SUV Shipping Services: Overview

SUV Shipping ServicesIf you’re looking for SUV shipping services, you’re definitely reading the right article. Unlike a car, an SUV is…well…an SUV. A sport utility vehicle, and it’s designed with multiple capabilities in mind. It needs to have the functionality of a sedan, with the storage capabilities of a covered pickup, the seating of a minivan, and the fuel economy of a Toyota.

As far as automobiles go, the sport utility vehicle is pretty cool. It emerged during the 1970’s and boomed in the 80’s, and today there are dozens of different makes and hundreds of different model SUV’s on the market. All of them are different sizes, feature different packages, options and, of course, height and weight.

As such, SUV transport services – and their prices – depend heavily on which specific SUV you need SUV shipping services for. In this helpful article we’ll explain how small and large SUV’s are shipped and the differences thereof.

SUV Shipping Services: Small/Mid-Size SUV’s

Small and mid-size SUV shipping services don’t cost as much as large SUV shipping services, and we’ll tell you that up front. And the reason why is because the larger and heavier something is, the more it’ll cost an auto shipper to transport it.

Small and mid-size SUV shipping services typically come in at a cheaper rate, but it also depends heavily on where you’re shipping from and to as well as which specific SUV you need shipped. Crossover SUV’s are grouped into the small/mid-size SUV class for the purposes of this article, as crossover SUV’s are typically smaller than even a small, proper SUV.

Make sure you know which class your specific SUV is in as well, as it can help you narrow down your search for well-priced SUV shipping services.

SUV Shipping Services: Large/Oversize SUV’s

If you need SUV shipping services for large or oversize SUV’s, chances are you’ll be paying more. The reason why is because, like we stated above, the larger and heavier something is, the more it’ll cost an auto shipper to transport it.

Heavier vehicles cause the auto transport truck to consume more fuel than it would if that heavy vehicle wasn’t on there, which means that SUV shippers hauling a massive 4×4 around have to stop at the pump more than the shipper that’s tooling around with an ’89 Jaguar on the back of his rig.

Which means that your SUV shippers’ overhead just went up. Which in turn means that in order to compensate for the overhead hike, they need you to pay more money. And they won’t move it if you aren’t paying enough. Most full-size SUV’s are well-known by carriers, and they’ll price it accordingly based on the make and model (and sometimes the year, so it’s best to have all three prior to receiving quotes for SUV shipping).

If you’ve modified your SUV (put massive tires on it, lifted it up a bit, added a cool three-hundred pound stereo or something else that affects the dimensions and/or the weight of the vehicle), you should probably mention it to your auto transporter, as modifications to the dimensions and/or weight of your SUV can affect the price for your SUV shipping services. So plan accordingly.