Car Transport Quotes: What Are They?

Car Transport QuotesCar transport quotes are given out to customers by companies who want to ship your vehicle. It’s essentially a bid – each company that gives you a quote will take your information and give you their best price to ship your vehicle.

However, not all car transport quotes are the same, just like no two car transport companies are the same, and its incredibly important to understand just how car shipping quotes can affect your auto transport experience. Most companies you will receive auto transport quotes from will be brokers, and they are definitely the ones you want to receive car transport quotes from.

Brokers, like us, have thousands of carriers at their disposal that they can quickly utilize and find the right truck for you, so much of the price your car transport quotes give is dependent on where you’re shipping from and to, as well as the year, make and model of the vehicle.

Car Transport Quotes: Finding The Right Quote

No two car transport quotes are alike, despite seeming so at the beginning. Each different car transport company has a different method of quoting. A such, your quotes will all be different, so it’s important to pay attention to what’s inside them.

Today, most things are done online, and getting transport quotes is no exception. You can get a free quote right from us, but we do recommend gathering multiple quotes before shipping. The more quotes you get, the better off you’ll be because you can compare quotes. Each company that sends you a quote will explain a bit about their quote, themselves, and give you their contact information in case you want to book.

Some transport quotes may have links to online order forms. This is so you can book with a company without ever having to call them. Others will give an e-mail and phone number for you to call. Most will also call you to follow-up on the quote they gave.

Car Transport Quotes: Lowest Price isn’t Always Best

“What you pay for is what you get” is an old saying. But cliches are cliches for a reason. And really, the auto transport industry illustrates this point well. Car transport quotes are all about getting your vehicle moved, but the process of shipping your vehicle can be time-consuming.

Shippers usually get vehicles dispatched (assigned to a carrier) within a few days. Sometimes it can take a week unless you need immediate pickup. Known as expedited service, immediate pickup is usually available for a lot more money.

Carriers are picky in the loads they pick and choose, though this isn’t reflected in your car transport quotes; if your order is offering too little money to the driver, they won’t want to ship it.

Therefore, it’s important to never just flat-out choose the lowest bid; auto transport is expensive, so don’t cut corners by trying to save a few bucks, as you’ll end up shooting yourself in the foot – especially if you need fast pickup.

However, choosing the highest car transport quotes only could have you paying more money than you need to. Different carriers charge different prices for the same routes – they don’t work together to set prices, but rather charge enough to cover the cost of transport on their end as well as keep the company running and turn a profit – and some carriers can charge less than others.

This is why it’s best to find as many car transport quotes as possible, because aside from giving you options it will also give you an idea of the going rates for your specific route. We recommend choosing car transport quotes that are neither the lowest nor highest, but somewhere in the middle.

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Just make sure to also get a quote from American Auto Shipping! We work hard to make sure our quotes are priced to move your vehicle when you need it moved. That’s our number one factor because we don’t get paid if your vehicle doesn’t move.

We may not always have the lowest quotes, but we will always have the best quotes. So fill out our quote form or call us at 800-930-7417 to get a quote, speak to an agent, book an order, and more.

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