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Feet of snow are expected in the Great Lakes region as well as northern and northwestern New York thanks to more lake effect snow.

Lake effect snow occurs when cold air passes over the warmer waters of the Great Lakes. The cold air picks up warmer water vapor off the lakes and then turns it into snow, dumping most all of it on the downwind shores.

This is a typical problem in the Great Lakes as well as what is known as the New York Snowbelt. This area typically includes the Buffalo-Rochester-Syracuse corridor of I-90. Lake effect snow makes New York car shipping a lot harder to achieve. It can also freeze routes along I-90 through the Great Lakes region.

Snow is expected to hit Michigan, Ohio, western Pennsylvania and western New York.

How lake effect snow affects New York car shipping

It shouldn’t affect any shipments to the Big Apple or anywhere in southeastern New York. However, most areas along the Great Lakes and in the north will likely get at least a foot of snow.

Auto transporters hate the snow and try to avoid it if they can help it. Snow makes car transport services more dangerous to complete, naturally. Though auto shipping trucks are much larger and heavier than standard vehicles, they are still susceptible to snowy and icy conditions. They can cause unexpectedly slick conditions that can lead to accidents and damaged vehicles. As such, auto shippers try to avoid those areas at all costs.

The lake effect areas aren’t all that popular of shipping locations in the winter months. They tend to only see a handful of shipments during the winter because most people tend to be shipping their cars to warmer areas of the country. The New York Snowbelt is not all that popular because of the snow, after all.

So you should expect higher prices and longer wait times for pickup and transit while the storms are raging. Even shipments to New York City, and other New York car shipping areas, may be affected. This is especially true coming from the south, as many carriers will want to travel west along I-90 due to ease-of-access. That said, it does depend on their planned routes. We highly recommend you speak to an agent regarding your New York car shipping services as well. Luckily, the storms typically don’t last long…though the snow they dump definitely does.

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Auto Transport from Boston to Sacramento

Boston is the largest city in the state of Massachusetts as well as the capital of the state. Sacramento is the capital of California and the sixth-largest city in California. And together, they are two popular car transportation areas in their respective locations. Boston is probably the most popular auto shipping location in all of New England. Sacramento, on the other hand, pales to such California cities as Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. However, auto transport from Boston to Sacramento should not be hard to find, considering the size of both cities and their locations. Read on to learn more.

Some things to know about auto transport from Boston to Sacramento

To start, both cities sit right along major interstate highways. Most carriers will take I-90 out of Boston and head west through New York State and the Great Lakes. Then they’ll probably catch I-80 outside of Chicago, as I-80 runs straight into Sacramento from Chicago. So really, for most carriers it’s a straight shot out of Boston. Some may take a more convoluted route, but that would add time to your shipment. However, it may not cost as much. Think about it: if a carrier opts to travel south to, say, I-10 out of Boston, and then west along I-10 to L.A. before heading north on I-5, that’s going to put days on your shipment. And that isn’t okay for some, unless the price is lower.

This is why most carriers will just take I-90 to I-80 and then I-80 to Sacramento. You have to understand, though, that even along the fastest route it’s still 3,000 miles (3,009, actually, according to Google Maps). That’s a solid seven days of travel time and maybe more if the carrier has lots of places to stop. And there’s lots of potential stops on the I-90/I-80 route. Carriers have cities such as Albany, Rochester, Buffalo, Cleveland, Chicago, Des Moines, Omaha, Salt Lake City and Reno to stop it. So if you’re interested in your carrier’s itinerary to try to figure out how long transit will be, talk to them. Otherwise, expect anywhere from one to two weeks from pickup to delivery.

Can I get quotes for auto transport from Boston to Sacramento?

Interested in auto transport from Boston to Sacramento? If so, make sure to fill out our free quote form. It shouldn’t take more than a minute and will get you quotes from the best in the industry. We know they’re among the best, too, because we make sure they’re among the best. It’s part of our job and our service to you. We make sure they’re licensed and bonded and work with only top-rated carriers. This way, you know you’ll be in good hands from pickup to delivery. You can read more about both Boston and Sacramento via our Auto Shipping Cities section, and we suggest you do. If you have questions, or need help in any way, contact us any time at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our agents.

