Chrysler 200The Chrysler 200 is a mid-size car produced by Chrysler, and is currently their lowest-priced Chrysler-branded model. The 200 is based on the 300 model, and was originally shown as a prototype at the 2009 North American International Auto Show, where it was slated to be a hybrid car known as the 200c. the 200c was deemed impractical, though, and the 200 was re-engineered to accept not only a hybrid engine, but a traditional gasoline engine as well as a full-electric. Today the gas-powered 200 is the cheapest and most widely-distributed of their various 200 models. You can read more about the 200 via this helpful link.

The first generation 200 debuted in 2010 for the 2011 model year, and effectively replaced the Chrysler Sebring. The 200 debuted alongside the then-newest generation 300, and the change from the Sebring moniker to the 200 moniker helped customers think of the 200 as the “300’s little brother;” with two different engines available and two different body styles, as well as numerous different options and upgrades, the 200 brought a refreshing take on the old Sebring line and was able to dodge the perception of unreliability that plagued its predecessor. The first generation of the 200 was short-lived, and this was apparently by design; the new 200, which debuted in 2014 for the 2015 model year, is built on a whole new platform, the Compact U.S. Wide platform, and will offer many new features not available with the first generation, including a new entry-level l4 engine with push-start capabilities and new safety features.

Both the first generation and second generation 200 models are auto-transport-friendly. They are smaller cars, as mid-size sedans, and their curb weights – one of the most important factors in car transport prices – is relatively low for their size. Chrysler has done a good job keeping the 200 in the mid-size category, so many carriers don’t even need to update their pricing sheets for the newer models. As the 200 replaced the Sebring in Chrysler’s lineup, and in the same spot no less, auto shippers have no special pricing guidelines for the 200, either the first or second generation. This means that most of your auto transport price will be contingent on where you are shipping from or to, as route distance and ease-of-access play far larger roles in your price than what exactly you’re shipping.

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