Cube 1The Nissan Cube is a mini multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) initially introduced in Japan as a domestic-only vehicle in 1998, but was released in other markets, including North America, in 2009. The Cube was originally designed as a larger-load-bearing version of their March model, which was also a Japan-exclusive vehicle. It was available in the UK and other EU markets beginning in 2002, though these were usually unsold Japanese models that were converted for the European markets, or else older, pre-owned Cube models imported from Japan. Today the Cube is available in a number of worldwide markets, and its design is meant to inspire the more “modern” you to come out and play, apparently. You can read more yourself (and you probably should) here.

The Cube is an eccentric vehicle. Featuring a unique “cube-like” look to it, it boasts a wraparound rear window, giving drivers added visibility by taking out one of the C pillars in the back. The window can curve either to the left or right, depending on the market, and the Cube’s design allows drivers to maximize its 58 cubic feet of cargo space via fold-down rear seats and hidden storage. Currently available in two models, the S and the SL, the Cube can be yours for under $20,000, which is a pretty decent prices for an MPV. The S is the base model, starting at $16,900, while the SL comes with all the features of the S and additional features of its own for only $19,000.

Though the Cube is an MPV, a multi-purpose vehicle typically by definition means it’s not the same size as a sport utility vehicle or a minivan, which means that you should be able to get a great deal for auto transportation services. Most carriers base their prices on the size and weight of the vehicle in question, as well as the pickup and delivery locations and the popularity of your specific route. Taking one of the variables out of the equation – in other words, not having to charge more for a heavier vehicle with the Cube – can really help you save some money on your car shipping services, which can only help in the long run.

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