2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser
2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser

The Toyota FJ Cruiser is a retro-style SUV based on the old FJ40 Land Cruiser lineup that was discontinued a few decades prior. The FJ Cruiser was introduced in the 2007 model year and has become a small but stable seller for Toyota, especially to enthusiasts of the old Land Cruisers that were great for off-roading. Auto shipping for a Toyota FJ Cruiser shouldn’t be too difficult, given that it’s a smaller SUV and that auto shipping companies have plenty of experience moving them. In this helpful article we’ll discuss the current options available on the Toyota FJ Cruiser and what you can expect from your shipping quotes while searching for the right company to move it for you.

The Toyota FJ Cruiser comes in three different models (as of 2012), the 4×2 AT, 4×4 MT and 4×4 AT. Aside from cosmetic differences, however, there really isn’t much separating each FJ Cruiser from one another; they all feature the same 4.0L 260-hp V6 engine, water-resistant heating surfaces, and hands-free music streaming and telecommunications thanks to Bluetooth. The main selling point for the FJ Cruiser, however, isn’t its engine or its luxury items, but how awesome it is when it’s off-road, which it does quite well. The FJ Cruiser, like the Land Cruiser before it, has a small but rabid following and is a preferred vehicle by many off-road enthusiasts.

When it comes to finding auto shipping for your Toyota FJ Cruiser there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind in terms of your auto shipping quotes. First off, FJ Cruisers by themselves are not big enough to warrant an oversize or overweight vehicle transport fee, but if yours is modified (i.e. lifted, oversized tires, etc) it may cost auto shippers more to move it than it would if you had left it alone. We say this because a lot of people like to modify their Toyota FJ Cruisers for off-road purposes, and this can have an impact on how expensive your shipment will be. The other major factors are both the pickup and delivery locations. Auto shipping companies run routes through major metropolitan areas along popular interstate highways, so if you’re shipping to or from a small city or a city that isn’t near an interstate, it may end up costing you a bit more as well.

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