Montana Auto TransportMontana is a state located in the western part of the United States. Home to just over one million residents, Montana auto transport services aren’t the most heavily sought after, but they aren’t impossible to find.

The biggest issue with auto transport either to or from Montana is simply how big it is compared to its population. Montana is the fourth-largest state by area in the U.S., but only the 44th largest by population. Its largest city is home to just over 110,000 residents, though it does anchor a metro area of over 500,000. Regardless, auto shippers aren’t fans of Montana, which makes it harder to find a carrier – and more expensive.

A bit about Montana auto transport services

The best cities in Montana to ship a car to or from are going to be those on major interstate highways. This includes most of the major cities in the state including Billings and Missoula.

And those are the main auto shipping hubs anyway – not that they’re “major” when compared to other cities, but still. They are the most popular shipping locations in the state due to their high populations. Not only that, but they are easier to get to than rural parts of Montana.

But the biggest boon to auto transport to Montana are the interstates, make no mistake. The two major interstate highways through Montana are I-90 and I-15.

Both of them converge in Butte, which might be the cheapest place to ship a car in the entire state. But so long as your pickup or delivery location is along a major interstate, prices should not get too out of control. What makes Montana auto transport harder to find for many people are the rural areas.

A bit about rural Montana car shipping

Montana is heavily rural. Outside of those major cities – Butte, Billings, Missoula, a few others – your carrier is going to have to go off the beaten path, as it were. And this is where things get expensive.

Most towns in Montana sit on state routes or rural roads and are basically in the middle of nowhere. This is the expensive kind of shipment, especially for carriers, because there’s no demand. No demand to or from those rural areas means they don’t make as much if they keep their prices the same as they would charge to more easily-accessible areas.

Therefore, the price for a single customer for rural shipping goes up. If it doesn’t, a carrier likely wouldn’t even be able to cover the overhead to get out there in the first place.

Therefore, if you can move your pickup or delivery location to somewhere that’s easy to get to you’ll usually save money. Not only that, but it’ll likely be easier for your agent to actually find a carrier. They don’t like Montana much, so they’ll avoid it if the prices aren’t good.

Interested in Montana vehicle transport services?

If you’re interested in shipping a vehicle to or from Montana, we can definitely help! Just take a minute to fill out our free auto transport quote request form. It shouldn’t take more than a minute or two but will get you a free, customized quote to ship your vehicle. We work with only top-rated carriers as well, companies that we make sure are fully licensed and insured. If you have questions or concerns, or simply need some help getting your quote, we can help. Just give us a call at 800-930-7417, toll-free, and speak to an agent.

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