Advantages of Transporting a Vehicle to a Major City or Metropolitan AreaWe here at American Auto Shipping can get you free quotes to transport a vehicle from anywhere, to anywhere in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. You should know that your prices will be depending heavily on where exactly you are transporting your vehicle from and to – in other words, the physical locations of the pickup and delivery cities.

As auto transport drivers prefer to travel along major interstates due to their ease of access, open nature, high speeds and overall size and length, they’re the natural and – on the whole – only way for them to get from one state to another.

Therefore, it’s easier and usually cheaper to ship to or from a major city or metropolitan area, particularly those that sit on popular and highly-traveled interstate highways.

Of course, not all major cities and metro areas are built the same, and this can cause problems for some customers that are moving in or out of hard-to-reach areas. This is why the physical location of the city that you are shipping to is quite important. Certain parts of the country will likely be cheaper to transport vehicles to and from, while some will be more expensive.

For instance, Florida and the surrounding region is a popular car transport location particularly in the winter months when many snowbirds are shipping down from New England. California is popular year-round, but areas such as New England and the Great Lakes regions typically see more auto transport traffic to them during the spring and summer and from them during the fall and winter months.

Major metro areas, however, are usually prime locations because of their size. Regardless of whether it’s Miami, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, New York City, Seattle or Kansas City, a metropolitan area regardless of size is always going to be easier and cheaper to ship to than a small rural town in the middle of nowhere.

Not only do major metro areas tend to have easier routes in, out and around them, particularly in the form of major interstate highways, but they also have more people living there, which in turn means that the chances of someone needing to ship a car to or from there go up significantly.

Auto shippers stick near major metropolitan areas to maximize the number of potential customers they are exposed to at any given time, which helps keep their trucks filled with cargo and their wallets full of cash. If you’re shipping to or from a rural area and have spent quite some time waiting for a carrier to pick your vehicle up already, you should maybe consider switching your pickup and/or delivery locations to the nearest metropolitan area.

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