Frontier 1The Nissan Frontier is a long line of pickup trucks first introduced in 1986, though the name would not be put onto a Nissan truck until 1997. It is Nissan’s main pickup truck line, though there are several others available today. The Frontier itself was first introduced in 1997, as mentioned, and is currently in its second generation. The Frontier was originally sold as a compact pickup truck, though in 2005 it was redesigned as a mid-size. A third generation of the vehicle was introduced in 2014 for most international markets, and Nissan is planning on bringing the Frontier’s third generation to American (U.S.) shores soon. Read more about the Frontier here.

The Frontier comes in a variety of different models – far too many to list here. The main reason why there are so many different features is because the Frontier is designed to do different things for different people, like most pickup trucks nowadays. Most people don’t buy a pickup truck with 18 city/23 highway miles per gallon to commute to and from work; not only is it not cost effective, but it’s really kind of a waste of money if you’re not hauling stuff around. The Frontier starts at 20,000 with the S, but can go all the way to $31,210 depending on all the different models that are available. Frontier options and features range from relatively bare-bones, with few added features (probably closer to that $20k mark), all the way up to fully-loaded with all the bells and whistles that are available (those will be over $30k, more than like).

Shipping a Frontier takes time, but luckily it’s not something huge like a Ford F-350 Duly Super Duty or something along those lines; as a compact (or midsize) pickup truck, it’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg to get it picked up and moved. Some Frontier models, particularly the higher-priced one, will likely be a bit bigger and weigh more than standard Frontier models mainly because of all the features that come with it. Some models feature heavier engines or bigger wheels, and while these shouldn’t affect your price you should let your auto transporter know about them during the quote process. If your Frontier is modified in any way, particularly if it’s lifted or has additional weight to it for whatever reason, make sure to definitely let them know – added weight or size is much more important than that aftermarket stereo you installed.

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