How Overseas Car Shipping Services Work

Hawaii 5If you need to transport your vehicle to or from Alaska or Hawaii, you can rest assured that we can help you get your vehicle shipped to or from those states. However, those areas are a bit more difficult to ship into or out of than the rest of the contiguous United States, and one of the main reasons is because they aren’t connected to the mainland United States. Car transporters can’t drive to Hawaii, and while they could drive to Alaska (via Canada) it’s expensive and time-consuming, and at over 2,200 miles it’s roughly the distance from Seattle to Cleveland, Ohio, which generally is a trip of anywhere from 5-8 days. And that includes a lot of stops picking up and delivering other vehicles for other customers and, you know, making money along the way, which they can’t do in Middle-of-Nowhere, Yukon, Canada because your car would likely be the only one on his truck.

Okay, maybe not the only one – auto transport to Alaska is fairly common, believe it or not. However, driving is simply implausible for auto transporters, so they don’t do it, which means your vehicle would need to be shipped overseas. Overseas auto shipping is done a lot like standard auto transportation, but with an extra step involved. See, when shipping to Alaska – say, from Chicago – once you book your order with a shipping company they’ll dispatch a carrier to your location to pick the vehicle up. From there, that carrier will transport your car (or truck, or SUV, or whatever) all the way to the port in Seattle. From there, your vehicle will be loaded onto an overseas auto transport ship, where it will be delivered to the port in Anchorage (or Juneau, or Fairbanks depending on where you need it to go), where you will pick your vehicle up and take it wherever you want it to go.

This is the standard way that vehicles are shipped overseas, and it’s something that probably won’t be changing any time soon. It is the most cost-effective way to ship a vehicle to Alaska or Hawaii for any auto transport company, and with the way things are now, no one really wants to switch it up. Plus, when moving a vehicle through Canada from the United States, you need to pass a whole bunch of different inspections, pay some customs fees and a whole list of other things – things that make it not very cost effective for auto transport carriers. Therefore, they’ll transport vehicles to the port, but not through Canada.

If you’re searching for quotes to ship a vehicle to or from Alaska or Hawaii, make sure to fill out our free online quote request form. Not all shippers move vehicles overseas, but you’ll get quotes from only the ones that do when you use our services, cutting down how much time you spend searching for a shipper and also helping you find the best rates for overseas auto transport. If you have questions or concerns about the way we operate or the advertisers on our website, make sure to call us toll-free at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our live agents, who can answer your questions and help you get your quotes today.

Auto Transport to Morgantown, WV

Morgantown 1Morgantown is a city located in Monongalia County, West Virginia, and is currently home to a population of over 29,600 permanent residents. Morgantown is located in far northern West Virginia, bordering Pennsylvania to the north. Morgantown is perhaps best-known as the home of the West Virginia University, which adds thousands of seasonal residents to the town’s population totals. Morgantown is also the home of the Morgantown Personal Rapid Transit system, a public transportation system akin to many light rail services in major cities, albeit with smaller cars and less traffic due to the lower amount of people. Morgantown relies heavily on West Virginia University for economic strength, and the university is a continued economic boon to the area.

The size and location of Morgantown make it much more difficult to ship a vehicle into or out of than other areas of the United States and even other areas of West Virginia. West Virginia on the whole is not a popular area for car shippers because of its lack of major cities, low population, lack of major interstates and really just a lack of popularity among customers and shippers. Auto transportation companies prefer to run along routes that take them through major metropolitan areas, home to hundreds of thousands if not millions of people. Cities such as Boston, Miami, Los Angeles and Chicago are all on the list of most popular areas; if there was a list of least popular areas, Morgantown would probably be near the top of that one. This is unfortunate if you need to ship a vehicle to or from Morgantown, mainly because it’s going to cost you more money and likely take more time to get a vehicle picked up or delivered in Morgantown.

When shipping to or from Morgantown, summer shipping is generally your best bet as prices tend to be lower in the summer than the winter. More loads across the country generally means less competition among carriers, which usually leads to lower prices along some of the more popular routes. Other areas can see prices go up, since demand for shipping goes up but the number of trucks stays the same along that route. Fortunately, Morgantown isn’t part of that, and if you’re shipping because you’re going back to school (or going for the first time), you might be able to get some good deals, particularly student auto transport discounts, from different shipping companies. Winter tends to bring the cold, nasty weather, including snow, which can raise prices and lower availability to or from Morgantown, so keep that in mind.

