Exotic Car TransportDo you need exotic car transport? Whether you are shipping a sport, vintage, imported, rare, or race car we can securely transport it for you.

Enclosed Exotic Car Transport

When looking for exotic car transport, your main concern is probably damage to the vehicle. Your car probably has a custom paint job, therefor you may worry it will be chipped or scratched during shipment. We at American Auto Shipping have eliminated this fear. How? Enclosed exotic car transport.

With enclosed car transport your vehicle is one-hundred percent protected from the elements. There is virtually no way the exterior no interior of your exotic car will be damaged. Your vehicle will be placed in its own discreet compartment where it will not be touched.

Sometimes it may be only one of two vehicles on a shipment. Or it may be placed in a special enclosed ten car carrier. These are used to transport more cars, but each car is securely tied down within its own cell inside the carrier. To further protect your car, you may elect to keep it concealed by a dust cover during shipment, because this will add another element of protection.

Exotic Car Transport Insurance

If the notion that your exotic car will not be exposed to the elements is not enough. Rest assure that your car will also be fully insured during the shipment process, because we make sure of that. We only work with best, top rated, carriers in the industry. Remember, your car will only handled by a professional driver during the load in and out process, therefor the risk of damage is scarce. They drive cars all day long, and will treat your car with the up most respect.

You’ll get the best exotic car transport service around, because we are fully licensed, bonded and insured. This includes us as a company, and every carrier we work with. We make sure that you’ll be comfortable with whatever company you decide to go with, because your satisfaction is very important to us. You’ll feel safe that your shiny new car will arrive in tip-top shape, all under the cover of an enclosed carrier.

Get A Quote For Exotic Car Transport

Before you make your final decision, our website is designed to help you accurately price vehicle shipping costs. We have two ways you can get a quote. The first way is you can fill out our free online quote form. It will only take a couple minutes and you will get an instant quote right on your screen. Therefore, you should make sure you check “enclosed shipping” for maximum protection during your exotic car transport. If you are happy with your quote, and we think you will be, you can enter your payment info to complete your arrangement.

The second option for collecting your quote is to call us at 800-930-7417. Live agents are standing by 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. They will fill out the quote form you and get you the best price quote right away. If you are happy with your quote, you can even finalize it with your payment over the phone.

We think you will be surprised by how affordable shipping with American Auto Shipping can be!