El Paso TX 1 Car Shipping to Metro El Paso, TexasEl Paso, Texas is a city located in El Paso County, in the U.S. state of Texas. It is home to over 649,100 residents, but perhaps more importantly, it anchors the El Paso Metropolitan Statistical Area. Commonly known as Metro El Paso, it spans two counties and is home to over 830,000 residents. Also, the El Paso area is part of the larger El Paso-Las Cruces, TX-NM Combined Statistical Area. All told, that metro area is home to over 2.7 million. In other words, car shipping to metro El Paso, despite the size of El Paso proper, should not be hard to find.

Is car shipping to metro El Paso popular?

There are definitely more popular areas in Texas to ship a vehicle to or from, but El Paso is fairly large. This helps the cause a bit as carriers like to run routes to and from big cities with large populations. It allows them easier access to a variety of customers and helps them keep their trucks full. Car shipping to metro El Paso banks on this; this is why many companies will not only go through El Paso but also some of its bedroom cities. The majority of customers in a metro area, surprisingly, are not located in the anchor city proper, but rather one of its bedroom communities. Carriers stand to make quite a bit through big metropolitan areas.

It also really helps that El Paso sits right along Interstate 10. The interstate highways crossing the United States are the main arteries for car shippers going from city to city. They allow for faster shipping services and also lower prices. Carriers save money staying on interstate highways, as they can get from one customer to another more quickly. Staying along routes through multiple metropolitan areas yields more customers, which means more loads. More loads means more profits, and the interstates also help them reduce overhead costs. Fuel economy is better, transit times are lower and pickup, transit and delivery windows are shorter. They make things easier and cheaper for you as a result.

Can I get quotes for car shipping to metro El Paso?

If you are interested in car shipping to metro El Paso, Texas, take a minute to fill out our free form. Whether you’re shipping to the city proper or one of its outlying communities, we can get you free quotes to ship a car from top companies. We work with only the best and brightest in the industry, and you can check them yourself. We clear each company you get a quote from for both dependability and reliability, which includes making sure they are fully licensed, bonded and insured. This way, you know you’ll be in good hands regardless of who you book with. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us any time at 800-930-7417.

Carrier 13 300x197 Auto Transportation Safety TipsSafety is an important part of any worker’s day. From factory workers to long-haul truckers, safety in the workplace is vital. We’ve come a long way in that regard, too; less than a hundred years ago the Empire State Building was built by men with no safety equipment. Today, the company that is building the new Twin Towers use the most modern safety equipment to protect its people. We need to be safe to be happy, which is why it’s also important to heed auto transportation safety tips when shipping a car.

Some basic auto transportation safety tips

Number one, always listen to the driver. Never ever ever do anything other than listen to the driver. Chances are you won’t even have to do anything other than be there and watch, so it’s really not hard to do. But stupidity can lead to injury if you’re not careful. Remember, driver may be professionals but they can’t account for everyone and everything. When they’re loading a vehicle stay well away. Don’t pressure the driver for information they don’t have (such as how long it will take) and make sure that you stay back while they are loading/unloading a vehicle.

Really, you shouldn’t have a hard time staying safe. Don’t stand in front of the carrier while the driver’s maneuvering it into position. Obviously don’t drive the vehicle onto the truck yourself – your carrier will do that for you. If there are any special instructions to the vehicle you’re shipping (such as the lights have to be on before you start it because electrical issues) make sure you spell them out to the driver. Don’t pester them while they are doing an inspection; be quiet and courteous and your shipping experience will be a lot better and safer.

Can I get free auto transportation quotes?

If you’re interested in shipping a car, take a minute to fill out our free quote form. It’s free and easy, won’t take more than a minute or two, and will net you free quotes from top-rated car shipping companies. They understand what it takes to ship a car and they can explain more about how to stay safe when your carrier arrives. We clear each and every company for both dependability and reliability, too. This means we make sure they’re fully licensed, bonded and insured. This way, we know you’re getting quotes from top-rated, licensed and bonded shippers. If you have questions or concerns, need help staying safe or need more auto transportation safety tips, don’t worry. Give us a call any time at 800-930-7417.

Racine WI 1 Car Shipping to Racine, WisconsinRacine is a city in as well as the county seat of Racine County, in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. It is currently home to a population of almost 78,200 residents and is the fifth-largest city in the state by population. This tends to make car shipping to Racine a bit easier to find and book, all things considered. It is also considered a popular location for people to move to thanks to the cost of living. Racine’s cost of living figures are low, which makes it an affordable city for many people. This actually makes Racine a more popular shipping location, at least among customers.

Is car shipping to Racine popular?

Considering it’s size and location, sadly the answer to that question is usually “no.” Racine is not a big city, after all, and auto transporters don’t like to run routes to and from small cities. However, car shipping to Racine is made a lot easier by the fact that it sits just south of Milwaukee and just north of Kenosha. Those two cities are two of the largest cities in Wisconsin, and as such they see a fair amount of traffic. But Racine sits right between them, so many times carriers will actually go through Racine despite the fact that it doesn’t see a lot of demand. This tends to result in faster transit times and lower prices for you.

