Sentra 2The Nissan Sentra first debuted in 1981 for the 1982 model year. Designed as a replacement for the Datsun 210, the Nissan debuted to strong sales thanks to its low fuel consumption and high gas mileage; when it debuted, the EPA rated it at 43 city/58 highway miles per gallon, the highest among all vehicles sold at that time (and better than quite a few of the vehicles sold today). The Sentra has set the mark for economic driving at a good price, even today; the current Sentra starts at just $15,990 and achieves 30/40 MPG, though it is heavier and includes newer systems than the first generation Sentra. Today, the Sentra is in its seventh generation, and has switched from a subcompact design to a mid-size, despite being Nissan’s entry level model into the category. Check out more about the Sentra here.

As of this writing, the 2014 Nissan Sentra is the most current Sentra on the market. The base model, the Sentra S, comes features a standard 1.8L I4 engine with a six-speed manual transmission, as well as power window and door locks, air conditioning with in-cabin micro-filter, and LED headlight accents and tail lights. The S does not come with an automatic transmission. The FE+S brings an upgraded automatic transmission as well as more accents on exterior and more interior options, as does the SV, the third trim line on the list. Then there’s the FE+SV, which gives you all the options of the SV package plus low rolling resistance tires and more exterior options. The highest trim model, the SR, is the Sentra sport model. with 17″ sport alloy wheels, premium sport cloth and much more. From base to highest-end model, the price difference is only a bit more than $2,000.

The Sentra has been around for over thirty years, and even with the switch from a subcompact to larger versions, thanks to increased interior room, the Sentra is still, at its core, a car, and as such you won’t be seeing any price hikes due to size or weight, like you would with a pickup truck or SUV. The Sentra has come in many styles and variants over the years, but today the newest generation is only sold as a four-door sedan, which makes it even easier for auto shippers, especially if they’re picking up from a dealership or used car lot. With a starting price just shy of $16,000, the Sentra is not worth enough as a vehicle to warrant enclosed shipping services, which would make it even cheaper for you come transport time.

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