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Rochelle is a city in Ogle County, Illinois. According to the official US Census conducted in 2010 the population of the city was over 9,574. It lies just 75 miles west of Chicago and just 25 miles south of Rockford. It is also the birthplace of Joan Allen, a three-time Academy Award nominee.

Rochelle is known as “The Hub City,” because it is smack in the middle of several major transportation routes. Including several major interstate highs and rail lines. This means Rochelle Auto Transport should be easy to arrange.

Since Rochelle is so close to Chicago and Rockford, two major metropolitan cities, there will many auto shipping carriers in the area. Carriers is just another word for trucks, they are the ones who will be physically moving your car from point A to point B. Auto transport carriers travel along routes and highways that link major cities. The reason for this is simple, there are more cars and customers along these routes. So, when they drop off a car, another is likely ready to be picked up near by to take its place.

The Union Pacific Railroad runs through the city as well as the Burlington Northern Santa Fe. The Rochelle Railroad Park is a popular destination for railroad enthusiast.

During the summer months the temperatures in the city hit around 85 degrees during the day. With lows often dropping down to around 60 degrees overnight. During the winter months, temperatures typically hit around 35 degrees during the day. Overnight lows often drop down to around 22 degrees. As you know, Chicago is known as the “windy city,” and extreme winter weather conditions. Keep this in mind when arranging Rochelle Auto Transport, prices will be higher in the winter.

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