm coming, Baltimore car shipping, New York car shipping, New England car shipping will be wonky. There’s not much you can do about that, though, other than just watch and wait. And the reason why is because carriers don’t know what’s going to be open and what won’t be.

How you can prepare for altered Baltimore car shipping services

Baltimore probably won’t get hit as hard as areas further north, but it’s expected to get at least a foot of snow. So right there that’s an issue if you’re in the middle of shipping a car up there. You’ll want to talk to an agent about it, because they have open connections with carriers in the area. Expect delays in delivery, and even pickup if you’re headed that way.

Otherwise, there’s not much you can do if your car is in transit other than talk to your agent or your driver. They can explain their thoughts about how to approach affected areas and how their routes may be altered. Diversions are going to be common in situations like this, too. This tends to result in longer wait times for delivery. So again, talk to an agent.

If you’re interested in shipping a car, don’t hesitate to get some quotes even if the weather is bad. Most shipments take a week or so from booking to pickup, especially when the weather is rough. So there’s no reason to not get quotes and compare prices right now. You can do that by filling out our free quote form. Your quotes will be emailed to you from top companies free of charge. Plus, you can contact us any time at 800-930-7417. We have agents standing by to answer questions, help you get your quotes, and more.

Texas Auto Shipping ServicesStrong winds behind a cold front are fueling wildfires from the Texas panhandle clear up into South Dakota this week, it seems. which threatens both Midwest and Texas auto shipping services.

Auto transporters are advised to stay clear of affected areas. These areas include Amarillo, Ashland, Kansas; and Beaver, Laverne and Woodward, Oklahoma, among others.

This, of course, puts yet another kink into Midwest and Texas auto shipping services. Luckily, at least for those of you shipping to Texas, the fires seem to be missing most of the state. That said, it’s not so lucky for those of you looking for Midwest auto shipping services.

How wildfires may affect Midwest, Texas auto shipping services

Like snow and ice, fire is something auto transport companies don’t want to deal with. And right now these wildfires are blazing through some pretty popular shipping locations. Well, not popular – but certainly on the radar considering the time of year. The problem is the proximity to major cities such as Oklahoma City and Amarillo, which are definitely popular car transport areas.

Other areas may be affected as well. According to some maps, there are wildfires close to Kansas City and Wichita as well. According to others, the danger could stretch as high as Omaha, Nebraska. So right there are several areas where auto shipping companies may be disinclined to go to. And that causes problems.

How long those problems will be there, we don’t know. Wildfires burn…well, wildly. So they’re difficult to predict and difficult to contain. And with the winds behind that low pressure front still blowing, the fires are moving southeast. So this could affect more auto shipping services in more places in the near future as well.

What to expect if your vehicle is already on the road

If your carrier is in the area where wildfires are, expect diversions. If you’re looking at delivery within those affected areas, chances are you’re going to need to meet your carrier somewhere else. Wildfires are no joke and car shipping carriers take them very seriously. So expect diversions and delays with delivery in affected areas.

This goes for pickup, too. If you’re looking to ship out of one of the affected areas, you should probably talk to your agent. They can give you more detailed information on where your carrier is and what’s going on out there. So make sure to stay connected and don’t let this setback get you down. These things happen.

If you are interested in quotes to ship a car, you can get them any time via our online quote request form. However, if you’re shipping to or from expected areas, get quotes and then make sure to discuss the situation with an agent. Our representatives are standing by to get you free quotes from top-rated companies, so you can use our form or call us any time. The number is toll-free and you won’t have to navigate any menus – just call and connect. It’s that easy.

Car Shipping to Gaithersburg, MarylandGaithersburg is a city in Montgomery County, in the U.S. state of Maryland. Home to over 59,900 residents, Gaithersburg is the fourth-largest incorporated community in the state of Maryland. It is also a part of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, which is great because that’s a major auto transport location. As such, car shipping to Gaithersburg tends to be easier to find simply by proximity. Car transporters can easily stop in Washington, D.C., and then continue on to Gaithersburg and other cities and communities nearby.

Is car shipping to Gaithersburg easy to find?

It should be, all things considered. Auto transporters like routes to and from big cities with large metropolitan areas. Gaithersburg sits close to D.C., within its metro area, so that’s a plus. Metropolitan areas are good for carriers because they mean more customers. They can easily get from one town to another, and one customer to another, without having to travel long distances in between. This means more money per day and that’s a big boon for any auto transport carrier.

It also really helps that Gaithersburg sits right along I-270, an auxiliary of I-70 that runs southeast to Washington, D.C. Now, I-270 isn’t a major interstate highway but an auxiliary one (hence the three digits). But it’s still an important part of metro Washington and an easy way for many auto shippers to get around. Those connections are important when it comes to car shipping prices. If a city doesn’t sit along a major interstate or auxiliary, it’s going to usually be more expensive to ship there. Not only that but auto shipping carriers won’t be as willing to go there unless the price is higher, too. Luckily, Gaithersburg doesn’t really suffer from that, so you shouldn’t have any issues.

Can I get quotes for car shipping to Gaithersburg?

If you are interested in car shipping to Gaithersburg, Maryland, take a minute to fill out our free form. When you submit it you’ll get free quotes emailed to you from top car shippers. Those quotes will come in individually and will start showing up minutes after submitting your information. After you start getting those quotes you can compare prices and services right there. You can also speak with a live agent over the phone, as every quote will have contact information. Those companies are top-rated, fully licensed and bonded, and work with only top-rated carriers. How do we know? Well, we make sure of it. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us any time at 800-930-7417.