Chrysler 300 SRT-8The Chrysler 300 is Chrysler’s flagship vehicle, first introduced in 2004 as an early-2005 model. The “300” moniker is not a new one for Chrysler; the 300 series was first seen in the 1950’s and 60’s, and again in the 1970’s, and again in the early 21st century. However, those are all different than Chrysler’s current iteration of the model name – today’s 300 is considered a full-size luxury sedan. The first generation of the 300 was released in 2005 and ran until the 2010 model year; it featured several different trim lines, including the base, touring, limited and 300C models – the 300C is perhaps the most recognized of the 300 series, as the “C” was the top-of-the-line variant and the most expensive offered by Chrysler. You can learn more about the 300 via this helpful link.

The second-generation 300 line was introduced in 2010 for the 2011 model year, and features several major changes from the first generation. For starters, the second generation 300 series is only available in a sedan body style; whereas some areas offered a 300 station wagon variant on the first generation models, it was discontinued after sluggish sales. The 300 now comes in the Touring, Limited, 300c and 300c AWD configurations, as well as the high-end SRT-8 design. All configurations are the same basic size, though some of the options can add weight to the vehicle – however, it would likely not be enough to change auto transportation prices.

Much like the smaller 200, the 300 is a sedan. Whereas the 200 is a mid-size, and the 300 is a full-size, it’s still a basic car, and as such its curb weight is no more than most other standard cars of its size and class. Carriers focus on the size and weight of vehicles when they are preparing quotes for shipment, and their quotes are also dependent on where you are shipping from and to – this factor is perhaps the most important when shipping a 300, as route distance and ease-of-access will play larger roles in your price and transport time than anything your car may add to the shipment.

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