Nashville is the capital of the US state of Tennessee as well as the county seat of Davidson County, located in the north-central part of the state. The population of the city was just over 617,000, making it the second largest city in the state (behind Memphis, but only just), and the city is a major hub for music, health care, banking and transportation.

It was founded in 1779 as a fort to help repel Native American attacks on frontiersmen, and in 1806 was incorporated as the county seat for the newly formed Davidson County and in 1843 was named as the capital of the state of Tennessee.

During the Civil War, Nashville fell quickly to Union troops (it was the first Confederate State Capital to fall), and reconstruction left the city in economically dire straits. The city made a comeback with the construction of the Grand Ole Opry in 1925, and the music industry began to thrive. To this day, there isn’t a city larger than Nashville for country music.

The city is characterized by long summers and cool, short winters, and during the summer months the average high is typically right around 85 degrees. Overnight lows for the city stay right around 60 degrees, while in the winter temperatures drop considerably, with average highs staying around 33 degrees and the lows dropping well below freezing.

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37201, 37202, 37203, 37204, 37205, 37206, 37207, 37208, 37209, 37210, 37211, 37212, 37213, 37214, 37215, 37216, 37217, 37218, 37219, 37220, 37221, 37222, 37224, 37227, 37228, 37229, 37230, 37232, 37234, 37235, 37236, 37238, 37240, 37241, 37242, 37243, 37244, 37246, 37250

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