Leaf 1The Nissan Leaf is an all-electric five-door hatchback first introduced to consumers in 2010. The Leaf is Nissan’s first all-electric car and it is currently the best-selling all-electric vehicle in the world, with global sales over 100,000 units.

The Leaf has won numerous awards for its zero emissions and its continued work in reducing the world’s dependence on petroleum as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions and humanity’s carbon footprint.

The Leaf, when introduced, achieved a range of roughly 100 miles at 75 miles per gallon gas-equivalent; since the Leaf’s redesign, including a more powerful and economic engine, the Leaf now has a range of 120 miles and achieves 115 mpg-e. You can read more about the Leaf here.

The Leaf is currently sold in three variations, each of which feature the same lithion-ion-powered engine, rate at 107 horsepower and achieve 126/101 city/highway mpg-e.

The base model, the S, starts at $21,480 after federal tax credits and features Nissan’s push-button start system, a Bluetooth-capable hands-free phone system, heated front and rear seats, and a rear view monitoring system.

The next up, the SV, features all that the S does including Nissan’s in-house navigation system, 16″ aluminum alloy wheels, a 6.6 kW onboard charger, and upgraded seat trim.

The SL, the most expensive trim level, includes the SV features and also includes 17″ aluminum alloy wheels, a quick charge port, automatic on/off LED headlights, fog lights, and leather-appointed seats.

The Nissan Leaf is based on the Versa, and while the design is radically different the basic size and dimensions are pretty similar. The Nissan Versa hatchback model is no larger than a car, and still shorter than small SUV’s, so it’s not likely that an auto transport company is going to charge you more because it’s larger. It’s not. So they won’t.

Typically auto transportation companies price most every car the same way, because they’re considered standard fare. Price upgrades tend to come with larger vehicles, such as sport utility vehicles, pickup trucks, minivans and cargo vans – things like that. The Leaf doesn’t fall into any of those categories, so your prices will be based mainly on where you’re shipping from and to and what time of the year it is, as well as carrier availability in your area.

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