Auto Shipping FAQ: What Types of Carriers Are Available?

Auto Shipping FAQ: What Types of Carriers are Available?Right now, at any given time, there are a few thousand different auto transport carriers in the car shipping industry, and more are coming in every day. In such a tight, niche industry, this generally means that companies are coming in at about the same rate as companies going out – out of business, that is. Finding quality auto transport customers can be a real challenge for auto shippers, especially when different carriers of the same basic type are looking for freight in the same places. There are three main types of carriers in the industry today: open carriers, enclosed carriers, and flatbed carriers. Each plays its own role in the shipment of your vehicle, but which one is right for you?

Open transporters expose the vehicles that they ship to the elements, but it’s considered the standard form of transportation in the industry today because the largest open trucks can haul up to ten cars at a time, which helps keep shipping costs lower for both the shipper and you, the customer. Open shipping is generally recommended for vehicles that are planning on being used regularly, or vehicles that need some fixing up. Enclosed transport is available for those vehicles that are rare, valuable or expensive, though it is itself more expensive than standard transportation services. Flatbed shipping is the last method and is generally reserved for vehicles that are too big to fit on a standard carrier. Flatbed shipping is not standard, and usually is only used as a last resort considering it is the most expensive shipping method of the bunch.

But which method is right for you? This is a judgment call on your end; though open transport is used for over 90% of all vehicles shipped today, not all vehicles can handle the rigors of the open road for too long. Some vehicles that should be shipped enclosed could be shipped open if the route is under, say, 500 miles, while some vehicles that might be okay with being shipped on an open carrier may end up being shipped enclosed. How much do you value your car? Would you drive it the same distance under ideal conditions? If so, open transport is likely fine. And as mentioned, flatbed transportation will be discussed only if it is necessary. If you’re interested in getting multiple free car transport quotes, you can fill out our free online quote request form and get up to ten different quotes e-mailed to you within the hour. If you have any questions regarding the auto transport industry, you can call us at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our live agents who can help answer your questions as well as get you your free quotes.

Across the Map: New Mexico Car Transport Services

Across the Map: New Mexico Car Transport ServicesThough located in the southwestern United States, New Mexico is often considered part of the Mountain States due to the southern Rocky Mountains actually ending within the northern parts of the state. New Mexico is the fifth-largest state by area in the U.S., though it ranks 36th in terms of population and 45th in population density. It is home to over two million residents and is known for its high populations of Hispanic and Native American peoples. It was originally a part of Spain, then Mexico, then a U.S. territory before finally becoming a U.S. state. Oddly enough, New Mexico actually came before Mexico; at the time of its discovery, the Spanish explorers who found the area believed it to be home to wealthy native tribes like the Aztec, whom the Spanish knew as the Mexica Empire. Mexico was known as New Spain until it became Mexico in 1822. Read more about New Mexico.

When transporting a vehicle to or from New Mexico you’ll likely find that prices to Albuquerque or Las Cruces are going to be the cheapest. That’s because there are only two main interstates that run through New Mexico, one going north-south (I-25) and one going east-west (I-10). Both I-10 and I-25 intersect in Albuquerque, which is likely where most everyone will find the best rates both in and out of New Mexico. Auto transporters prefer to run routes through major metro areas along major interstates, and while Albuquerque is home to over 550,000 residents, it’s not the largest city in the country nor is it all that popular of a transport destination for most folks. Auto shippers routinely run routes along I-10, so they’re often going through Albuquerque. Summer prices will likely be more expensive than winter prices due to the influx of auto transport customers during the summer shipping season.

Summer, however, will likely be the best time to transport your vehicle weather-wise. During the summer months is when New Mexico sees the most sunshine, though winter weather really isn’t all that bad if you stay away from the more mountainous regions. On the whole you will find that, unlike most areas of the country, New Mexico car transport services aren’t as affected by inclement weather, as it’s nice a lot of the time there. Auto shippers are more willing to run routes year-round through southern states due to the fact that snow is less common. If you’re interested in getting multiple free quotes to transport a vehicle to or from New Mexico, you can fill out our free online quote request form and get up to ten of them e-mailed to you for absolutely free over the next hour. If you have questions, you can call our toll-free telephone number, and you can read our auto transport to and from New Mexico article for more information regarding the state of New Mexico.

Vehicle Shipping Services to Kalamazoo, MI

Vehicle Shipping Services to Kalamazoo, MIThe city of Kalamazoo is located in southwestern Michigan, less than one hundred fifty miles from Detroit (to the east) and Chicago (to the west). Kalamazoo is home to just over 74,000 residents and anchors the larger Kalamazoo-Portage Metropolitan Statistical Area, which is home to over 326,000 people. Kalamazoo began life as Bronson in the early 19th century; founded by a man of the same name, it was renamed Kalamazoo in 1836 and quickly became a major agricultural community, with many northern businessmen setting up shop in the area thanks to its fertile soil. The city today has stuck to its agricultural roots, to an extent, though its economy is based more on retail and other service-oriented sectors than farming. For more information about the city, you can visit Kalamazoo’s official website.