At the end of the day, though, if you need to ship a vehicle to or from Morgantown, we here at American Auto Shipping can help. Simply fill out our free online quote request form and you’ll get multiple free quotes e-mailed to you from some of the best auto shippers in the industry today. We pre-screen all our advertisers for reliability and dependability ahead of time, so you know that the prices you get are reliable and legitimate. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to call us at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our live agents, who can answer your questions, help you navigate our site and also help you get your free auto transport quotes today.

What is the Best Auto Transport Method?

Carrier 13There really is no “best” auto transport method that covers every single type of vehicle on the road today; with how many different types of vehicles there are, ranging in size from small cars to giant motorhomes, different types of carriers are designed to haul different types of vehicles. This has led to the rise of the three main types of carriers on the road today: open auto transport carriersenclosed auto transport carriers, and flatbed auto transport carriers. Each one provides shipping services for different types of vehicles and each has its own advantages and disadvantages, which we will discuss below.

Open Auto Transport Carriers
The main type of carrier on the road is the open auto transport carrier, which is the most widely seen and is considered to be the standard method of shipping a vehicle. Open carriers can handle most personal vehicles on the road; that is, they can fit most cars, sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks, as well as cargo and mini vans. Because of their versatility, most auto shipping companies, including the vast majority of independent owner-operators on the road, operate open car shipping trucks. With many being able to hold upwards of ten vehicles at a time, maximizing the amount of money they make on a route with an open transport truck is much easier than with other types of haulers. This generally leads to the lowest prices in the industry.

Enclosed Auto Transport Carriers
Enclosed trucks are a lot like standard semi-trucks in that they use an enclosed trailer to haul vehicles. This protects vehicles being shipped from standard road conditions such as inclement weather and other hazards. Open carriers leave the vehicles they ship open to the elements, and vehicles on an open carrier are exposed to the same hazards they would be if the vehicles were to be driven on the roads themselves – albeit without wear and tear on the engine or tires. Enclosed carriers allow for more protection for a vehicle that is being shipped, and as such enclosed shipping is generally reserved for vehicles that are high in value or rarity. High-end luxury and sports cars, particularly those that cost upwards of $100,000+, are usually best suited for enclosed auto transportation. Rare and classic cars, particularly show cars, are also included in that.

Flatbed Auto Transport Carriers
Flatbed auto carriers are the most niche type of carrier on the road today and are only used when situations call for it. Flatbed trucks are usually used to haul vehicles that are too large for open or enclosed transportation. This includes vehicles such as high-lift pickup trucks, larger-than-normal cargo vans, construction vehicles and equipment and motorhomes and travel trailers. Flatbed haulers are usually the most expensive, as they are the most specialized; the vast majority of vehicles shipped today are done either on open or enclosed trucks due to lower costs and higher availability.

Regardless of what type of carrier you are looking for or need, you can get free quotes to ship a vehicle from anywhere, to anywhere in the United States by filling out our free online quote request form in our sidebar. It takes just a minute and you’ll have multiple quotes e-mailed to you within about an hour from reputable and reliable shippers that we pre-screen so you know you’re getting quotes from only the best in the business. You can also call us toll-free at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our live agents if you need help navigating our site, filling out the quote form, or just want to speak to a live human being to get some questions answered.

Tips for Putting Items in Your Car During Transport

Loaded Car 1Let’s preface this blog with a simple statement: auto transportation companies are not licensed to carry household items. Just like how your plumber isn’t licensed to install your cable, auto transporters aren’t licensed to ship any household items, which can make the entire thing problematic if you need to ship a few boxes full of stuff in the back of your car. There are certain loopholes that one can exploit to get around this, but you have to be careful because additional items in a vehicle being shipped add weight, and too much weight pushes the truck overweight. If the truck is overweight when they weigh in at a weigh station, the entire truck has to be searched for the extra weight and any additional items could be left stranded on the side of the weigh station, for anyone to come get (or leave to rot). Here are some great tips for avoiding this and keeping everything smooth if you need to put items in the vehicle.

