Altima Sedan 1The Nissan Altima was first introduced by Japanese car manufacturer Nissan in 1993 for the 1994 model year. As a mid-size car, the Altima was Nissan’s continuation of their Bluebird line, which had been in production since 1957. Bringing a sleeker, more modern look into the end of the 20th century seemed to be a good move, as the Altima sold well in its first generation. Currently in its fifth generation as of 2013, the Altima has undergone numerous redesigns and upgrades over the years, and is currently available as either a sedan or a coupe. The Altima has grown in size over the years, and today is one of the largest Altima models ever; however, the 2013 redesign  dropped over 120 pounds off the Altima, which means as it gets larger it still weighs less. Check out more here.

The current Nissan Altima Sedan comes in one of seven variants, starting with the modestly-priced 2.5 and ending with the 3.5 SL. The Altima 2.5 features a 2.5L 4-cylinder engine (as do the 2.5S, the 2.5 SV and the 2.5 SL), as well as a slew of safety and technology innovations. The 2.5S features all the S does plus smart auto headlights, keyless entry, and more bells and whistles. This continues with the SV and the SL; the SV features the S package plus remote start capabilities and upgraded technology, and the SL features all that plus fog lights and a Bose-powered six-speaker sound system. All the 2.5 models get 25/38 MPG and 182hp. The 3.5 trim line features much that the 2.5 does except a meatier engine; capable of displacing 3.5L and powered by a V6 engine, the 3.5 models are capable of 270 horsepower and 22/31 city/highway mileage. The 2.5 starts around $20,000, with the 3.5SL starting at over $30,000.

Like most other mid-size cars, the Altima Sedan won’t cost you any extra because of weight or size. It’s a mid-size car, and as it’s lighter than previous versions of the Altima you’ll find that the price you pay is going to be the route price plus other conditions not related to the vehicle, which means you’re paying the minimum for the transportation of your Altima Sedan. This is in contrast to, say, a sport utility vehicle or pickup truck, as they weigh a lot more and have a lot more bulk to them, which leads to harder times getting them on and off the truck sometimes as well as decreased fuel economy for the carrier due to the added weight of the larger vehicle. So you have nothing to worry about when shipping your Altima Sedan, at least in terms of price.

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