Shipping a dump truck can be a pretty tough endeavor. They come in many different sizes, ranging from personal-use to major construction dumpers. Shipping one requires understanding and knowing exactly what kind of dump truck you have, so it’s important to have the dimensions of yours on hand when you start getting quotes to ship a dump truck.

How shipping a dump truck works

Smaller dump trucks typically are shipped on a standard flatbed truck, but the big ones will need a lowboy. Both are flatbeds – they can typically only haul one piece of heavy equipment at at time, and they’re going to be expensive and take longer to get to you. They aren’t in near as much demand as a standard auto transport carrier, so they’re going to be a bit tougher to find.

That said, it’s not like there’s only one flatbed company out there. There are plenty across the country, just not at the volume that open haulers have. Flatbed transportation and heavy equipment shipping services have to be more expensive because of the lack of demand, after all. And since there aren’t multiple customers to get paid from in a day, they have to manage their costs more carefully. This means higher demands on the customer.

Is it hard to ship a dump truck?

Price is going to fluctuate with the smaller dump trucks being cheaper and the bigger ones being more expensive. This really isn’t that surprising when you consider that the heavier the dump truck, the worse the fuel economy. You see, to ship a dump truck you have to use a flatbed. And flatbed haulers – and lowboys for that matter – get bad enough fuel economy as it is; with a dump truck on the back, it gets even worse. So to offset those costs, they have to up your price.

We hope we aren’t dissuading you from transporting a dump truck – after all, these are all part of the industry. Every single company that is able to ship a dump truck will tell you the same basic things we’re laying out right now. So while it’s sort of hard to ship a dump truck, it’s far from impossible – harder on your wallet than anything, really. But it’s worth it, because you can’t just drive one a thousand miles after all.

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