The Ford F-150 is pretty much the base of the Ford F-Series line of trucks. The F-150 has earned its own spot in Ford’s lineup (according to their website), whereas the F-250, F-350 and F-450 have been relegated into the Super Duty line of trucks. The F-150 comes in a variety of packages that cater to many different types of people. Currently the base model pricing is around $22,990 MSRP, while the most decked-out models are priced at $51,995. The F-150 can seat 3-6 depending on the cab and comes with 278-434 ft-lbs of torque as well as 302-411 horsepower. Not only that, the F-150 line is capable of towing 5,500-11,300 lbs, a feat for a non-Super Duty truck.

The F-150 comes in a variety of packages and options, and some are larger than others. The base F-150, just standard everything, shouldn’t be a problem to ship. However, if you’re looking at shipping the F-150 Harley Davidson model, you may have a harder time of it. The Harley Davidson is built as a work truck, but that means that it’s bigger than most other F-150 models, and could pose a problem upon pickup. Make sure to tell your auto transporters which specific F-150 model you’re looking to ship before booking.

What’s cool about the F-150 is that the most basic package is capable of more towing and hauling than most other trucks, including the SIlverado 1500 (built by Chevy), the Ram 1500 (Dodge) and the Tundra (by Toyota), making it perhaps one of the best workhorse trucks you can buy. There are auto transporters out there that actually specialize in oversized vehicle shipping, should your F-150 be bigger than most, but if you’re looking for a regular daily driver the XL, XLT or STX are all more than capable – and, unless you lift them, shouldn’t pose a problem for auto transporters.

If you’re looking for auto transporters to ship your Ford F-150, no matter which specific model, American Auto Shipping is where you need to be. Simply fill out our free online quote request form or call us toll-free and you’ll receive ten free quotes from auto transporters who know the ins and outs of shipping any type of vehicle. You can call us to have your questions answered about our auto transporters, or you can read our many articles about specific vehicles, should you have more than one.

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