Baton Rouge is the state capital and the second largest city of the state of Louisiana. It is the parish seat of the East Baton Rouge Parish, and has roughly 480,000 residents. The greater Baton Rouge Area consists of almost 730,000 residents, and the city is a major manufacturing and petrochemical center in the South.

The city dates back to 1699, when the French had control of the area that is currently Louisiana, and since first being settled has changed governing bodies seven times: France, England, Spain, Louisiana, the Florida Republic, the Confederate States, and now, currently, the United States.

During the Civil War the city was a stronghold for Confederate activity and economic activity was halted, though it didn’t stop the city from growing. After the war, the city continued to grow, and new economic incentives and the addition of manufacturing jobs have turned Baton Rouge into the economic powerhouse it is today.

The climate is humid subtropical, which means that summers are typically hot and humid, and unlike most Midwest cities, summers are mild with the occasional cold snap during late December or early January. Average highs during summer hover around the upper 90’s, while the lows drop around 65. During the winter, temperatures get up to about 65, while lows drop in the low 50’s to high 40’s.

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Baton Rouge Zip Codes Include:

70801, 70802, 70803, 70804, 70805, 70806, 70807, 70808, 70809, 70810, 70811, 70812, 70813, 70814, 70815, 70816, 70817, 70818, 70819, 70820, 70821, 70822, 70823, 70825, 70826, 70827, 70831, 70833, 70835, 70836, 70837, 70873, 70874, 70879, 70884, 70891, 70892, 70893, 70894, 70895, 70896, 70898

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