Town & CountryThe Chrysler Town & Country is an old name for several different vehicles. Originally a station wagon introduced in 1941, the Town & Country name survived for almost fifty years as various incarnations of a car, until Chrysler decided to introduce a luxury version of the Dodge Caravan in 1990, which ended up carrying the Town & Country nameplate. Since its introduction in 1989 for the 1990 model year, the Town & Country has been through five distinct generations, with each adding new technology and features as well as a new design over the previous version. Though it was sold in both short-wheelbase and long-wheelbase variants, as of 2007 (the 2008 model year) the short-wheelbase model has been eliminated, leaving only the long-wheelbase version. You can read more about the Town & Country here.

Since the fifth generation debuted in 2007, the Town & Country has since seen several facelifts, most notably in 2011. Major changes included revamped exterior and interior as well as a new exterior logo (a new take on the classic “Chrysler wing” design), as well as new standard features including blind spot monitoring and rear cross path detection. The stow-and-go seating and storage system was improved, as was the swivel-and-go system (where the second-row seats can turn 180 degrees to face the third-row). A new DVD system was included as well as Sirius Backseat TV, which offers multiple channels for children’s programming. New engines were also developed for the new Town & Country, including adding the Pentastar V6 in several of the variants. A new instrument panel, instrument cluster and steering wheel offered drivers more integrated controls that allowed for numerous systems to be accessed from the steering wheel, as well as hands-free phone capabilities and upgraded seating materials.

As the newer Town & Country models only have the long-wheelbase variants, prices for auto transportation for them have increased slightly. Not only that, but with all the new features and the fact that it’s a luxury minivan (as opposed to the Dodge Grand Caravan), the Town & Country has quite a bit of added weight. As a minivan, it’s bulky, much bulkier than a standard car, and is generally priced along the same lines as a sport utility vehicle than a car as a result. This really only means that most minivans, including the Town & Country, will be priced higher than a standard car traveling on the same route, so make sure to let your shipping companies know that it’s a Town & Country you’re shipping, as it’ll save you a lot of time and hassle as opposed to trying to find cheaper quotes by lying about what you’re shipping.

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