Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid Auto TransportThe Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid was introduced in 2007 and is currently the most fuel efficient hybrid SUV in its class. Like the Chevy Volt, it can run on a mix of gasoline and electricity, or one or the other for a limited time, thanks to the Vortec 6.8L V8 engine, which gives the vehicle 332 horsepower and 367 ft-lbs of torque. While it can’t haul as much as a regular Tahoe, the differences in hauling and towing capabilities between the two are limited at best. Currently the Tahoe Hybrid is sold in just one model and retails for $51,405 MSRP.

The Tahoe Hybrid features eight-passenger seating, leather-appointed first-and-second row seats, heated front bucket seats, 18-inch aluminum wheels, four-wheel anti-lock brakes with regenerative capabilities, touch-screen navigation and a rear vision display, Sirius XM navigation for three trial months, USB ports, Bluetooth compatibility for select phones, tri-zone automatic climate control, a remote vehicle starter system, OnStar directions for six months and power adjustable seats.

When it comes to shipping a Tahoe Hybrid, much of the same things that go with the gas-powered Tahoe still apply; it’s a larger vehicle, but it shouldn’t be so big that a normal auto transport truck wouldn’t be able to fit it. Typically, you’ll find that auto shipping for a Tahoe Hybrid will be $100-$200 more expensive than a regular vehicle, mostly because of the weight. The Tahoe, being a full-size SUV, weighs more than a normal car, which will cost your vehicle transporter more money in fuel because the heavier something is, the more it takes to move it. Don’t be surprised if your quote for shipping your Tahoe is more expensive than smaller vehicles, as this is pretty much standard. Other than the weight, the most important factors that go into your price are the pickup and delivery locations, so be sure to talk to your specific auto transport company about where it’s coming from and going to to see if there is any way you can make things easier for your shipper to move it. You can also learn more about the Tahoe Hybrid by visiting the official website for it here.

But regardless of where you’re shipping your Tahoe Hybrid to or from, American Auto Shipping is here to help. Simply fill out our free online vehicle shipping quote request form and you’ll get an instant price immediately right on your screen. American Auto Shipping is fully licensed, bonded and insured.You can also call our toll-free telephone number and speak to one of our own live representatives, who can answer basic shipping questions and help you fill out the form – or take your information and do it for you. So go ahead, fill out our free form, or call our telephone number, and find out what American Auto Shipping can do for you and your auto shipping needs.

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