Best Auto Transport CompaniesBest Auto Transport Companies: An Overview

When you think of the term best auto transport companies, what comes to mind? Companies that have A+ ratings with the Better Business Bureau? Or maybe companies that have been around for 20+ years?

These are valid reasons – confidence is gained through trust. A company that’s 20 years old obviously is doing something right. Now what if we were to tell you that some of the best auto transport companies aren’t always rated on the BBB and are only a few years old?

And what if we were to then go on to tell you that in auto transport you actually want to ship with a broker instead of going straight to the carrier? We may have lost some of you there, but that’s okay. Trust us when we say that the best auto transport companies are not actually physical transporters at all. They are brokers. Why? Well, read on and we’ll tell you.

Best Auto Transport Companies: (Don’t) Cut Out The Middleman

We don’t know you. But we do know people. There are plenty of people who think that the idea of a middleman in the service industry is ludicrous. For those people, we would like to say that it’s just not the case in auto transport.

The reason why we say the best auto transport companies are brokers. That, by and large, it’s true. Brokers have the ability to handle many customers at once. While physical carriers can’t be on the phone all day, because they have to drive.

Outside of pickup and delivery, it’s hard for customers to call the carrier directly. They won’t answer if they’re driving, it’s against the law. Therefore, they usually only talk to you when they’re picking up or dropping off your vehicle.

The Best Companies Have The Best Customer Service

So who do you talk to if you have questions, but your vehicle’s halfway to where it needs to go?

It’s easy. You talk to your representative at the brokerage. Brokers are the best auto transport companies for customers. They take the time to answer all those questions you have. Fill out all the paperwork you would otherwise need to. Organize, arrange and keep tabs on your pickup and delivery times, where your vehicle is, and much more.

They have lists of thousands of the best carriers out there, and the best auto transport companies will actively search for a carrier for you when you book with them. Most carrier companies operate one truck – fleets can consist of a dozen or more, but with tens of thousands of cities to ship from and to, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a nationwide carrier company in your area.

Regardless, statistics are against you on this one. But brokers have huge lists of carriers and where they are, which makes it that much easier for them to call a carrier that’s actually in your area as opposed to you calling and hoping you find one.

Best Auto Transport Companies: Compensation

The best auto transport companies are the best because that’s what it takes to compete in the transport world, but they don’t always come cheap. Auto transport is expensive, and the best auto transport companies will charge a deposit ranging anywhere from $175-$250.

Don’t be fooled by low deposit prices – this is a tactic used to lure customers in, but oftentimes they can’t fulfill their end of the deal and their low deposit prices mean lower refund costs. The best auto transport companies will charge you a decent deposit, but it’s worth it because hey, they’re the best auto transport companies in the industry, and they didn’t get that way ripping people off.

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