Chevy Sonic Auto ShippingThe Chevrolet Sonic was originally introduced in 2002 as the Chevy Aveo, and was renamed in 2011 to bring the vehicle on board with Chevy’s own global marketing platform. The Sonic currently is Chevy’s lowest-priced vehicle and is built to be a daily driver and a family car, with five-passenger seating and 40 mpg estimated in the city. Like all Chevy models, it comes with On-Star standard for the first six months, comes with the myChevrolet multimedia system, Sirius XM satellite radio, and a host of other features.

The Sonic Turbo can get up to 488 miles on one tank of gas, a huge feat for a small car – but it’s what Chevy does. It features a 1.4L Straight-4 engine with a manual transmission with 138 horsepower and 125 ft-lbs of torque, making it quite the machine for the price – just $14,765 MSRP for the base model. The Sonic is designed to be a fuel-efficient car built for everyday use and comes with ten airbags standard – the most of any car in its class. Chevy built the new Sonic from the ground up, keeping not just the driver in mind, but the passengers as well.

Perhaps the best part of the Sonic is that it’s a compact car, which means that any auto transportation company will be able to ship it without a problem. The size and weight are that of any other standard car, so you won’t be seeing any oversize or overweight fees associated with shipping it. The most important factor, because its size isn’t one, will be the pickup and destination locations, and the closer you are to a major city, the better your chances of cheaper, quicker auto transportation for your Sonic. But whether you’re moving it from your old place to a new one, or from a dealership to your house, the Sonic is one easy car to ship. You can also find more information about the vehicle itself by checking out the Sonic page here.

Whether you’re shipping your Sonic from Los Angeles to Boston, Philly to New Orleans, or anywhere else in the U.S., American Auto Shipping can help. Simply fill out our free online vehicle transport quote request form and you’ll receive ten free quotes from companies who know how to handle a car like the Sonic. You can also give us a call on our toll-free number and speak to a live representative who can answer almost any question about auto transport you can think of, not to mention take your information over the phone instead of filling out the form yourself. But no matter what you decide to do – use our form, call us up – we can help you with all your auto transport needs.

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