Are you looking at shipping a continuous miner? Those are pretty cool machines, but they’re not exactly easy to ship. They’re used in coal mines and are built to pretty much continually dig for coal. They’re an ingenious solution that combines a head and a shovel and the ability to get the coal from everything else. So most every coal mine is going to need one. The problem comes with shipping it.

How shipping a continuous miner works

Most every continuous miner that is shipped is going to need to go on a lowboy. Honestly, they’re not that big in terms of their height, so you could probably ship one on a standard flatbed truck, but they’re long and heavy as well. This can make it harder to transport a continuous miner on a flatbed, which may have more restrictions on what it can ship than a lowboy, which is designed to haul heavy equipment. But continuous miner transportation should also be cheaper than shipping other, heavier equipment, which is a big plus.

Heavy equipment transportation is a lot different than shipping a standard car, even if you’re shipping a continuous miner. They may be roughly the same size as a pickup truck, but that doesn’t mean a standard carrier can haul one. This is why we say a flatbed hauler is going to be needed. A lowboy may be required for larger ones, but most are fairly small – they have to be, to fit in those coal mines, after all.

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