St Cloud is located in the geographical center of the state of Minnesota, and as of 2000 the population was just over 67,000, making it the third largest city in the state outside of the Twin Cities metropolitan area. It is split roughly in two by the Mississippi River, and the city limits actually spill over the boundary of Steams County and into both Benton and Sherburne Counties.

With the formation of Minnesota as a territory in 1849, St Cloud was formed just a year later in 1850, though incorporation as a city didn’t occur until 1856. During the Civil War the city was a hotbed of abolitionist activity, prompting swift action from local authorities, though charges were never pressed and nothing drastic happened. During the 20th century the city experienced moderate growth, and today the city is in the midst of many urban renewal projects.

The city is known for its long, cold winters and short, cool summers. Typical summer temperatures rarely reach above 75 degrees, while lows typically hover around the mid 50’s. However, in the winter, temperatures rarely get above 25 degrees, and lows typically hover in the single digits, pouring snow onto denizens of the city.

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