Vehicle Shipping to AlaskaVehicle shipping to Alaska is something that we have talked about several times before on our blog, but there’s always more to discuss, because there’s always more to do in the auto transport industry. You likely know some of the basics about shipping a vehicle overseas, notably that it will be picked up and trucked to the port, where it will then be loaded onto an overseas cargo container and shipped to the port in Juneau, Anchorage or Fairbanks, depending on the company and the services they are providing. It usually takes a couple of weeks to get a vehicle to Alaska, as it has to be trucked to the port, where it waits to be loaded, then it has to be physically transported, which can take a week or two depending on weather conditions.

That’s the basic version – we’ve talked some about the longer version, but in this blog post we’re going to discuss some of the things that you need to do to actually prepare for vehicle shipping to Alaska. These tips will translate to any overseas shipment, though, including shipments to Hawaii and other U.S. territories. One of the most important things that you can do is clean your vehicle – completely – before the carrier shows up to pick it up. Absolutely zero items are allowed in the vehicle – not only is it against the rules to put household items in a vehicle you are shipping, but sending those things through international waters is actually illegal. You could theoretically get in quite a bit of trouble for it.

You’re also going to want to make sure that your vehicle is in top shape, including making sure that the tires are inflated properly, there’s only a bit of fuel in the tank and that it can properly roll, brake and steer. If your vehicle can’t do these things, you want to make sure to tell someone as soon as possible so they can let you know what to do moving forward. These things are important because your vehicle is going to be on a vessel that has to traverse the brutal Atlantic Ocean, and during the fall and winter months that can lead to some seriously rocky waves. Having a vehicle that is up to snuff can help prevent damage to equipment and itself during the journey.

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Car Transport to Waterbury, ConnecticutWaterbury is a city located in New Haven County, in the U.S. state of Connecticut. It is currently home to a population of over 110,300 total residents and is a part of the New York City Metropolitan Statistical Area, which is the largest metro area in the entire United States. Waterbury is known as the Brass City, as it was a major manufacturer of brass during the early 20th century, during the time when Waterbury was a big industrial center, notable for its construction of clocks and watches. Today, Waterbury is not as big a manufacturing area as it once was, as it was the victim of deindustrialization, as were many cities in the northern United States, though it is still the tenth-largest city in the New York Metro Area and the fifth-largest in the state of Connecticut.

Waterbury’s location about an hour and a half north of New York City is really beneficial, as auto transporters want to run routes into and out of major metropolitan areas and cities to stay close to potential customers. Car transport to Waterbury can actually piggyback off this; it’s easy for a carrier to drive an hour or two to pickup or deliver a vehicle, especially if they’re already headed that way anyway. Waterbury isn’t the largest city in Connecticut, or within the New York metro area, but car transporters can easily and quickly get into and out of the city without having to detour off the beaten path  – or, at the very least, deviating with minimal time wasting, which is always good because for carriers, time is money.

Perhaps the biggest knock against car transport to Waterbury is the fact that it doesn’t sit along any major interstate highways, and by this we’re talking about Interstate 95. I-95 is one of the most heavily-traveled interstate highways east of the Mississippi River, providing access to cities as far south as Miami and as far north as Houlton, Maine I-95 provides access to the New York City Metropolitan Statistical Area, which is the main economic and transportation hub in the region. Being so close to New York City, as well as still being accessible from interstates like I-84, really help to keep your costs lower and your shipment more cost effective.

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Terminal Auto ShippingIf you don’t know, there are two main ways of shipping a vehicle: door to door and terminal to terminal. The most commonly-used method of shipping a vehicle is door to door; with door to door shipping, carriers arrive at your door (or as close as possible, as there are many places an 80-ft transport truck simply cannot fit) and load your vehicle in front of you. Terminal auto shipping requires you to drop your vehicle off at a designated location, oftentimes little more than a storage shed or open field, where it will wait until the vehicle is picked up. There are several major reasons why terminal auto shipping is unsafe an not used as often as door to door transportation, perhaps the most important being the fact that you don’t actually get to see the vehicle for weeks on end.

Seriously, when you drop a vehicle off at a terminal, it’s often going to sit for days or weeks before it’s picked up. Auto shippers don’t like that for the same reason you may already be seeing – who is liable for damages if it sits in a place for weeks on end before it’s picked up? A carrier that picks up a damaged vehicle from a terminal doesn’t know how it got there, whether or not it was pre-existing, and will only note it on the inspection report. This can lead to conflict between the driver and the customer if the customer asserts it was in perfect condition when it was picked up. The carrier can point to the Bill of Lading and the inspection report and say they picked it up damaged, but the customer usually asserts it’s a lie, and the cycle continues. To avoid this, customers and carriers both tend to avoid terminal auto shipping services.

