Chevrolet Camaro Vehicle TransportationThe Chevy Camaro was introduced in 1966 and was in continuous production until it ended in 2002, thanks mainly to lagging sales and plant overcapacity. Chevrolet decided to nix the model after 2002, but brought it back in 2009 thanks mainly to large customer demand and a brand-new design, much like the ones that are sold today.

The Camaro has been labeled as a pony car (like the Mustang), but also a sports car, and currently the Camaro is sold in six different models: the 1LS, 2LS, 1LT, 2LT, 1SS and 2SS.

The 1LS features a 3.6L 323 horsepower V6 engine with a manual transmission, steering-wheel mounted cruise control, Bluetooth compatibility, OnStar navigation and service for six months, and Sirius XM satellite radio.

The 2LS features the same engine and options but with an automatic transmission and better fuel economy (30 miles per gallon highway). The LS models are the two cheapest Camaro models that Chevrolet currently offers.

The 1LT features much the same technology and options as the 1LS, but also features upgraded interior options such as sport seats, as well as foglamps. The 2LT is a step up from the 1LT, featuring nicer interior, a heads-up display, a Boston sound system and USB ports.

The 1SS and 2SS models are the most expensive Camaro models, featuring a more powerful 6.2L 426 horsepower V8 engine, limited slip rear differential, disc brakes, while the 2SS model features a heads-up display like the 2LT as well as leather-appointed seating.

The Camaro has been in production almost continuously for close to 50 years, and while the car has undergone major transformations over the years, the relative size and weight of the car hasn’t changed much over those years.

A Camaro is still considered a basic car, in terms of auto transport, and as such you won’t see any overweight or oversize vehicle fees being thrown your way.

However, depending on how new and how nice your Camaro is, you may want to go with an enclosed auto transporter, as enclosed containers will protect your Camaro from the elements in ways that a cheaper, open carrier cannot. If your Camaro is your daily driver, however, you probably won’t need enclosed, which can cost up to twice as much as a regular auto shipping carrier would.

It’s best to discuss the fine details with your transportation provider and get their professional opinion. You can also learn more about the Camaro by visiting its official web page here.

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