But the biggest saving grace is the fact that Racine sits along I-94. The interstate highways can make or break an area, at least in terms of car shipping prices and services. Milwaukee, for instance, is the largest city in Wisconsin, and Racine is the fifth-largest. If they were further away, Racine would likely be more expensive to ship to. But, because they sit close to one another and along I-94, both cities tend to cost about the same for carriers to get to. This results in lower car transport prices for you, regardless of where you’re shipping to. Of course, there are other routes through the area, but I-94 tends to be the fastest and most cost-effective.

Can I get quotes for car shipping to Racine?

If you’re trying to ship a car to or from Racine, Wisconsin, take a minute to fill out our free quote request form. If you do you’ll get free quotes emailed to you from top auto shippers. We know those companies are among the best because we clear them for dependability and reliability. This includes making sure they’re fully licensed and bonded. Also, they work only with reputable, reliable shippers. This means you’ll be in good hands from start to finish. If you have questions about our services, give us a call at 800-930-7417. We have agents standing by to answer questions, help you get your quotes and more.

Holidays 1 Can I Ship a Car On a Holiday?Can we just say that shipping a car on a holiday isn’t easy? Because the answer to whether or not you can ship a car on a holiday is usually yes, but there’s always a “but” with it. Seems to happen more and more nowadays, doesn’t? You ask a question and the answer is almost always “yes, but…” which can be frustrating. But in this case it’s true. While the technical answer is “yes, you can ship a car on a holiday” there’s a big ol “but” in there too, which we’re going to explain a bit about in the paragraphs below.

Yes, you can ship a car on a holiday, but…

Most carriers simply don’t want to work on a holiday. There, that’s the big secret. We know, you’re shocked and dismayed that people in a logistics-based industry actually want time off, but it’s true. Most carriers will still work minor holidays, like President’s Day and the other ones that people still work on (Halloween, etc). But the big ones, like Christmas and Thanksgiving, are the ones that carriers want off. Many of them on the road have families back home, families that they don’t get to see very often. So naturally they want to take some time away from the rigors of the road, and holidays have a built-in reason for not working that day.

Of course, this can put a kink in their plans, so many carriers try to clear their trucks before the holidays come. This is why it can be harder to find a carrier near the major holidays, particularly Christmas. In the weeks leading up to a major holiday many carriers are looking to either offload cars they’re shipping or preparing them to stay on the truck for a day or two while they take a break. Not only that, but routes shift as carriers try to find loads that take them close to home. This reduces drive time and also helps them continue to make money until the holiday starts. Once it’s over, they’re often back on the road. But don’t be surprised, if you book near a holiday, if it takes longer to find a carrier.

But I can still get quotes to ship a car on a holiday?

You can, though it doesn’t mean it’ll actually be shipped on that holiday. If you’re interested in free car transport quotes, though, take a minute to fill out our free form. It won’t take more than a minute or two but it will get you free quotes from some of the best auto transporters in the industry. We know they’re among the best because we make sure they are. We clear them for dependability and reliability, which includes making sure they’re fully licensed and bonded. We also make sure the carriers they use are fully licensed and insured. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us any time at 800-930-7417. We have agents standing by to help you get your quotes and expain more about the industry.

Broker 4 300x163 Auto Transport Tips: About the Vehicle Shipping DepositOne of the most important parts of shipping a car is the vehicle shipping deposit. It is the payment you make to your brokerage for their services in helping you get your vehicle shipped. The deposit is a common part of your payment and there are few car shipping companies, if any, that don’t take a deposit. Of course, when they take it and how much they take for a deposit will depend on the company, their policies and their business practices. Not all brokers are the same, but they all offer the same services. They also tend to have the same basic policies, like their deposits.

So what is a vehicle shipping deposit?

Well, like we said, it’s the price you pay to your broker for their help shipping your vehicle. But more than that, it’s a fraction of your overall payment and is usually a standard fee. This fee can and will change from one company to the next, but it’s usually around $200. The rest of the payment will go to the carrier that actually ships your vehicle. The deposit, though, will go toward keeping your broker’s doors open and keeping their employees paid and their computers hooked up to the internet. It’s an important expense and something that a broker can’t really afford to not have.

This is why so many of them take their deposit via a credit or debit card. We want to say right now that if a broker doesn’t or cannot take credit cards it may be best to book with someone else. Brokers need to have good business sense and acumen and those that can’t even process credit cards should not be relied on. If you can’t pay by a credit card because you don’t have one, that’s one thing. And many brokers will have a variety of different methods you can use to pay them. But a credit card should always be an option, and you should be seeing red flags if they don’t offer it.

So everyone takes a vehicle shipping deposit?

Every auto shipping broker will take a deposit, though as we said how big that deposit is depends on the company. If you are interested in talking to only top-rated, licensed and bonded brokers, fill out our free quote form. It won’t take you more than a minute or two and it’s completely free. However, it will get you free quotes from some of the best and most reliable companies in the industry. We know they’re among the best because we screen them for both dependability and reliability. This includes making sure they’re fully licensed and bonded. They also only work with licensed and insured carriers. So if you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us any time at 800-930-7417.