However, it’s still available if it’s absolutely necessary. If you’re interested in terminal auto shipping, or are simply trying to get a vehicle shipped, take a moment and fill out our free online auto transport quote request form. It’s completely free and, once you fill it out and submit it, nets you multiple free auto shipping quotes from top car shippers in the industry. We clear each and every shipper for both dependability and reliability, and that means we make sure they are all fully licensed, bonded and insured. If you have questions about our services, or if you would rather speak to someone over the phone instead of filling out the free form, that’s fine – just give us a call any time at 800-930-7417 to connect directly to one of our auto transportation experts.

Drive Away Auto Shipping ServicesReally, anyone can use drive away auto shipping services, but the question is going to be how trusting are you? There are some key differences between drive away services and standard auto transportation services – some pretty big differences that can make or break your vehicle shipping experience. To start, drive away shipping is where you hire someone to literally drive your vehicle from the pickup location to the delivery location. You don’t hire them to tow it, or load it onto the truck; no, you hire someone to physically drive your vehicle the entire distance. Most companies today don’t offer drive away services – it’s expensive, time consuming, and ultimately not cost-effective for most people who are looking to get a car picked up and transported ASAP.

It doesn’t take an expert in the industry to point out some of the inherent flaws with drive away auto shipping services, notably the fact that you usually end up spending a lot more over the length of the shipment. The big reason why is the fact that you’re footing pretty much all the costs – you have to pay the person to drive it (usually), as well as foot the bill for fuel and food and lodging, which can easily double your price on even a short shipment. Car transport services get cheaper per mile the further you ship – it gives carriers plenty of time to find other loads along the route, which means they can go from one customer to the next, often servicing multiple customers in a day. This lowers their overhead costs, notably fuel, and also spreads out costs among a number of different customers, which results in lower prices for each customer.

Really, when it boils down to it, drive away auto shipping services are a thing of the past for some very good reasons. Car carriers can provide a better transport job faster than drive away services, and they also reduce the cost of your shipment, the time it takes to get from pickup to delivery, and also reduces the wear and tear your vehicle takes – because, you know, they aren’t driving it a thousand miles, but rather putting it on their truck and hauling it like a piece of cargo. So you save money, while also saving your vehicle from wear and tear, and put your vehicle in the trusted hands of professional car moving companies when you choose a carrier over drive away auto shipping services.

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Household Moving to Omaha, NebraskaOmaha is a city located in Douglas County, in the U.S. state of Nebraska. It is the county seat of Douglas County, and also the largest city in Nebraska, as it is home to a population of over 446,500 total residents. Not only is it the largest city in Nebraska, but it is also one of the largest cities in the entire Midwest, and a popular moving location from all across the country. This is particularly noticeable in the rise in population: since 1980, over 120,000 new residents have made their way to Omaha, mostly due to emerging economic sectors that have since grown considerable thanks to all the new residents.

Household moving companies shouldn’t have that hard of a time getting into or out of Omaha considering its size and location. While the Midwest is not the most densely populated region of the United States (far from it, really), there are still plenty of big cities where people have congregated over the years. Like auto transporters, household movers want to stick to routes that take them through heavily populated areas along major interstate highways since it’s the fastest and most cost-effective way of getting around. It also helps them keep the prices and quotes they give to customers lower, because they can get to or from larger areas faster and at lower fuel costs since they aren’t driving all over the place. There may be areas within Omaha that your moving company can’t get to, considering most long-distance movers are using 53′ transport trucks. If they can’t get to your door, they’ll have to contract with a local moving company that has a fleet of smaller moving vans. These costs will be included in the total price you pay and the services that you receive.

If you are interested in household moving to Omaha, Nebraska, and are trying to find some quotes to get you started, take a moment and fill out our free online household moving quote form on our Household Moving Articles page. When you fill out the moving quote form, your information will be sent to some of the best moving companies in the industry, companies that are cleared by their customers for dependability and reliability and companies that have years and years of experience in the industry. This also goes for our auto transport quotes – if you need quotes to ship a vehicle as well as for getting your stuff moved, you should fill out our free online auto transport quote request form. You can actually use it to get both car shipping and home moving quotes in one fell swoop, and if you have questions about our services you can contact us any time at 800-930-7417.