Oakland is a city in and also sits as the county seat Alameda County, California. The city of Oakland proper has a population of over 390,000 and isthe 8th largest city in the state of California and the 44th largest in the United States by total population. It is separated from San Francisco by the San Francisco Bay, and lies only six miles east of its larger neighbor.

Oakland, despite its size, does not anchor its own metropolitan area, but instead is part of the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, which includes such major cities as San Francisco and San Jose, among others.

After being ceded to the U.S. along with the rest of California in 1848, Oakland – which had been founded in the late 1770’s by the Spanish – grew into a regional powerhouse and saw its population grow rather rapidly, thanks to its proximity to San Francisco and fertile soil, which made Oakland a major agricultural area.

The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake caused a flood of people to move to Oakland to escape the devastation, and over the course of the 20th century Oakland would emerge as a major port and shipping city as well as a culturally and ethnically diverse center of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Today, Oakland is known for its high crime rates, unfortunately, but crime is mainly confined to only certain neighborhoods; the city has actually been listed on “Best of” lists such as ranking as the Top American City to Visit in 2012 and the Number One Most Exciting American City in 2013.

During the summer months, daily highs in Oakland usually reach into the low-to-mid 80’s, thanks to a cooling effect of the San Francisco Bay. Overnight lows during the summer usually drop down into the low-to-mid 60’s, which makes for some fairly pleasant nights in Oakland. During the winter months, temperatures drop a bit, as they are wont to do, with average daily highs reach into the mid-to-upper 50’s and overnight lows usually dropping into the low-to-mid 40’s.

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Oakland Zip Codes Include:

94601, 94602, 94603, 94604, 94605, 94606, 94607, 94609, 94610, 94611, 94612, 94613, 94614, 94615, 94617, 94618, 94619, 94621, 94622, 94623, 94624, 94649, 94659, 94660, 94661, 94666

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