How to Move to Canada

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Let’s face it: moving is a big step for a family. But getting your stuff across the border isn’t all there is when you’re talking about a move to Canada. Part of that move is shipping any vehicles you have. You need to prepare to ship your car just as you would prepare for a move to Canada. We can help you with that too – again, just fill out our free form to the left or call us at 800-930-7417.

Most car transport companies that offer services to Canada will give you all the paperwork you need to fill out and submit. This makes things a lot easier, and it’s a lot more streamlined than a move. Some vehicles are inadmissible, so make sure to check the Registrar of Imported Vehicles ahead of time to ensure your vehicle can actually go to Canada. Please note that, unlike with domestic auto shipping, you’ll need the title of the vehicle as well as photo ID. This is to make sure that it’s actually your vehicle you’re trying to get into Canada.

Stuff to know before you move to Canada

The first step in any move to Canada is to actually apply for citizenship, but to do that you need to figure out which type of residency best suits you. There are a number of different options, and you can determine your eligibility for different types of residency at Canada’s official immigration page.

Canada has a number of different programs that allow people to enter the country, but you have to apply under one of them first. Applications carry fees that you need to pay, but most can be paid online. Determining which application to fill out can be tricky, but you should definitely check out Canad’s official Apply to Immigrate page and see which one is best for you.

Applying for Citizenship

But once you’re there, you have figure out whether you can actually apply for citizenship – at least, if you plan on staying there. The country has a few different requirements for people wanting to become citizens:

  • You must be 18 years or older (children immigrating with parents excepted);
  • You must speak one of Canada’s official languages, English or French;
  • Be a permanent resident of the country;
  • You have to have been a permanent resident for at least four years;
  • and you have to have filed taxes in those four years

Requirements to Move to Canada

There are a lot of requirements to move to Canada, and you should be aware of them. You will need the following when you show up to customs:

  • A Canadian work visa and confirmation of residence status for each family member;
  • Valid passport or birth certificate for each family member;
  • Two copies of an inventory list detailing all items being shipped as well as their approximate values;
  • Letter from new employer indicating validity of transfer

Please note that with any move to Canada, you’ll need to be present at customs when your stuff gets there. If you’re not, your goods will be held until you are able to get to customs. Luckily, your moving company will help you with this process and we can explain more about it too if you call us at our toll-free number.


  • All boxes need to be packed yourself with the label “Packed by Owner.” You’ll also need to list the contents on the box.
  • Make sure that identification papers for each person entering Canada are in order. Refer to the sections above for information in that regard.
  • Check with Canadian customs about prohibited items. The list is long, but common ones include exotic pets and plants, explosives, ammunition, and fireworks.

Let American Auto Shipping Help You Move to Canada

Regardless of where in Canada you want to move to, let us help you. Fill out our free moving to Canada form as well as our auto transport to Canada quote form and get started on your shipment today. All companies are fully licensed and bonded, and they understand what it takes to get your goods over the border. But make sure to get quotes as soon as possible and book your shipment early. A move to Canada is definitely time consuming and you want to be able to get there when you want to get there.

Resources for Your Move to Canada