Reliable Household Moving ServicesMoving anything across the country is a difficult thing to accomplish, at least from a logistical standpoint. There are constant concerns about where the goods are in relation to where they’re going, what their status is, how much longer it’ll take. Some industries have it harder than others – for instance, the dairy industry needs specialized trucks with refrigerated containers to make sure their goods don’t spoil en route (though this is also why many stores still by from local dairy farms, as the goods are fresher when they arrive at the store). For carriers, it’s less of a hassle, as many customers will be able to get by for a few days without their vehicle. But what about when someone’s shipping all the stuff you own to another state a thousand miles or so away?

Reliable household moving companies are plentiful in today’s age, though it’s still an industry fraught with scam artists who want to do nothing more than exploit the (many) loopholes in the regulations overseeing the household moving industry and take your money – as such, finding reliable household moving services can be a bit of a hassle despite the presence of so many legitimate companies. One great way to make sure your household movers are reliable and reputable is to look at some different moving review websites. Of course, you should take reviews with a grain of salt – not all great reviews are honest, and not all terrible reviews are as bad as the writer made it seem. Hyperbole is human nature, so keep a sharp eye on reviews. You want to find moving companies that have been around a long time – typically three to five years at the minimum is a safe bet. Like car shipping, household moving is a seasonal industry, and not all companies make it through the winter. Those that can prove that they are legitimate by simply staying in business: enough people trust them to haul their stuff across the country, and they were rewarded with good service. Some companies are worse than others, but anyone that’s been around for longer than five years is almost always going to be a legitimate moving company.

When searching for reliable household moving services, getting multiple quotes from different companies is a must – you have to be able to weed out the deadwood before you find the right transport company for your specific needs. When filling out quote forms and the like, make sure that you are being as specific as you can in regards to how much stuff you are moving. Remember, any quotes you get will not be finalized until the truck is loaded and everything is weighed; until then, nothing is guaranteed, not even the price (unless you agree to a binding estimate, which is a notorious tactic for scammers). This is why we recommend overestimating the weight of your items, as opposed to underestimating – it’s better to budget more money for something than you need than not enough to begin with.

You can get multiple free household moving quotes from reputable and reliable shippers by filling out the free online quote form to the left. We clear all our advertisers for reliability, so we make sure that they provide every customer with reliable household moving services. Understand that not everything works like a charm, and sometimes things can happen that can result in delays and frustration for not just you but your transport company as well. Be patient with them and they’ll make sure that all your stuff gets to wherever you need it to go in one piece, safe and sound. For more information, or to have someone help you get your free household moving quotes, you can call us toll-free at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our live representatives. Whether you need to ship your home, ship your car, or both, we here at American Auto Shipping are here to help.