Port of Philly 1 300x168 Investment in Philadelphia Port Could Lead to Lower Car Shipping PricesThe port of Philadelphia has never been a major auto transport location, not with Baltimore so close. But with Pennsylvania looking to invest $300 million into the city’s port, Philadelphia may see more overseas auto transport freight – and lower car shipping prices to boot.

The investment in the Port of Philadelphia should “create thousands of family-sustaining, middle-class jobs” while also increasing revenues for the state overall. Part of the traffic that will go through the Philadelphia port? Auto transportation traffic.

This isn’t just speculation – the Port of Philadelphia is going to invest $200 million will be used to expand the main container operations. Also, some of that money is earmarked for auto shipping endeavors. This is great news if you’re shipping a car overseas, as it will likely lead to lower car shipping prices.

Do they ship cars out of the Port of Philadelphia?

As mentioned, most overseas shipments – especially to Europe – go through the Port of Baltimore. The reasons are many, but it’s usually a good one is price. Some cars go out of the Port of Philadelphia, but not very many. Most of the 150,000 automobiles moved out of the port are headed for dealerships in the eastern U.S. This can lead to higher car transport prices and longer wait times. But with this new investment into Philly’s port, shipping companies may be able to offer lower car shipping prices for customers.

It really all depends on how much they expand the car transport sector at the port. The port in Baltimore sees a lot more traffic due to lower prices. This is especially true for shipments from Britain and France, but the port handles traffic from across the world.

Miami is another major port on the east coast. Having a third, especially closer to New York City, would probably help tremendously when it comes to lower car shipping prices.

The upgrades would also make the Port of Philadelphia cleaner, particularly with air and water pollution. Ports in California have already switched to shore power to keep docked boats and ships with electricity. Hooking up birthed ships to shore power instead of forcing them to rely on an onboard generator can reduce pollution as well as overhead for the cargo ships. This too can lead to lower car shipping prices.

Is this going to change immediately?

No. The upgrades to the Port of Philadelphia will take time to implement. This isn’t a surprise, but for now it’ll likely be the same for a while. If you’re interested in shipping a car, be it to Philadelphia, overseas, or anywhere else, make sure to give us a call. We can get you free quotes from top car transport companies free of charge. We clear all of them for dependability and reliability, and we make sure they’re fully licensed and bonded and top-rated. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us any time at 800-930-7417.

Los Angeles 4 300x199 Car Shipping to Los Angeles May Get HarderCar shipping to Los Angeles may get even more difficult as legislators failed to pass a funding bill at a special legislative session.

Democrats were wanting to increase taxes to offset the loss of tax revenue earned from traditional gasoline taxes. Republicans, already weary of high taxes, opposed the legislation.

Estimated cost of repair for crucial city and metro area infrastructure is $137 billion. This includes road repairs, bridge fixes, traffic studies and more.

Why would car shipping to Los Angeles get harder?

It may, and it may not. Democrats have a chance again next year to get a funding bill passed, but it will likely have to address the dwindling tax revenue from gasoline taxes. Democrats say that hybrid and other alternative-fuel vehicles have rendered gasoline taxes unreliable as a source of funding for infrastructure maintenance.

Right now, car shipping to Los Angeles is already difficult through much of the metropolitan area. While there are many areas that are easily accessible for an auto transport carrier, many more are not.

Traffic and congestion can add almost a hundred dollars to the shipment of a car due to wasting fuel while idling. Not only that, but it’s a slog to get through the area, especially during rush hour.

But car shipping to Los Angeles may be even more difficult if a lack of road repairs leads to higher traffic. If the city has to spend wisely, only the most heavily traveled routes will see repairs. That leaves many roads around the Los Angeles area to languish under less-than-ideal conditions.

This can be problematic for customers who are shipping on a schedule. Currently the only solution is to book early. While there is plenty of demand for car shipping to Los Angeles, some areas are going to be difficult to ship to. This typically requires meeting the carrier nearby your home, which can be an inconvenience.

Make sure to speak to an agent for the most up-to-date information about auto transport to Los Angeles and the L.A. area.

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Self Driving Truck 1 Autonomous Auto Transport Trucks Wont be Driverless

Otto, the world’s first autonomous freight truck to deliver cargo

It seems that the future of the car transport industry is in the hands of autonomous auto transport trucks. And while none have been rolled out yet, the very first driverless freight truck has completed its journey. We’re definitely living in exciting times, people!

But while many have speculated that automated trucks will replace drivers, this likely won’t be the case.

Why autonomous auto transport trucks won’t be driverless

There are a lot of reasons as to why autonomous auto transport trucks will still have a driver along for the ride. Probably the most common sense reason is to make sure there’s a human in case the on board computer fails. With freight logistics, having someone be able to take over in case of emergency is paramount, especially when it comes to shipping cars.

Auto transport trucks often have hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of freight on them. Should the computer fail and cause an accident, that could end up forcing the trucking company’s insurance to cover every car on the truck. That’s a catastrophe for any car transporter.

But there’s also the fact that someone has to be there to load and unload the vehicles. While that may eventually be done by a computer too, for now there are no plans for autonomous methods of loading or unloading cars.

Paperwork is another reason why a driver will still be required to ride along in autonomous auto transport trucks. As it stands now, drivers and customers have to do pickup and delivery inspections. This requires humans to actively inspect the car, and two signatures are required to maintain accuracy.

Then there’s the Bill of Lading, which acts as an all-in-one packet for the paperwork. The Bill of Lading is a receipt and information sheet and inspection report all rolled into one. It requires two signatures to be valid as well, one from you and one from your driver. Autonomous auto transport trucks can’t sign off on those yet.

