Leon Valley 1Leon Valley is a city in Bexar County, in the U.S. state of Texas, and is currently home to a population of over 10,000 residents. The city is an independent municipality, but it is bordered on all sides by San Antonio, making it technically an enclave within the state of Texas. The city was first founded in the early 1950’s as an independent subdivision of San Antonio, and residents in the early 1950’s, worried they would be annexed by San Antonio, petitioned to incorporate in 1952, though the city would not fully incorporate until the early 1960’s. The first census data for Leon Valley came in 1960, which put the population at 536, and census records have shown a steady population increase since.

Basic Facts About Leon Valley

  • Current population: 10,000
  • Current mayor: Chris Riley
  • Total area: 3.4 sq mi
  • Official website: http://www.leonvalleytexas.gov/
  • Located in: Bexar County
  • Founded in: 1950
  • Zip codes: 78238, 78240, 78268
  • Area codes: 210

Auto Transport Tips to Leon Valley

Leon Valley is located entirely within the city of San Antonio, which actually makes it a bit cheaper and easier to ship to or from there, or at least somewhere near there, anyway. Auto transport companies prefer running routes to and from major metropolitan areas, since there are more chances for them to pick up new loads and that is where the customers are going anyway. Though Leon Valley is a small city, San Antonio is huge, and if a carrier doesn’t want to go to Leon Valley proper you could likely meet them somewhere nearby, in order to save some time and money and to make it more appealing to an auto transport carrier looking to move into or out of San Antonio.

It really helps that Leon Valley sits right on the inner Beltway of San Antonio, which in this case is i-410, an auxiliary interstate of Interstate 10 which completely surrounds the central core of San Antonio. This makes it easier for car shippers to get to or from Leon Valley, so you may not have to move your pickup or delivery location out of Leon Valley at all since it’s easy for carriers to get to or from there while continuing on their route to other parts of San Antonio and on into other cities across the country.

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