Florida 3 Southeast Car Shipping More Popular Thanks to Winter WeatherThe United States has been in the grip of several consecutive snow storms that have rocked the northern states. And it seems like more are on the way.

However that hasn’t stopped auto transporters from braving the cold, though more are looking at southern-based routes instead in an attempt to beat the weather.

This will likely mean lower prices for southeast car shipping services particularly to states such as Florida and the Gulf states. Throughout this week, temperatures are expected to rise in the southeast and the southern U.S. in general. However, northern states are still going to see cold temperatures, snow and also ice.

Does winter usually make southeast car shipping more popular?

As a matter of fact, it does. Auto transporters don’t want to run routes through snowbound areas if they can help it. We’ve discussed this before, of course, and it’s nothing new. However, we don’t really discuss much about what happens to other routes when the snows come, notably how popularity shifts.

As the weather worsens in the north, carriers stay further south until the snows pass. This means more carriers on southern car shipping routes especially I-10 and I-20. So car shipping to major cities from Los Angeles to Jacksonville really see an uptick in dispatch and pickup, whereas routes in the north see delays.

It’s not all that surprising, really. And if you’re shipping among the southern U.S., particularly the southeast, it’s a big boon. It results in more carriers on those routes, which means more competition for your car. And this tends to reduce prices especially in the slower winter auto shipping season.

During Christmas week, temperatures in the southeast are expected to be above average starting on Wednesday. This is great for auto transporters and customers alike. Meanwhile, snow and ice in the north, particularly the northern Midwest, will likely take a toll on car transportation services through the region.

What should I do if I need southeast car shipping services?

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San Francisco 4 Bay Area Auto Shipping May See Price HikesSan Francisco Bay Area transportation officials are keeping their eyes on a new regional ballot measure designed to increase tolls to pay for infrastructure improvements.

The ballot measure could raise tolls on the Bay Bridge and other state-run bridges. It will be put to the voters in 2018.

As it stands, Bay Area auto shipping is difficult to manage and provide for reasonable costs. San Francisco in particular is difficult to ship from and to because of tolls and lack of space for carriers.

The argument now is where the money will go.

Oakland wants money for affordable housing. Bicycling advocates are clamoring for a new bike path. The city of San Francisco wants more money for infrastructure projects. Of the three, only the last will directly benefit commuters around the region.

How much will Bay Area auto shipping cost?

How much car transport to the Bay Area will cost will depend on the price of the new tolls – that is, if the measure even passes to begin with.

The tolls could increase prices by as much as $3 per vehicle, which would be quite the influx of cash. However, commuters may not want to pay so much just to get around the already-expensive San Francisco area.

Right now, shipping a car to San Francisco, Oakland, and the rest of the Bay Area is popular, but hard to accomplish. Many carriers cannot fit into San Francisco proper, which can make finding pickup and delivery locations more difficult.

Counties can’t even put toll measures on the ballot – only the legislature can do that, so right now the ballot measure is more a vision than a plan.

However, twice before has a toll measure been put on the ballot, and both times it passed. The last passed back in 2004 and raised $1.5 billion for new projects, resulting in the Caldecott Tunnel and the Oakland Airport Connector. This measure could help make things faster for car shippers as well.

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Kansas City 1 Kansas Car Shipping May Get Harder Thanks to Funding GapThe State of Kansas is going to have to halt another ten infrastructure projects indefinitely, it seems.

Kansas has been struggling through financial hardships over the past few years, and it’s taken its toll on the state. Now, the Department of Transportation has to slash ten projects. The total savings should be around $17.45 million.

Just last month, Kansas halted another 24 road projects that would have cost the state $32 million. The new cuts come in the face of a budget shortfall totaling $348 million, with an estimated $582 million shortfall in 2017. And all of this has people in the auto transport industry thinking that Kansas car shipping may get even harder.

People in the state are frustrated, particularly construction firms who are losing jobs. But what does it mean for Kansas car shipping services?

How Kansas car shipping may get harder

No new projects means that vital infrastructure, such as interstates, are going to go untended. This can result in more potholes, more traffic and more congestion.

The main routes likely won’t see many issues. Interstate highways such as I-70 probably will still be the main load bearers for Kansas car shipping services.

No, what will likely be affected more are rural routes. Auto transporters may not be able to use certain highways due to them being undermaintained. This is an issue for many a car transport company.

Postponed projects include an expansion of US 169 in Montgomery County, which may not be a vital area for car transporters, but it does see traffic. Other postponed projects include a new bridge project near Wichita which could better traffic flow to and from the state’s largest city, and also a street restoration near Manhattan, one of the state’s largest cities.

But there are more, many more, that have already been axed by KDOT due to lack of funds. And it’s only going to get worse.

What does the future have in store for Kansas car shipping? Deteriorating roads can lead to excess damages for carriers and can decrease popularity of routes through the state, which is already not all that popular in the industry.

