Are auto transport trailers designed for particular models of cars to be placed on the trailer?

Auto transport trailers are what automobiles, trucks, and SUVs are loaded and transported on.

Auto transport trailers can carry between one and twelve vehicles. An auto transport trailer has to be a “double decker” for auto transport trailers that carry more then five vehicles.

The older auto transport trailers would have only chains to secure the vehicles to the trailer. This became a messy and oily job for the drivers of the auto transport trailers. Newer trailers have hydraulics to load and lock down vehicles to the trailer and allow the driver’s to save their muscle for the driving seat.

Can I hook up a trailer to my truck and haul my own car?

Most auto transport trailers are open to the elements, but do provide more protection than if the vehicles were driven on the road. If you want more protection, an enclosed auto transport  trailer would provide protection from the elements. Such as: dust, rain, hail, wind, and road debris.

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Open Auto Transport Trailer ………………… Enclosed Vehicle Trailer
Auto Transport Trailers  Auto Transport Trailers

Open Auto Transport Trailers

What You Need To Know About Open Carriers

In the  auto transport industry, there are typically two ways to ship your vehicle. On an open carrier, or on an enclosed carrier.

Open carriers are just that: they’re open to the elements. However, open transport is the industry standard and 95% are open trucks. Open trucks are just like the trucks you see taking new cars to the dealership to be sold. Typically, they’re 10-car haulers, meaning they have a capacity of ten standard-sized cars. Unless you request otherwise, this is what your vehicle will be shipped with.

Open carriers are cheaper than their enclosed counterparts, because there are more of them. It’s ten times easier to find an open carrier than an enclosed carrier. Enclosed carriers don’t have a lot of cars to haul. An enclosed carrier can carry only two vehicles at a time. However, their services offer more protection. Of course, it comes at a much higher price. Typically 75-100% more than an open transporter. However, if you’re shipping a classic car or a high-end luxury vehicle, it’s a better bet to ask for enclosed shipping. If your vehicle is just a regular sedan, it’s much cheaper to go with an open transporter.

Should damage during shipment be a concern?

One of the many misnomers about open transportation is the fact that your vehicle isn’t as safe as it would be in an enclosed container. This is technically true. Your vehicle isn’t exposed to the elements and road hazards. It is still much more cost-effective to ship on an open carrier. Damage to transported vehicles on an open carrier is rare. You may hear horror stories about rocks and ice damage to vehicles being shipped in the open. More often than not they’re isolated incidents. The vast majority of vehicles are transported to their destination without a scratch on them.

Ultimately, the transportation of the vehicle is up to you. However, you should be well-informed about all the aspects of auto transportation, and be prepared when you go to book your shipment. A little information goes a long way.