Auction Auto Transport: What It Is

Auction auto TransportIf you’ve never had to search auction auto transport in Google before, that’s okay. It’s not a service that everyone uses; just the people who like to get a good deal on cars by buying them from an auction house – often online. When you buy a car online from an auction house like eBay, you’re going to need to ship it, because if you’re buying a car from an online auction that’s happening down the street you should probably just go there in person. Auction car shipping allows people who like the ease and convenience of buying their cars online to actually enjoy their vehicles without having to fly across the country in order to do so. It saves time, money and it’s a heck of a lot easier to find auction auto transport than it is to find a plane without a crying baby in front of you. Because we all know how that goes.

Auction Auto Transport: What To Watch For

Most companies will provide auction auto transport services, but the tricky part of it lies in actually picking up the vehicle. Many customers like to search out an auto shipper before they actually win the auction, but there’s actually a good reason for this: auction houses that hold their auctions online won’t often hold the vehicle you just won for longer than a few days. They want you to get it. So arranging shipment ahead of time is generally seen as a good idea…unless someone outbids you and you’re left with an auction auto transport order and no car to ship. This often ends up in cancelled orders, so be sure to let your auto shipper know that you actually need auction auto transport and not just regular old auto shipping services, because there are plenty of carriers out there who ship to and from auction houses all the time. Watch out for companies who like to take money up-front when searching for auction auto transport services, because if you end up not shipping the vehicle it could take a few weeks to get that money back. Just a heads up.

Auction Auto Transport: Price and Availability

Auction auto transport typically doesn’t cost any more than regular auto transport, but it could affect pickup availability if you’re not specific in what you’re looking to buy from the auction and actually shipping. Be sure to always let your shipper know that you need auto transport from an auction, and give them as much information as possible on what you’re shipping. If you’re shipping from an auction house that demands you get the vehicle quickly, perhaps spending a bit more for expedited transport – simply to get it out of there – might be a good way to go about it. Sure, you’ll end up paying a bit more, but when you compare that to having your car sold to someone else because you didn’t pick it up it seems like a good service to pay a bit extra for, no? Most auto shippers will provide auction auto transport services, but just be sure that you let them know which auction house it’s coming from and – if you haven’t won it yet – that you actually haven’t won it.