Worst Places to Ship a CarWe’ve talked about some of the most popular (and unpopular) car transport locations in the past. We’ve talked about which cities see the most traffic, which ones don’t see as much. And, we’ve talked about the reasons behind it and why customers go where they go and do what they do. But one thing we haven’t really touched on are the places that carriers just can’t stand traveling to.

But there are a lot, and the easiest way to see them is to look at the top locations for freight-truck congestion. Now, this doesn’t just cover auto shippers, but rather truckers from all different industries. But they share some basic traits, like the fact that they haul goods for other people. Regardless, here’s some of the worst places to ship a car, according to the American Transportation Research Institute. You can see the full Top 100 list here.

In the interest of full disclosure, the Top-100 list we linked is actually the top-100 Worst Bottlenecks in America. However, these bottlenecks have a definite adverse affect on car shipping carriers, and many will look to avoid those areas if possible. Of course, it’s hardly possible to avoid all of them all the time, but still, this will hopefully give you a good idea of what carriers have to contend with when on the road.

The Top-5 Worst Places to Ship a Car, According to the ATRI

#5 – I-71 and I-75 interchange, Cincinnati, OH

I-71 and I-75 connect right in downtown Cincinnati before crossing the Ohio River into Covington, Kentucky. They actually merge right there too (or diverge, if you’re heading north). Regardless, it’s a little surprising, but looking at the interchange you can easily see how it can cause backups and delays.

#4 – I-65 at I-64/I-71, Louisville, KY

Another intersection in the east-south-central region, the area where I-64, I-65 and I-71 (essentially) meet up can be a giant cluster**** if you’re not familiar with the route. And even then, experienced auto shippers can have a hard time navigating the scrum that is that interchange. Take a look at it on Google Maps to see for yourself. This isn’t surprising considering it flows right into downtown Louisville.

#3 – I-290 at I-90/I-94, Chicago, IL

Does it surprise anyone that Chicago is on this list? This intersection is where I-290 and I-90/I-94 (both run along the same roads through this area of Chicago) meet, right in the heart of Downtown. Carriers have a hard enough time getting to and from downtown areas, but throw in a bottleneck like this and it gets even worse. Notice too how many people are in Chicago and how many people use those interstates on a daily basis.

#2 – I-95 at SR 4, Fort Lee, NJ

Finally, a New Jersey intersection! Honestly, we were surprised that more of the top-1o worst places to ship a car weren’t in New York or New Jersey, considering how horrible traffic is there. This one, though, isn’t surprising. I-95 and SR 4 connect just west of the New Jersey Turnpike, which…well, which naturally leads to bottlenecks, thanks to tolls. I-95 is heavily tolled through the New York/New Jersey area, which can and does raise auto shipping prices for many people. And with the bottleneck at the entrance to the Turnpike, shipments tend to take longer, too.

And now, for #1…

#1 – I-285 at I-85, Atlanta, GA

Ha! Bet you weren’t expecting Atlanta to top this list! The truth, though, is far from what you may expect (one might call it ironic). This particular intersection, seen here via Google Maps, is known as “Spaghetti Junction.” Its real name is the Tom Moreland Interchange. It’s not even in Atlanta, but rather sits northeast, and is still the worst intersection for auto shippers in the nation. It is but one of seven interchanges in the Atlanta area that have made ATRI’s list of Top-100 worst bottlenecks in the country.

Pretty crazy, huh?

Don’t worry – auto transporters can and will brave these areas in the interest of delivering cars. But these bottlenecks occur in some of the most popular shipping locations in their respective regions, especially the Atlanta area and the New Jersey area. So next time you’re wondering why it’s taking so long to get your car to you, think about some of the worst bottlenecks and ask yourself if your carrier might be in one of them.

