Minnesota Auto TransportMinnesota is a state located in the the northern Midwest region of the United States. Home to over 5.5 million residents, ranking 22nd among the 50 states. However, almost 60% of residents in the state live in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. This is the state’s largest metropolitan area and is anchored by its two largest cities.

As such, Minnesota car shipping services are most common to and from those two cities. This is not surprising; Minnesota is known for its cold weather and also its forests and wildlife. It is also located far in the north, which can impact Minnesota auto transport prices and services.

A bit about Minnesota auto transport services

Minnesota is not the most popular car shipping location in the United States. It’s really not even the most popular location to ship a car to in the region. First of all, the state’s main selling point, at least in terms of vehicle shipping services, is the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. This is where most carriers are going to want to ship from and to because it tends to see the most demand. Hence why it is also the most easily-accessible area in the state.

The reason why is simple: the main interstate highways through the state all pass through it. The first is I-35, a major north-south interstate, connects Minneapolis to other cities like Des Moines, Kansas City and Dallas, to name a few.

Then there’s I-94, an east-west oriented interstate that traverses most of the northern U.S. I-94 sees a lot more traffic during the summer than the winter due to heavy snows across the north in the latter months. These interstates, coupled with the 3.5 million residents in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, make it the easiest area to ship from and to in the state.

About rural Minnesota auto transport services

One of the issues that makes Minnesota auto transport more expensive is vast areas of rural towns. And to be fair every U.S. state has its rural areas, but Minnesota also has the problem of being pretty far north. It’s also a rather large state – 12th largest in the U.S. by area. This means that getting around it is pretty time consuming. Most of the time, rural shipping is more expensive by design, but it can get even more expensive in the northern parts of the country (and that includes Minnesota).

This is why many auto shippers will recommend moving pickup or delivery locations to bigger cities in the area. Minneapolis is the most popular, but other cities such as Rochester can be good options. Keep in mind that southern cities tend to be cheaper, too – a shipment to Duluth is going to be more expensive than to Rochester or Minneapolis due to the longer distance. And this gets compounded in the winter, as ice and snow can create hazardous driving conditions that will increase price and wait time for pickup or delivery.

Interested in Minnesota auto transport services?

Minnesota auto transport services aren’t all that hard to find. You just need to be prepared for all the little things that can (and likely will) impact your shipment. We recommend that you start your Minnesota auto transport services by filling out our free online car transport quote request form. It’s free and easy, won’t take but a minute or two, and will net you a free quote to ship your car. Also, you can get questions answered and help with getting your quote any time by calling us toll-free at 800-930-7417.

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