The Ford E-Series Wagon is number four in Ford’s “Truck” lineup (according to their website), falling between the F-150 and the Super Duty. It is designed to be a passenger/cargo wagon and can seat a minimum of seven off the dealership and a maximum of 15 (with third-row seating options). It is not designed for the casual commuter; the company failed to post the vehicle’s fuel efficiency on the website, indicating that it is not the main draw of the vehicle. Which as proven to be the case for most consumers; people who are interested in any of the E-Series models are not as concerned about mpg as they are about power and towing capabilities, as well as cargo room.

This is where the E-Series shines: according to the website, the E-Series features a minimum 5,600 lbs of towing while having a maximum of 10,000 lbs of towing (these depend on the specific model, which you can discuss more with your auto dealer). In addition, the E-Series wagons feature anywhere from 286-420 ft-lbs of torque depending on the model and an additional 225-305 hp. Base price for the E-Series wagons starts at $28,760 MSRP, going up to $34,160 for all the bells and whistles.

As mentioned earlier, the E-Series is not meant to be just a daily driver. It’s meant to haul things, meant for business owners or contractors who want the reliability of a truck without the bed. Painters and drywallers get good use out of the E-Series wagons, and it is these types of individuals that Ford had in mind. However, because of the utilitarian nature of the vehicle (it’s designed to be that way, though), it often is a bear to get it transported. Many auto transporting companies will add oversized prices to most E-Series vans, though this does depend on the specific model. There are many different variations in the E-Series lineup, so when dealing with an auto transporting company it’s best to have as much information about your specific E-Series as possible. This includes not just the model, but the actual length, width, height and weight of the wagon, as the auto transporting company will have an easier time pricing the vehicle correctly if you have all that information ahead of time.

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