Columbus is a city in Muskogee County, Georgia, and it has a population of just over 186,000. It resides in the greater Columbus, Georgia Metropolitan Statistical Area, which actually encompasses all of Columbus, Georgia, Chattahoochee, Harris, Marion, and Muscogee counties, Georgia, and Russell County, Alabama, and which, along with the Auburn-Opelika, Alabama MSA and the Tuskegee, Alabama Micropolitan Statistical Area, comprise the greater Columbus-Auburn-Opelika, Georgia-Alabama Combined Statistical Area.

It was founded in 1928 by an act passed by the Georgia legislature, and was situated at the navigable point of the Chattahoochee River, right before the border of Alabama, and for a long time the river served as the city’s connection to the world.

Many goods were traded up and down that river until the invention of the locomotive, and after the Civil War many urban renewal projects were enacted which helped clean up the city until the start of the 1970’s. During this period, drugs, gangs and prostitution were rampant, but since the start of the 1990’s intense urban renewal projects have helped the city become a beautiful place to live.

Because of its location on the river, the city experiences less severe weather than the rest of the state of Georgia, and the average high in the summer is around 95 degrees, while the average low is around 67 degrees. During the winter it cools down somewhat, with average highs around 60 degrees and average lows around 39 degrees.

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Columbus Zip Codes Include:

31901, 31902, 31903, 31904, 31906, 31907, 31908, 31909, 31914, 31917, 31993, 31997, 31998, 31999

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