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Los Angeles Car ShippingA state of emergency was declared in California due to the devastating effects of Winter Storm Leo this morning. As of this writing, floodwaters are ravaging many areas of the state, including Los Angeles. Four people have been declared dead and three others are missing. The state of emergency was declared to get state help to local governments dealing with flooding, mud and rock slides, and more.

Los Angeles car shipping is already in jeopardy thanks to flooding and mud and rock slides in particular. However, Los Angeles hasn’t seen the worst of Winter Storm Leo.

How Los Angeles car shipping is affected by Winter Storm Leo

California in general has been ravaged by storms over the past few weeks. We’ve covered several of them here. And while the deluge has been great in combating the state’s drought problem, its people are suffering. With a bit of luck, the storm will abate and things will return to normal.

But that’ll happen in the coming days. Right now, areas of Los Angeles are still underwater and many car transport carriers are avoiding the area. The storms have had a big impact on pickups and deliveries in the Los Angeles area, including parts of Topanga Canyon West, I-10 and I-110.

Looking at more recent traffic reports it seems many of the problem areas have been cleared out, but many carriers are still using caution when providing Los Angeles car shipping services. If there are delays in your pickup or delivery windows, you now know why.

Other areas where auto transport services are affected

Eastern California, particularly in the Sierra Nevada, is still getting hit with snow and several passes are closed. This makes auto transportation services from areas such as Reno much more difficult. Speaking of Reno, a half-foot of snow has schools closed, and as far south as Flagstaff, Arizona, snow is causing issues with transportation and logistics.

As for now, the entire region is difficult for auto transport carriers to get to. This has led to a general slowdown of freight into and out of the area, as it is one of the busiest auto shipping locations throughout the year. Thankfully, Los Angeles car shipping services should be a bit easier to find, but it depends on where you’re shipping from.

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We don’t want to turn anyone off from getting car transport quotes – we just want people to have the facts. And as of now, things are clearing up throughout the United States. Warmer weather is promised to be coming to all but the northern parts of the country. This means that the most popular areas to ship a car – the southern U.S. – is much more open. You can fill out our free auto transport quote request form to get free vehicle shipping quotes from top companies.

Or, you can give us a call any time at 800-930-7417 to speak to an agent. We have professionals standing by who can answer questions, give advice, and help you get your free quotes. So whether you’re shipping your car to Los Angeles proper, the Bay Area, southeastern California, or anywhere else in the region, let us help you.

Car Shipping to OregonWe try to track all the major weather systems that are persisting across the country. This is especially true if they’re bound to impact auto services. But…we missed one.

Winter Storm Kori ravaged the Pacific Northwest this past week, and as late as Friday, January 20th, sections of I-84 and I-90 were shut down. In Oregon, 262 miles of Interstate 84 were shut down state-wide. This included stretches between milemarkers 159 and 374 as well as milemarkers 17 and 64. The former saw traffic shut down in both directions.

This made car shipping to Oregon much more difficult to accommodate especially if coming from the east. Auto transporters try to avoid wintry weather where they can. Not only that, but these interstate closures led to many a route being diverted or redirected along other roads.

Car shipping to Oregon is easier now thanks to reopened interstates

Thankfully, the weather has passed. As this writer is stationed in the Pacific Northwest, we can give you first-hand information regarding the closures. Many areas were affected by the winter weather, but much of it was dumped on us over a week ago, and we were still iced in. Snow is one thing, but ice is treacherous. This blogger witnessed several spin-outs and accidents even on local roads (and missed a trip to Salem because of the weather, no less!).

But that’s almost all gone now. We can’t speak for the more mountainous areas, but ODOT (the Oregon Department of Transportation) has reopened all stretches of I-84 through Oregon, so at the very least carriers can get through it. This is good news for anyone shipping to Oregon from the eastern U.S., especially the northern stretches of the country.

Washington, too, saw its own fair share of bad weather, with several stretches of I-90 closed down. This has made things much more difficult, but now that the passes are open things are moving much more quickly.

And while we can’t attest for any new weather systems that may come, for now, things are moving easily once again. So now’s a good time to find quality car transport quotes, before the snows hit again.

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