Restorations and new projects could make for smoother traffic, which would allow faster pickup, transit and delivery times. Now, though, they will likely stay the same, or get worse, depending on the condition of the roads.

Auto carriers go where their customers are, of course, but if they can’t get there, what do they do? It will require diversions and reroutes and you may end up having to move your pickup and delivery location.

Right now it’s not so bad, but in the future…well, who knows?

Interested in Kansas car shipping services?

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Decima 1 300x169 Low Temperatures Will Make Midwest Car Shipping Harder This Week

Image courtesy of weather.com

Winter storm Decima right now has the potential to be one of the worst storms of the season.

We’ve talked a bit about weather and how it’ll affect auto transport services quite a bit, but it’s for a good reason. You need to be prepared for what’s coming.

Decima is a continuation of the freeze that the country experienced last week. Looking at the forecast nationwide, the storm will hit the Pacific Northwest today and travel east through the rest of the week. The storm should be passing over the Midwest later this week and then into the northeast. This means that Midwest car shipping services will be harder to accomplish for many carriers.

In the northern Midwest, particularly the Dakotas, temperatures are looking to be in single digits, Snow is also likely.

Temperatures will be a bit warmer in the northeast, but snowfall is expected to be even worse there than in the Midwest.

Car transporters will have to incorporate the bad weather into their routes. This can cause delays and diversions on snowbound routes.

How hard will Midwest car shipping be to find?

It won’t be impossible. Typically, carriers will go to areas that they can actually get to without fear of hitting snow and ice. So this probably precludes quite a few routes. If you followed the link above you can see where the snow is supposed to hit. Those areas will likely see the most delays.

And that’s really what you should expect when shipping a car this week: delays. Auto shippers, again, don’t like snowbound areas.

Rain and higher temperatures are going to be seen in places such as Kentucky, Ohio, and both Virginia and West Virginia. States such as Minnesota, Michigan, New York and Pennsylvania – and all of New England – will likely see harder travel conditions.

Luckily, places like Kansas and Nebraska won’t see much snowfall, but auto transport services through the region will likely be impacted due to weather in the surrounding regions.

Carriers looking to head north along routes such as I-35 and I-45 may have to make detours. Same goes for routes along I-75 up into Detroit, and east-west routes, notably the northern interstates.

Can I still get quotes for Midwest car shipping?

Of course. You can get a quote to ship a car anywhere in the U.S. regardless of the weather. We do recommend speaking to a car transport expert, though, as your routes may be affected by winter storm Decima. You can fill out our free auto transport quote request form any time to get quotes emailed to you from top companies. We clear them for both dependability and reliability and that includes making sure they’re licensed and bonded. If you have questions, you can contact one of our agents any time, toll-free, at 800-930-7417.

NHTSA 1 Talking Cars? How V2V and Auto Transport May WorkU.S. regulators have proposed requiring all new cars to be able to talk to one another in an effort to make roads safer.

Vehicle-to-vehicle communications (V2V communications, or V2V) will soon be included in all light vehicles starting in 2017. Regulators are hoping that the technology will help reduce the number of automobile crash fatalities. 90% of fatalities in 2015 were due to human error.

V2V technology can help flag stalled vehicles or unseen speeders on highways. If cars can communicate these conditions in real time, on the road, it stands to reason that the vehicles themselves will be able to safely avoid those obstacles.

But how do V2V and auto transport go together?

Right now there are no autonomous or self-driving auto shipping trucks. This means that there isn’t much in the way of V2V and auto transport companies or services. But the technology could be a big boon to car transporters across the country.

Car shipping carriers have much higher risk when it comes to accidents due to the cost of the freight they haul. If there were systems in place to better spot hazards on the road, damage during auto transport could be mitigated.

But it would also help to make the roads safer for vehicles around the auto shipping truck, too. Cars that communicate with one another can tell each other about unseen obstacles. And an 80′ auto transport truck is definitely something that’s hard to see around.

Regulators at the NHTSA have opened up a 90-day debate period regarding implementing V2V technology. This will give people a chance to speak on the pros and cons of it before it is implemented.

Federal safety officials have said, though, that V2V technology can help mitigate 80% of crashes that do not involve impaired drivers. This makes roads safer for everyone.

How would V2V and auto transport work together cost-wise?

Chances are V2V technology would not impact the price of auto transport services. That said, we can never truly be 100% certain about the future.

V2V could cause prices to decrease due to safer roads. Coupled with a rise in autonomous vehicles, traffic could potentially be a thing of the past. If cars can safely communicate, it can lead to less traffic jams and jams caused by accidents. This could shave drive time off for carriers by keeping their travel speeds higher.

Overall, it remains to be seen how V2V and auto transport services will interact. For now, though, if you’re interested in shipping a car, fill out our free form. Or, you can contact one of our agents any time at 800-930-7417. We can get you quotes from some of the best auto transporters in the industry. Those companies are among the best out there because we clear them ahead of time. We check them for dependability and reliability and make sure they only use top-rated car shipping carriers.