But make no mistake – autonomous auto transport trucks are the future

There’s no doubt that autonomous auto transport is going to be the future of the industry. Really, autonomous vehicles in general are making waves, and it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing them commercially available. This includes transportation trucks.

A number of industries are jumping on the bandwagon, and with Donald Trump set to take the White House, we could see less regulation of the auto transportation industry.

This can be both good and bad. Deregulation tends to open up industries, but it can also have drawbacks, notably in terms of corporate takeovers and mergers.

Right now, the car shipping industry is decidedly diverse. It is hard to maintain a nationwide fleet that can service all the customers, and most drivers on the road are owner-operators, not part of major fleet networks. So monopolies on auto transportation services likely won’t be a thing.

However, regulating self-driving cars and trucks is the real debate right now. Some want to see strict regulations so that cars are safe while sharing the road with human drivers. This goes double for freight haulers. But others want to see lax restrictions to keep the markets open to innovation instead of shoehorning in a bunch of regulations.

We don’t know what’s going to happen with that, but we know that autonomous auto transport trucks are going to be a thing, and they’ll still have drivers to handle all the gruntwork.

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Toll Road 1 240x300 Toll Roads and Auto Transport ServicesYou probably don’t think much of toll roads and auto transport services or how tolls can affect those prices. And that’s okay – that’s not your job.

But toll roads are a vital part of the infrastructure in some areas, and possibly even yours. Areas around Long Island, New Jersey, San Francisco, Miami, and Houston – major auto shipping areas, one and all – have toll roads that both regular motorists and auto transport carriers have to deal with.

When it comes to toll roads and auto transport services, it’s important to know whether or not tolls affect your route. This is because tolls invariably add money to a shipment, especially if a carrier has to travel along numerous toll roads.

What to expect with toll roads and auto transport

When you’re shipping a car, carriers try to find the most economical route available. This is both for their benefit and for yours. If a carrier has to pay tolls along routes they run, they end up spending more money. This hurts their bottom line, and also hurts your price.

The state with the most toll roads is Florida, which is frustrating to some as it tends to be one of the most popular locations to ship a car. Sections of I-75 – one in particular, “Alligator Alley” – is notorious for its tolls. Alligator Alley is the stretch of I-75 that connects the Miami area with Tampa.

Many carriers will avoid Alligator Alley if they can, often by simply staying in Tampa or Miami and not running between the two. This will help keep your prices a bit lower.

New York State is another major area that has toll roads, specifically the New York Thruway. The Thruway is a series of tolled highways, notably the stretch of I-90 that runs through Albany, Syracuse, Buffalo, and on into Pennsylvania. This is a major auto shipping corridor particularly in the summer months.

Note that tolls around both Miami and New York can add literally hundreds of dollars to a shipment, depending on the route. The longer a carrier is on a toll road – and the more stops to pay tolls they have to make – the more expensive it’ll be. This is especially true through New York State.

Can I change routes to make sure there are no tolls?

Many carriers will already try to find routes that don’t have tolls. When it comes to toll roads and auto transport, the fewer toll roads along a route, the better.

However, some cannot be avoided – again, around Florida and New York. Texas is another big one. Sections of almost every major interstate through Texas, particularly around the Fort Worth area, have tolls. This too can limit a carrier’s ability to effectively ship cars along toll roads.

But what can you do? The best thing to do is speak to an agent about potential routes. While there’s only so much control an agent has, you can discuss how toll roads may affect your price. If you find that toll roads are increasing your auto shipping price too much, you may want to discuss moving your pickup or delivery location. If a carrier doesn’t have to travel along toll roads, prices for your shipment will go down.

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Automation Automation and Auto TransportAutomation it seems is taking the world by storm. According to some sources, 50% of IT services will see at least some of their work replaced by automated systems by 2020. According to others, 80% of IT services could be replaced by automated process. Automation is the next best thing, it seems, but what does automation and auto transport have in common?

Well, for one, it could make it a lot easier for customers and carriers to connect. Right now, auto transport brokers work to put a customer’s car on an auto shipping truck. You have to call into the auto shipping brokerage to begin with, then place an order, pay a deposit, and then wait for them to find a carrier.

With automation, that might be a thing of the past. Having an automated system could mean that carriers can find freight while on the road and connect directly with a customer in their area.

One might think this should be a thing now, but car carriers often don’t have time to fill out all the paperwork. But in an automated system, all that could be done for them, leaving only the bare bones work for a carrier to do.

How automation and auto transport may work for you

Car transport brokers obviously don’t want to see automation take their jobs, but chances are they won’t. At least, not any time soon.

Auto shipping brokers deal with a lot of behind-the-scenes problems that carriers don’t have time for. For instance, an automated system can’t call carrier companies known for running less-prolific routes. So a customer in a rural area, for instance, will have a hard time finding a carrier with an automated system. Brokers help mitigate that.

Instead, it will likely streamline a car shipper’s work considerably. If a lot of things are automated for a broker, they can spend more time dispatching freight and solving problems. This could possibly help them reduce overhead.

It can also speed up dispatch times. Automated systems could scour databases for trucks that are known to run routes. This would allow your agent to quickly find high-profile car shippers and easily dispatch your vehicle to one.

Automation and auto transport quotes

A lot of automation has already entered the car shipping industry. Getting quotes, for instance. If you use our quote form here at American Auto Shipping your information is automatically sent to top-rated car transporters. Those brokers each prepare actual quotes for your shipment and email them to you within about an hour.

This way, you can compare prices and services from high-profile car transport companies free of charge. You can also contact us any time, toll-free, at 800-930-7417. To learn more about automation and auto transport, make sure to give us a call and talk to an agent about it.