Flatbed 2Flatbed auto transport is a specialized method of shipping a vehicle that is too large or cumbersome to fit on a standard auto transport carrier. It’s something that you don’t really need to even think about until you actually need it, but luckily for you your car shipping company will usually let you know whether or not your vehicle will require a flatbed transportation truck. See, there are three types of carriers on the road that can haul automobiles – open carriers are the standard method of shipping a vehicle as they can handle up to ten cars at a time. Because of this, they’re the most cost-effective method.

Enclosed car shipping carriers tend to handle a maximum of 4-5 different vehicles and haul them in an enclosed trailer. Open carriers keep the vehicles they ship open to the elements; enclosed carriers protect their cargo from the wind and rain. Enclosed is not for everyone, and because they can haul less vehicles the service tends to be more expensive, as the costs of actually operating and maintaining their transport truck can’t be spread across ten different customers. And this is why flatbed shipping is the most expensive – most flatbed carriers can only handle 1-2 vehicles, rarely more than that, and what they ship is a lot different than the loads open and enclosed transporters deal with.

See, flatbed carriers haul vehicles that can’t fit on a standard transport truck. Usually they’re going to be vehicles that are much larger than standard cars and trucks, often commercial vehicles like semi-truck trailers or huge Duly trucks that have been lifted or modified. The list of vehicles that will require flatbed transportation isn’t that long, but it’s a decent size, and some companies may require flatbed shipping services for smaller vehicles, depending on the trucks that they use. Utilizing a flatbed transportation company also tends to take longer to get a vehicle picked up or delivered, due to the fact that there are so few on the road today. Flatbed shippers operate in a rather niche part of a niche industry, meaning freight tends to be scarce and the market is not well-designed to have a lot of competition unlike with open and, to an extent, even enclosed carriers.

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Providence 1Providence is a city in as well as the county seat of Providence County, in the U.S. state of Rhode Island. It is also the capital of Rhode Island. Providence is one of the oldest cities in the United States, having been founded in 1636, and with a population of almost 178,000 residents, Providence is the third-largest city in New England, after Boston and Worcester. Providence also anchors the Providence Metropolitan Statistical Area, home to over 1.6 million residents and the 38th-largest metropolitan area in the country. Providence is sometimes grouped into the Greater Boston CSA, home to over 7.6 million residents, though officially it is not a part of it.

Providence anchors the Providence Metropolitan Statistical Area and, as the third-largest city in the New England region, it is a popular car shipping location in the area, though likely not as popular as Boston. Auto transport companies want to run routes into and out of major metropolitan areas where there are a lot of people, because more people means more customers, and more customers means more money and more profit. In this regard most car shipping carriers are going to run routes into and out of Providence, particularly during the spring and summer when the weather is nicer, the roads are clear and the industry is booming.

What’s really nice is the fact that Providence sits along Interstate 95, one of the most popular interstate highways in the industry and a major car shipping route along the eastern seaboard. It runs south from northeastern Maine, through eastern New England, down through the Mid-Atlantic states and cities such as Providence, Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and Richmond, to name a few, before heading into the southern states and down to Florida, where it passes through some of the largest cities on Florida’s eastern coast before terminating in Miami. These are some of the largest auto transport markets in the country, all connected by an easy-to-access road that keeps prices lower and transit times faster.

As mentioned, car shipping services will likely be at their fastest during the summer months, and likely be cheaper than during the winter as well. Providence experiences cold, snowy winters, much like the rest of New England and the northern United States. Snow and ice are not fun for car shipping companies, and they avoid wintry weather and routes as often as they can. Luckily, during the late summer and into the fall, New England is a popular car transport location due to the fact that snowbirds are looking for transportation services down to the southern United States; this increase in demand can be beneficial for you, even if you are shipping somewhere other than the south, at least in terms of your prices and pickup times.

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Broker 4If you follow our car shipping blog at all you’ll likely know that we usually say that auto transport brokers are the companies that you want to book an order with, and not with direct auto transport carriers. The auto shipping industry has literally thousands of different companies in it, split up into three distinct categories: auto transport quote providers (that’s us!), auto transport brokers, and auto transport carriers. The way the division of labor in the industry is supposed to work is you go to the quote providers when you first start trying to find a company, who get you quotes from brokers; book your order with a broker, and then they will find a carrier to physically transport your vehicle.

The reason why it works this way is because of the fact that quote providers help you find brokers and brokers help you find carriers. In this way, everything is streamlined; by using a quote provider, you get quotes from different brokers – as many as you want, really, depending on how many different quote providers you visit – and then the broker you choose will use a nationwide load board that every reputable car shipping carrier uses to find a carrier in your area. If you were to book directly with a vehicle shipping carrier company, you’ll likely find it will take a lot longer to actually get your vehicle picked up.