Kalamazoo sits right along I-94, which winds through the southern parts of the town, which certainly helps lower auto transport prices to and from the area. However, Kalamazoo still sits in Michigan, which on the whole is not an incredibly popular area for auto transporters to move vehicles to or from. Areas such as Detroit and Chicago see a lot of auto transport traffic, particularly north-south oriented traffic, but Kalamazoo sits in the middle of nowhere, pretty much, and its size doesn’t allow for a lot of auto transportation companies to run up there, so fewer companies do. Part of the reason is because auto transport trucks don’t have a lot of options in terms of their next stop; if they’re heading into Kalamazoo from the west, they’re heading to Detroit more than not, and if they’re heading in from the east Chicago’s likely their next stop. But there’s nothing else in between, and that’s a lot of driving for an auto shipper for just one load. Therefore, they’ll usually charge more to head into areas like that unless they’re already planning on going through there for other customers.

Kalamazoo, of course, sits in Michigan, which experiences rather cold and snowy winter weather. This can cause problems because snow is common from November to around March, and snow is not a friend of the auto transporter. Snow can cause havoc with auto transport trucks, particularly those with full loads, and can lead to lost loads and damages that will have to be repaired – and those repairs paid for. That’s a big reason why so many auto shippers prefer to run southern-based routes, and a big reason why transportation through snow areas will be more expensive, in the long run. If you’re concerned about your auto transportation services to or from Kalamazoo, you can get multiple free quotes from reputable and reliable auto transporters who can ship your vehicle from anywhere, to anywhere in the U.S. If you have questions you need answered, call our toll-free number to speak to one of our live auto transport experts. You can also learn more about shipping to or from Kalamazoo via our auto transport to or from Kalamazoo article.

Auto Transport by Region: The East South Central States

148547The East South Central states are comprised of four states, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee. Though not known in any official capacity, the East South Central states make up the colloquially-known “Old Dixie” region, as those states, historically, have tended to see the most conservatism throughout the years, particularly conservatism of the Confederate States of America variety. The region is a known agricultural producer, particularly Alabama and Mississippi, which sit along the American “Black Belt” – a belt-like region in the southern U.S. known for its highly fertile (and black, hence the name) topsoil. Mississippi was actually one of the richest states in the Union at one point before the Civil War, thanks to its many large cotton plantations at the time. The East South Central region sits in the heart of the Southern United States.

Transporting a vehicle into or out of one the region can be difficult to achieve depending on where exactly you’re shipping from and to. There are many routes into and out of the different states that make up the East South Central region, but on the whole the states are still rural in many areas, and their major metro areas are not really as major as some of the northern or western cities like Chicago or Los Angeles or New York City. The largest city in the region is Louisville, Kentucky – Louisville sees a bit of auto transport traffic to and from, but not as much as many other major cities. Other major cities in the region include Memphis, Nashville, Lexington and Birmingham, but again, these cities are not among the most popular auto transport locations and can see delays and higher prices to or from them depending on where you are shipping from and to as well as the time of the year.

But not all is lost. Several major interstates run through the region including I-10 in the far south, I-20 through Mississippi, I-40 through Tennessee and I-64 through Kentucky. Several major north-south interstates also service the region, particularly I-55 in western Mississippi and I-24 that runs through Tennessee. These interstates are not as heavily traveled as others, though I-10 is a rather popular east-west route as it services many of the largest cities in the Southern U.S., not just Mississippi. If you’re interested in shipping a vehicle to one of the East South Central states, you should fill out our free online quote request form and get multiple free quotes from reputable and reliable auto transport companies. If you have questions regarding transporting your vehicle, you can also call our toll-free number to speak to one of our live auto transport experts who can answer your questions as well as help you get your free quotes today.

Why Auto Transport Prices Change from Company to Company

Why Auto Transport Prices Change from Company to CompanyThere are literally thousands of auto transport brokerages out there trying to find new business every single day. Customers like you are the true driving force behind the auto transport industry as without customers there would be no auto transport industry at all. Brokers do a fairly complex task. They’re charged with all the I-dotting and T-crossing, finding you a carrier, making sure that carrier is actually licensed and insured to carry automobiles, and so much more. They are the go-to, the one-stop shop of the car transport industry, and it’s not the easiest of jobs but they do it anyway. They work with thousands upon thousands of car transport companies out there on the road, too. Known as carriers, these companies physically transport your vehicle from A to B, and it’s the broker’s job to make sure that not only are they reputable and reliable, but that they’re going to actually fulfill their end of the deal.

That’s why auto transport prices change from company to company. With so many different companies out there communicating with each other, not everyone talks to everyone, not everyone has access to the same resources or materials or manpower, and as such all different brokers work with many different lists of carriers. And, like stadium ticket pricing and used car dealerships, prices are subject to vary depending on different factors – like who you book your order with. Interstate moving and interstate auto transport don’t have set prices on a per-route basis, like the railroads do (or at least did), because they use the interstate highway system, which itself is free to use. Yet it subjects motorists to all sorts of delays and problems – and yet also helps keep prices lower, on average, than transport by rail due to its free-to-use (on the whole, minus toll roads) platform.

Some trucks are able to run certain routes better than others, or are able to get better deals because of some reason or another. And since different brokers all use different trucks, some brokers are going to be able to benefit from those deals while some won’t even know they exist. And that’s part of the precarious nature of the car shipping industry, but one that ultimately works in your favor because trucks compete for loads, which itself is another reason why prices change from company to company. When trucks compete, you win, and the broker helps you make the most out of it. But not all brokers know all the trucks, so they’re going to do what they can to get you the best rate they can. If you’re interested in free auto transport quotes you can fill out our free online quote form and get multiple quotes sent to you within the hour. If you have questions or concerns, you can call our toll-free telephone number and speak to one of our live agents at any time.

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