Are you searching for bulldozer vehicle shipping services? If so, you’re in luck – we can help you find some! However, shipping a bulldozer is quite a bit different from shipping a standard vehicle, mostly because of its size and weight. Therefore, understanding how bulldozer vehicle shipping services differ from standard auto transport is an important part of the process.

How do bulldozer vehicle shipping services differ from standard auto transport?

Well, for one, they’re a lot heavier than even a heavy-duty truck. This isn’t surprising, considering how big they are. And if you’re on the hunt for someone who can ship a bulldozer, chances are you know what they’re used for. From major construction projects to debris clearing to personal use, bulldozers come in a variety of sizes, but they’re all pretty big. And big things tend to be harder to ship.

This means that a bulldozer typically can’t be shipped on a standard ten-car carrier. They’re just too big and heavy. As such, a flatbed or a lowboy vehicle shipping truck is going to be necessary for shipping a bulldozer. Flatbed trucks are smaller than lowboys and typically handle smaller bulldozers, but for most of the bigger ones, a lowboy will likely be needed.

What is a lowboy and how does it help me ship a bulldozer?

A lowboy is a special type of flatbed hauler designed to ship large, tall vehicles. You’ve likely seen them before. Typical flatbeds are more like tow trucks; lowboys are built to haul a wide variety of vehicles and equipment. As their name suggests, lowboys sit very low to the ground. This is to make sure that they have plenty of clearance to get under overpasses, which thankfully are a standard height (though different in the western U.S. as opposed to the east).

A lowboy typically can only ship one bulldozer at a time, though. If a bulldozer is small enough, two may be able to fit on a standard lowboy, but one is usually all you get. This means that shipping costs per bulldozer goes up over the cost of standard vehicle shipping. Mostly, though, it’s because unlike shipping a standard car, you’re not helping foot the carrier’s bill with nine other people. That, and the fact that bulldozers are seriously heavy both combine to make bulldozer shipping services more expensive. Not impossible to find, by any means – you just need to prepare yourself accordingly.

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