See, brokers operate offices staffed with auto transportation representatives whose job it is to assist customers in getting their vehicles shipped. They are knowledgeable and understand the industry in ways that customers cannot – at least those who don’t ship cars on a regular basis. Carriers drive – they don’t have the time, money or resources to spend all day dealing with customers. Brokers have the ability to field many phone calls from many different customers and can juggle dozens of orders at one time, with the larger companies sometimes handling hundreds of shipments at once. Carriers can handle up to ten at a time.

Simply put, carriers don’t have the time to spend juggling all the customers that brokers do. They don’t have the office, they don’t have the phone lines, the capital or the business acumen to handle all that while still driving their truck hundreds of miles every single day. That’s why the vast, vast majority of carriers on the road actively rely on brokers to find them loads and keep their trucks full. Some carriers may operate offices that act as brokerages, but these are few and far between, just as there are brokers that may own a truck or two. While they may dabble, there is no company that actively does both – it’s counter-intuitive. Therefore, brokers are almost always going to be the companies that you want to book your shipment with.

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direct carrier auto transport quotesAs you well know, today is Memorial Day. A day where we take some time and remember the men and women who have served (and given their lives) in our armed forces. It was originally known as Decoration Day and first observed in 1868, just three years after the end of the American Civil War and today is celebrated during the last Monday of May. Memorial Day is a popular traveling holiday for many people; as a national holiday, most federal agencies are closed and many businesses are as well, save for day-to-day retail such as grocery stores and fast food chains.

Memorial Day is a time when few auto transport carriers are on the road, instead opting to spend time with their families. This can make it more difficult to find a carrier willing to travel during the holiday, and during the weeks leading up to the holiday some companies may refuse to take loads, so as to not have any vehicles on their truck when they visit their families. This can lead to longer pickup and transit times as well. Some carriers simply refuse to drive at all, if they have the luxury to do so; if they can’t be with their families they will simply just “take the day,” as most people like to do.

Travel during Memorial Day weekend can be brutal for auto transport carriers as well, which can also lead to longer wait times for pickup or delivery. The holiday disrupts a lot of businesses across numerous industries, including car shipping services, so you’ll want to account for that if you’re looking for shipping services across Memorial Day weekend. Our advice is to discuss your shipment with a live car transport representative; most brokers are still open on Memorial Day, believe it or not, though some are closed – worst-case scenario is they don’t answer your calls today and instead talk to you about your shipment tomorrow.

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Moving 9If you’ve ever moved to another state before, you’ll know that moving household items can be a pretty expensive – not to mention time-consuming – endeavor. Have you ever stopped to wonder why exactly household moving costs are so high? As with any interstate transportation service, regardless of the industry, the costs involved in physically hauling that much stuff are pretty high for the companies that move them, and in order to cover those costs they have to charge their customers more. There are a few major factors that will play important roles in your price including how much you’re shipping and how far those items need to be moved.

Weight is perhaps the most important determining factor in your shipment, as most companies will charge a flat per-mile rate regardless of how much you need to ship. Household movers have a lot of different ways to factor the cost of household moving services, but their first look will be at how much you’re actually looking to ship, and the more you have to ship, the more expensive it will be. Things such as electronics and furniture tend to weigh the most, and they’ll often compose the bulk of your household goods shipping price. You should get an idea of how much your stuff will weigh before you actually start searching for quotes, though, so you’ll be better prepared when you start getting quotes – and your quotes will be more accurate as well.

How far your stuff has to go is also an important factor in your shipping price. Like with shipping a vehicle, distance will be a big factor in your price, and the further your household moving company has to go the more expensive it will be. Local shipments tend to cost the least – in-town shippers are a dime a dozen in most major cities and metropolitan areas, but interstate haulers are a bit harder to find. You can discuss your shipment with a live agent for more information, of course, and they’ll let you know what their tariffs and prices are in that regard. Different companies charge different prices in terms of distance, so gathering multiple quotes is going to be important to finding the right shipper for the right price.

The best way to go about finding a good, reputable household moving company would be to fill out our free household goods moving quote request form, which can be found on our Household Moving Articles page. There you’ll find our household-only quote request form, and when you fill that out and submit it you’ll get multiple free household goods transportation quotes from top-rated shipping companies. If you’re looking to ship household items as well as a vehicle, you can get both by filling out our free online auto transport quote request form and selecting the option to get household moving quotes as well as auto transport quotes. You can also contact one of our own live agents, any time, by calling toll-free at 800-930-7417 should you have questions, concerns, or just need some help getting your quotes.