Direct Carrier RatesDirect carrier rates are price quotes that you get directly from the carrier or truck company. However, most of the time there is a middle-man who gets the rates for you. Most trucks work for brokerage companies which coordinate all of the truck’s routes. Below you will learn some detailed information on direct carrier rates, including how they are calculated and how to make sure you get the very best direct carrier rates you can.


Direct Carrier Rates: How are they calculated?

Your direct carrier rate relies on a few obvious things. It all depends on the where, when, what and how. Where you are shipping your car from and where you are shipping it to. It mostly depends on the distance, the further your car needs to go the more it will cost. Certain routes are more frequented by trucks, which means they will have no problem finding nine other cars to fill their shipment. If you are shipping a car on an uncommon or rural route, then it may cost more since the truck may not be full. When of course means the time of year you need to ship your car. Certain months and seasons are busier as far as auto shipping goes. Since trucks are constantly moving, your direct carrier rates will only be good for about two weeks, then they will go up. What type of vehicle you are shipping also factors into your rate. Over-sized vehicles such as large SUVs, vans or RVs cost more to ship. This is because they take up more room on the ten car carrier, or in some cases, may require a special truck to move them. If you are shipping an expensive, vintage or rare vehicle then it may cost more due to enclosed shipping. This brings us to how, the how being regular or enclosed shipping. enclosed shipping means your car will be completely protected from outside elements such as weather and debris. Now you know exactly how direct carrier rates are calculated.

Direct Carrier Rates: How can you get the best direct carrier rates?

In order to get good direct carrier rates you need to remember three things: research, research, research.  While picking an auto shipping company is a relatively easy process, it is always important to fact check.  The first thing you should do is compare rates, don’t just get one quote and assume it is standard. You should receive direct carrier rates rates that vary from low to high. It is generally a good idea to select a company with direct carrier rates somewhere in middle. Getting the cheapest price might seem like it would equate to getting a good deal, but when it comes to auto transport it isn’t. If a rate is too low, then you should assume it is too good to be true. There are a lot of scammers out there, unfortunately. Besides comparing rates, a good way to avoid these scams is to read user reviews online. You can do this at the Better Business Bureau website or similar websites. If a company does not have any customer reviews, then you should consider someone else. Now that you know a little more about direct carrier rates you are ready to get the best deal on your auto shipment.