1. Items can ONLY be placed in the trunk
You can’t pack anything in the cab of the vehicle, since the cab of the vehicle has windows that you can see through and this includes inspectors at weigh stations. Since you’re not allowed to have anything in the vehicle anyway, putting stuff in the cab is kind of a dumb move, so most auto transporters will tell you to put items in the trunk of the vehicle instead. This is exploiting the “junk in the trunk” loophole that few auto shippers really care about unless you’re shipping a set of free weights ranging from five to fifty pounds. A few items in the trunk of the vehicle shouldn’t cause anyone concern and you should be just fine shipping it.

2. Pay attention to what you’re putting in the trunk
Remember how we said overweight trucks are subject to inspection if they weight over the maximum? Keep that in mind. You want to only ship things that are light and fluffy – bowling balls, weight sets, TV’s and furniture need not apply. Keep the items you place in your vehicle light and easy to move – if it does need to be removed, you don’t want to sit there trying to pull it out for an hour. You should keep what you place in the trunk restricted to things such as linens, clothes, pillows and other fluffy, airy things.

3. If it can break, don’t put it in your car
Items in the trunk of a vehicle being shipped might get around some loopholes, but it doesn’t mean your goods are going to be insured in any way. As far as the carrier’s concerned, that trunk is empty, even if it’s not, and therefore they have no obligation to insure items that aren’t your car because that’s not how insurance works. Your vehicle is fully insured from the moment the driver takes the keys from you. From there, any damage done to the vehicle is covered at the cost of the carrier’s insurance. But any items in the vehicle won’t be, and if they break that’s on you to get them fixed or replaced. If it can break, don’t put it in your car.

If you can follow these three simple tips for putting items in your car during transport, you should be just fine. If you’re shipping an SUV or a pickup truck, you’ll want to discuss your options for shipping items with the vehicle with them, since those don’t have trunks, per se. They’ll be able to help you out, and if you need some quotes to ship a vehicle you can fill out our free online quote request form and get multiple free quotes e-mailed to you within about an hour. If you feel that you have more goods than would fit in the trunk of your vehicle, you can visit this page and get free household moving quotes; from a no-bedroom studio to a ten-bedroom mansion and bigger, we can get you free household moving quotes from some of the best in the industry. You can also call us at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our live agents, who can answer your questions, help you get your quotes and help you with anything else you need.

Household Goods Moving FAQ: How Far In Advance Should I Book My Move?

Moving 5In the auto transport industry, generally it takes anywhere from a few days to a week or more to get your vehicle picked up from the date that you book it, depending on where you’re shipping from and to. This is fairly standard, because it doesn’t take nearly as much prep work as shipping household goods – there are no boxes to pack when shipping a vehicle, it’s all fairly straightforward. When you’re moving all your worldly possessions to another part of the country, though, that takes some time and planning, especially if you need to be out of your old home (or into your new home) by a specific time or date. This requires you booking your order a lot further out than a week or two, because household moving companies need to be able to plan everything accordingly.

Household moving is not like auto shipping other than the fact that huge trucks are going to be moving your stuff for you and that you may not be the only person who has stuff on said truck. Household movers usually ship three or four different loads at a single time, and unlike auto transport loading and unloading of household goods can take an entire day, or even two, as opposed to a half an hour or less. This requires moving companies to plan further ahead, generally a month or two out, and also requires a lot more work on your part in order to make things run smoothly.

You want to book your household move at least a month in advance, though 6-8 weeks is generally best. This gives your household moving company time to arrange the pickup and delivery of your goods while also planning other household moves as well, and gives them plenty of leeway in terms of scheduling so that they can make sure things run smoothly. You’ll want to decide on things like whether you want full-service or self-service (i.e. they-pack vs. you-pack) moving, how much coverage you want in terms of valuation or insurance, and you also want to give yourself time to budget your shipment accordingly. You want to give your household moving company as much time as they need to complete your order the way you want it done and to prevent any problems from arising that could result in delayed pickup or delivery of your household goods.

If you need quotes to ship some household goods, make sure to visit our household moving articles page, which is also the home of our separate household goods moving quote request form. You can get multiple free household moving quotes by filling out the form on the link provided and get started on your household move today. If you’re shipping a vehicle and need additional household moving quotes, you can select the “yes” button on the contact portion of our free auto transport quote form, which you can find on the left side of this (and any) page. That will get you auto transport quotes as well as multiple household moving quotes, all for free. If you have any questions or concerns, you can also call us at 800-930-7417 toll-free to speak to one of our live agents, who can help you navigate our website or get your free auto transport or household moving quotes – or both – today.

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