Chevy Express 1500 Passenger Van
Chevy Express 1500 Passenger Van

The Chevrolet Express lineup has been around since 1996, replacing the old Chevy Van that had been a staple of the company’s various lineups for years. Finding a good vehicle shipping company to ship this full-size van is usually pretty easy, depending on the size. In this article we’ll discuss which passenger van models are currently available as well as what you can expect when it comes time to find a good vehicle shipping company to move it. The Express is available in a wide variety of different options and models; this vehicle shipping article will focus on the 1500 Passenger models. In the link above you will find information about the 1500, 2500 and 3500 passenger vans; the 2500, 3500 and cargo van options will be addressed in their respective vehicle shipping articles.

As of 2012 the Chevy Express 1500 Passenger Van comes in two varieties, the LS and the LT. The LS features seating for eight, a four-speed automatic transmission, 17-inch steel wheels, an available convenience package which includes power windows and door locks and features a 5.3L E85 FlexFuel V8 Vortec engine. The LT, in addition to or replacing certain LS features, includes a chrome appearance package, rear air conditioning and heating, a deluxe console with a swing-out storage bin, two available convenience packages featuring power windows and door locks as well as a tilt-wheel steering column and cruise control, full-floor carpeting, remote keyless entry and custom-cloth front bucket seats.

The Express 1500 Passenger Van is roughly the size of a regular minivan and built on the platform of a cargo van. Therefore, it shouldn’t be too difficult for vehicle shipping companies to actually move it, and the vehicle itself shouldn’t warrant extravagant overweight/oversize vehicle shipping fees. Every vehicle shipping company will tack on additional fees for heavier or larger vehicles; you can’t escape it, and oftentimes a vehicle won’t even move if it’s priced too low. Vehicle shipping companies have been shipping Express Vans for quite some time, and so most who transport them know the vehicle and how to price it accurately. The most important aspect of your vehicle shipping quote will be the pickup and delivery cities; if you’re shipping from a small or out-of-the-way city, chances are you’d pay a bit more than if you were moving out of a large metropolitan area. You can always speak to your vehicle shipping representative if you have questions about your price or your locations.

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