Chrysler 300 ConvertibleThe Chrysler 300 Convertible is a convertible variant of the Chrysler 300, which was first introduced in 2004 for the 2005 model year. The 300 is Chrysler’s flagship sedan, and the 300 name has been used in several different models over the years. The 300 of today is considered a luxury sedan, and has many features that other models in its class either do not offer or offer as an expensive upgrade. Some of the vehicle’s parts are shared with several different Mercedes-Benz models, in particular its double-wishbone suspension in the front, as well as seat mounts and other nuts-and-bolts type things. Learn more about the 300 Convertible here.

Most of the 300’s on the road today are of the hardtop variety, though Chrysler does offer the 300 Convertible direct off its website, and many dealers still have them in stock. The 300 comes in several different models and is currently in its second generation, which was introduced in 2011. Though the first generation came in several body styles, including a station wagon, only the sedan-style body is currently available. Major changes were on hand for the redesign, including an entire new front end, new suspension, thinner roof rails (for increased visibility), as well as Chrysler’s uConnect Touch infotainment system, which rivals Ford’s SYNC platform.

The 300 Convertible, like the 300, is a  full-size sedan, which means that it’s about the heaviest you can get with a car. Still, it’s a car, and the Convertible actually has a leg up on its hard-top sibling because it does not have the added weight that the additional frame brings. Not that it really means much; regardless of the overall curb weight of the 300 vs. the 300 Convertible, they’re the same car, and will be treated the same by carriers once it is loaded onto the truck. Much of your quotes will focus on where you are shipping from or to, and auto shippers will simply price the 300 Convertible as a car, which is exactly what it is. Let your shippers know if you have made modifications to the vehicle to increase its length or weight, as that can have an effect, though this likely will apply to only a small number of you.

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