Household Moving Services: Tips For Before The Move

If you’re looking for household moving services, chances are you’ve yet to find a company that you’re comfortable with. And that’s fine. But when you do settle down and find one, this article will help prepare you a bit for what you can do to make your move as easy as it can be. Unless you’ve opted for self-service moving, you can find household moving services that will pack your stuff up for you. Typically your moving company will come a day or two before the move to pack your stuff as part of their household moving services package. At this time, it’s best to defrost and dry any refrigerators/freezers that are moving, and make sure you set aside anything that you don’t want the movers to pack.

Household Moving Services: Tips For Moving Day

Household Moving ServicesMake sure that your whole day is devoted to the move so you can be on-hand when your company is packing your stuff. They’ll need to ask you questions in order to fine-tune their household moving services, and it’s a good idea to answer them. Make sure you and the driver take an inventory of all goods on the truck, and as you’ll need to sign a bill of lading for your household moving services, you should probably read it thoroughly before you put your John Hancock on there. Also, make sure you get a copy of that bill of lading, as it will outline what household moving services you’re getting as well as other useful information regarding your movers and your overall move – and don’t lose it! Make sure you have a copy of those household moving services even after you pay, in case anything regarding legal action arise. Take one final look through your house to make sure nothing was left behind, and be sure to give the driver directions on how to get to your new digs. This is crucial, because if they get lost it’s not their fault. Also, be sure to give a phone number where your movers can get a hold of you if they have questions.

Household Moving Services: Tips For Delivery

Come delivery time, all companies that provide household moving services will coordinate with you in terms of where they need to be and all that good stuff. For interstate moves, youHousehold Moving Services need to pay your driver before any goods are unloaded, so be sure to read that bill of lading carefully to make sure you aren’t getting shellacked with additional funds you can’t afford. You should also supervise the unloading of your goods and direct which rooms they need to go into. Also, make sure you check carefully for any missing or damaged items, and inform your household moving company immediately if anything is lost or broken, and be sure to note upon delivery any boxes that were battered or broken as well, even if the items inside were untouched. You should check for damages BEFORE you sign anything upon delivery, which you will need to do so. If problems regarding damage arise, you can speak to your moving representative regarding future actions.