auto transport jobsWhere can I look for auto transport jobs?

There are many different types of auto transport jobs.

The first one that comes to mind is the truck driver. The auto transport truck drivers job is much more difficult then other kinds of truck drivers. Not only do they have to drive the truck. They also have to load and unload each vehicle. The auto transport truck driver also has to pick up and deliver each of the 10 to 12 vehicles.

Another difficulty is that each car is being picked up from a different state. Usually in 10 to 12 different states. So, the trip across country can take up to two weeks. This can be hard on married or family drivers. To save money the driver will sleep in a “sleeper cab.” Which believe it or not is a small room built into the truck! The good news is that Auto Transport Jobs do pay very well.

What are some other auto transport jobs?

Another auto transport job is that of dispatcher. An auto transport dispatcher is the “travel agent” of the auto transport industry. The dispatcher takes orders for shipment of consumer vehicles. Then schedules it with the trucking company. This job is harder then you would think. Each consumer is shipping from somewhere like Wasua, Wisconsin for example to Ames, Iowa. So this has to be scheduled with a truck that has 8 to 11 cars going on that route. The dispatcher has to relay information about pick-up, delivery, and transit times to and from the truck driver and the consumer.

Another auto transport job is that of customer service representative. The customer service representative is the person that the receives and sends out quotes. They talk to consumers via phone or email. The customer service representative also takes the order from the customer and sends it to the dispatch dept. The customer service representative also answers questions from consumers about the shipping process. Since most consumers have never shipped a car before and know nothing about it.

If I own an auto trailer can I get a job immediately?

While familiarity with the operation of an auto transport trailer may impress on an interview. This probably won’t make a significant difference unless you intend to start your own auto hauling business.

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